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Freedom’s Last Stand provides profound insight and historical perspective to the American Counterrevolution and one of the most polarizing issues that America faces today – the battle between conservative and liberal ideologies.

Clifford Ribner builds a powerful case for where we are now, and where we need to go if we want to preserve freedom in this country. Drawing from his in–depth historical research, he explains exactly what the founding fathers intended with the constitution, and how decades of liberal policies have not only eroded its original intent, but have turned it on its side. This book masterfully demonstrates the complete moral bankruptcy of all forms of collectivism, and exposes the history behind its use of deceit and other tactics to gain a socialistic stronghold in America.

Clifford Ribner is both an expert on law and American history which give him a unique perspective on both the problems we must address and the solutions we must enact to remain a free nation. The time to act is now, and this book provides answers to some of the most challenging questions of our day.