A Summary Of What We All (Yes, Now Even The Idiots) Know Now, And I’ve Known All Along About Covid

Feb 12, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below nicely summarizes the most important truths about Covid and everything the “public health expert” bureaucrats have been saying about it: All of it, everything those frauds said about Covid and everything related to it, was lies. And continues to be.

Because they have yet to admit that everything they said was a lie, admit that all the people like me who said they were lying all along were telling the truth, that all of the “mitigation” measures were a farce and worthless against a virus that only kills people with a minimum of two comorbidities, that all the people like me and Scott Atlas and the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, that all of us were right, something they will never do.

It’s not that the data has not been available, available all along. It’s just that you had to look really hard to find it — and believe it in the face of all the tornadoes and hurricanes of lies that were being told by the “public health experts,” with all of those lies from them amplified endlessly by political activists masquerading as “journalists” throughout corporate network “news”, cable “news,” and America’s supposed “newspapers” like the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc., all of which continue to insist on the lies to one extent or another, and all of which were actively suppressing all information and opinions to the contrary of the lies they were insisting on.

Everything, without exception, everything they claimed was “misinformation,” supposed “misinformation” which got people like Alex Berenson banned from Twitter, was in fact the truth.

I took the trouble to actually figure out what was going on early on, as soon as “public health expert” demands for lockdowns etc. (all of which horrors were going on, and continue to go on, in Communist China, monstrous impositions by the government, totalitarian IMPOSITIONS WHICH OUR GOVERNMENT IMITATED!) were proposed and then announced, in February and March, 2020, and I knew all of this stuff, all of the actual important facts, in March, 2020. And I said it out loud.

It was obvious after the experience of the people on the cruise ship in February, 2020, even before the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement of genuine medical information by genuine experts (or the closest thing we have to it on this planet) — completely unlike the frauds who claim to be experts and are nothing but public health functionaries who should all be fired, and their worthless agencies disbanded, with salt poured over them (like Carthage after the Romans) so they never grow back.

The population of that cruise ship was a large enough sample – almost 3500 people of all ages, all of whom were necessarily exposed to the virus because of the close quarters of the cruise ship – to be actuarially and statistically significant to a seat-of-the- pants analysis by me as a tax lawyer, enough to tell that nobody died from the virus who didn’t have a minimum of two comorbidities, and that for everybody else the disease was much less deadly than the flu, the flu which has never resulted in any mandates whatsoever in my entire lifetime, the flu which killed over 100,000 people a few years ago, when Obama was president – and no one even noticed.

It’s been obvious to me from the start that the whole thing was ballyhooed for political reasons which had nothing to do with anyone’s health, and everything to do with power the bureaucrats and Democrats were desperately seeking, particularly as an excuse to destroy President Trump.

And he gave them the rope to hang him with, glorifying Fauci as a legitimate “expert,” parading him before the public every day on TV as someone he took very seriously, instead of firing his ass and ending his entire, unconstitutional and utterly-worthless bureaucracy, every single one of those federal”health” and “science” agencies, none of which have any legitimacy under the Constitution, as he should’ve done.

And all of those horrible lies about the virus and every aspect of it — the real treatments (e.g., hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etc., extremely effective when used early in the onset of the illness), what constitutes immunity, indeed, the very concept of natural immunity which they pretend doesn’t even exist, the “vaccines” which are not vaccines at all by any actual definition, everything — all of it, all of those horrible lies about everything connected in anyway to the virus — including its origin in the Wuhan Chinese military bio-weapons lab, its creation with the financial assistance of American taxpayers through money that was stolen from us, against the direct commands of both Presidents Trump and Obama, by Anthony Fauci for that purpose — all of that, all of those lies, every single bit of it, did nothing but terrible damage in every way, destroying the lives of all children who have been in school in America at all levels this entire time (the universities are still under lock-and-key, with students in medically-pointless forced masks and under virtual house-arrest the entire time they are there, with most of them probably not even feeling the pain since they are already inundated with lies about what a racist hellhole America supposedly is, and “diversity, equity and inclusion” instead of actually learning anything, from the second they step foot on campus).

And those lies have massively harmed everyone else to one extent to another, destroying millions of jobs and hundreds of thousands of businesses, bankrupting the country even worse than it was before all this, destroying businesses just because bureaucrats, bureaucrats who don’t know anything about anything, especially business, didn’t think those particular businesses, all of which were small businesses owned and run by entrepreneurs – the hated (for Marxists) “bourgeoisie” who they’ve been dreaming of destroying all along – were sufficiently “essential.”

In response to: Three Things That Were Considered ‘Dangerous Misinformation’ Last Year Which are Now Widely Accepted as Truth

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