Roe V. Wade Protests
A letter to mothers (and fathers) marching in the streets in horror that Roe v. Wade was overturned

Jul 2, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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I’m still waiting for everyone who is horrified by the overruling of Roe v. Wade, people who think it’s a great idea to vandalize churches and centers where pregnant women are advised of their options other than abortion if they don’t want the baby, and when they think it’s permissible to kill the baby, and when, exactly, they think the baby becomes a baby. Because we all know that it does eventually. Like us, like everyone we know.

I’m still waiting for you to answer my questions about abortion, the sacrament you think has been defiled by the US Supreme Court (even though the ruling permits any state to do anything its legislators want with respect to it).

Maybe you claim you have some special authority and license to decide when babies should die because you’re a mother/father and/or grandmother/grandfather, that that gives you some special insight into morality and the truth. You’ve made very clear your anger and, indeed, absolutely loathing, about my positions, marching in the streets, yelling your heads off, your seething hatred that anyone would have them. 

You have made no secret of your complete contempt for the intelligence and morality of anyone who would have my positions on the subject (that yes, it’s a baby from the moment of conception, if you were wondering).

Are you among the (only half of) Democrats who say abortion should never be banned? They are a distinct minority in the country, with the overwhelming majority of the country saying it should be banned after the first trimester, at the very least. That makes those people pro-life by any standard, happy that Roe v. Wade was overruled, whether they know it or not, because until it was overruled, states had no right to legislate at anytime up to birth, as a practical matter under the Supreme Court’s previous rulings.

Or are you like the Democrats in some states (California) who think that the mother should have the right to kill the baby up to a week after birth? Does she need a doctor to do that, or can she just tear it apart with her own hands? Or crucify it? What method of murder do you think is the best in that situation? What is the mother’s “right” in that situation – just to kill the baby, or to decide how it dies? What is it that gives her that right? Is that like her right to carry firearms, under the Second Amendment, or freedom of religion or speech under the First?

And are you aware that in a second-trimester abortion the baby is indeed torn apart limb and body part by limb and body part? And you should see what happens in a third-trimester abortion – time for you to grab the popcorn! 

Practically every Democrat state in the country is legislating permission to do that, right up to the moment of birth. In New York they lit up the World Trade Center when they did that. I assume you think that’s a great idea, cause for celebration.

So are you gonna answer my questions? Or are you just gonna remain in supposedly-divine (Query: do you even believe in God?) silence, refusing to disclose your insights into morality and truth on this very important subject?

Are you just silent because you’re embarrassed by what the answers are? And it makes you sick to think that you’re like that? As a parent and/or grandparent?

Do you agree with the legislators in California who just passed a bill where mothers can kill the baby up to a week after it is born?

In response to: Most Say Abortion Should Be Banned by End of First Trimester

Photo by Derek French

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