A Monstrous Bureaucrat (Inadvertently) Does a Good Deed – Confesses to Her Evil

Jul 21, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below about this new book by the despicable fraud Birx tells it all. This is what these unelected bureaucrats do, all of them, every single one of them, all of them throughout all the horrible federal bureaucracies, none of which have any valid reason for existing and are all, together, a collectivist cancer preying on this entire country, each of them and all of them collectively the institutionalization of anti-American, collectivist Soviet Marxism in America. 

All these unelected bureaucrats are always the same: They are masters at backstabbing, fraud, and manipulation of all kinds inside the bureaucracy. But they have been unconstitutionally given power not just within their bureaucracy, but rather power over all of us.

And the Constitution forbids all of it, forbids the existence of each and every one of those agencies (other than the IRS which, although it grossly abuses the power it was given, its existence at all was Constitutionally-legitimized by the 16th Amendment which Americans were tricked into ratifying). Nothing in the Constitution gives the federal government the power to be doing anything which any of them is doing, including huge amounts of what the IRS does. 

The federal government was created, is mandated above all else, not to rule over us like the king and parliament whose armies our founders defeated, but rather to serve, to  protect the individual liberty, the freedom of contract and the property of all citizens, not to invade those things, massive invasions which every one of those bureaucracies do every day in their actions and by their very existence, invasions of liberty, always in the name of some supposedly-overwhelming imperative the politicians creating those agencies claim to be serving in creating them, “workers’ rights,” the “environment” or “public health,” or some other supposedly-“existential” imperative. 

In fact, as a matter of law, the only imperatives the federal government is authorized to serve are those explicitly named in the Constitution; and it doesn’t include any of those supposed imperatives which are the basis for each of those bureaucracies.

Yes, the Constitution is explicit in its 9th and 10th Amendments: any power which the federal government is not explicitly given in it, in its actual text, which text is the supreme law of the land, as it explicitly says, all such other powers not delegated to it are retained by the people and the states. 

Accordingly, each and every power any government could possess is forbidden to the federal government unless it is explicitly given to it in the Constitution. 

And it is a grotesque and monstrous usurpation of the power of the States and the citizens for it ever to claim any such power it is not explicitly given in the text of the Constitution, regardless of the supposed “imperative” it seizes such power in the name of.

And the Constitution preserving, above all else, for the first and only time in human history, individual liberty (the antithesis of anything collectivist, anything like “public health,” “public education,” anything of that collectivist kind), does not permit the existence here of any collectivist institutions, collectivist institutions being what each and every one of those federal bureaucracies are.

The unelected bureaucrats pretend to be experts, each of them dripping with worthless (in the real world, outside academia) credentials, magically possessing infinite knowledge about specific subjects; but they are experts at nothing other than being inside backstabbers, bureaucratic manipulators, always obsessively seeking power for themselves and their bureaucracy alone. 

Because, in real life, there is no such thing as an expert for everyone about anything, which is what they purport to be. 

In this, a formerly-free country, the free country which our founders and forebears shed their blood for us and created here, we each get to pick/choose our own “experts” we choose to listen to, hire the ones we want and fire the ones we don’t want, not have them, unelected bureaucrats, imposed on us by a tyrannical government, which is how these monstrous people like Birx and Fauci have been thrust into all of our lives in this incredibly destructive manner, completely alien to the Constitution.

That is exactly why all these agencies must be eliminated. That’s why the Constitution forbids them from even existing. 

They are a fourth branch of government, and the Constitution only permits the three it creates and describes.

And Trump, the naïve, well-meaning patriot, fell for it. He should have known better. He needed to know better. It was his job to know better. it was his duty to himself, his family and to his country to know better.

He should have known that bureaucrats like Fauci and Birx are invariably sociopathic, institutional liars, lying about everything, including their supposed “expertise,” which is nothing but a fraud, a complete sham, should have known that he couldn’t believe a word they said particularly when they were saying what should have been obvious to him was pure, insane nonsense. 

He should have known to throw Birx and Fauci out of his office as soon as they came in with that pure insane nonsense, claiming (with no actual data whatsoever) that some new virus, Covid (which Fauci had personally and unconstitutionally, and possibly treasonously, assisted in the development of in the Chinese communists’ Wuhan military bio-weapons lab) was, according to them, supposedly the worst virus that ever hit the planet, at least 10 times worse than the flu, about to kill hundreds of millions of Americans if he didn’t shut the country down. 

He should’ve known immediately how stupid and insane it was — and that they literally didn’t know what they were talking about, had no actual expertise about any such thing at all. He should have recognized the fact that there is no such thing as exterminating a virus once it is here: every virus that has ever existed, the 1917 flu virus, polio, all of them. They never go away once they are here.

The real pandemic was never even the virus, which was bad enough, very deadly to that readily-identifiable portion of the population (not including children and all students, the general population, people who actually work for a living, those being the very people assaulted by the insane bureaucracy in the name of Covid and its supposed “treatments” then and now, continuing to this day in every way that they can do it, every way they can get away with it) with multiple comorbidities.

The actual pandemic, the real bio-weapon, the worst thing our worst enemies could ever devise to destroy the country, to harm us as no war has ever done, yes, the actual America-hating-and-destroying weapon was the insane communications to Trump from those two sociopaths, Birx and Fauci, demands and lies they communicated to President Trump, lies which in turn built upon themselves and created more and more lies, lies about their knowledge and fraudulently-claimed “expertise,” and about the virus and about what to do about it, lies upon lies upon lies.

It was all those endless lies, lies which continue today, in every way about the virus and its supposed treatments, those endless lies which have been the real pandemic, the poison, the malignancy which has destroyed America and left us broken and bitter and bankrupt and weak, with the citizens at each other’s throats, and the government at our throats, always in pursuit of its fool’s errand of eradicating and completely eliminating a virus which, like all viruses always, cannot ever be eliminated (once they are here, they are here forever and can only be treated or vaccinated against, a vaccine which we obviously do not yet have and probably never will ), all exactly as our enemies want for us.

Yes, President Trump threw away the prosperity and power and wealth and liberty and sanity of the country, and threw away his own presidency, by listening to them and not doing what he should have done, what he should have known to do, what every instinct he had surely told him to do – throwing them out of his office and telling them to shut up with their stupidity.

Instead of listening to them and following their directives, he should have used the occasion to expose their monstrous malignancy to the public, to publicly silence them and terminate their agencies for their obvious worthlessness – apart from their complete unconstitutionality – to the country, worthlessness that has been proven over and over throughout this Covid business: without exception: every single one of the things they said about the virus, about knowing what to do about it, about the magnitude of its supposed deadliness (it hasn’t killed a single person without multiple comorbidities anywhere on the planet, and now, almost exclusively, kills people only who have been “vaccinated”), everything they insisted we do about it, did absolutely nothing of value, did not stop Covid at all, something that could never have been done, a fool’s errand even to attempt, and instead wrecked the country and destroyed individual liberty, destroyed hundreds of thousands of businesses, tens of millions of American lives, and bankrupted the country, all for absolutely no medical purpose whatsoever, destroying lives, destroying careers, ruining everything, turning Americans against one another over and over in every conceivable way.

In Response to:
Dr. Deborah Birx Admits She Manipulated Data and Altered CDC Guidelines to Deceive President Trump

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