Alex Berenson Shows The Reality Once Again Of The Virus And The “Vaccines.”

Feb 3, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The data is all in Alex Berenson’s email below, which I am forwarding here. It proves beyond any doubt: Everything the “public health experts” have said and done and demanded of us has been an abomination. They have scared the living sh– out of a huge portion of the population who they have been able to manipulate in that manner.

It’s all absolutely despicable. It’s right out of Nazi Germany what they have been doing. And that’s no exaggeration. The big lie, one big one after another, each is repeated endlessly, and all of them constantly are repeated, over and over, lies about everything having to do with this “pandemic.”

The actual pandemic we have been afflicted with is the promotion to power and influence of unelected bureaucrats and the politicians who follow their directives, and all of their lies and demands of us, all their impositions into every tiny detail of our lives, politicians agreeing with the absolutely-worthless and absolutely-immoral and treasonous (yes, these same bureaucrats, Fauci et al, facilitated the Chinese military’s bio-weapons lab in Wuhan IN CREATING THE VIRUS ITSELF) bureaucrats, and forcing this complete insanity on everyone, ruining millions of lives, all for absolutely no rational or valid medical or public-policy purpose whatsoever — other than promoting their own power and serving the interest of every country who hates us around the world, weakening us in every way imaginable.

And President Trump let it happen, all of it. His greatest mistake is and was the people he hired, the people he listened to, instead of following his own instincts. As shown in Scott Atlas’ book, President Trump was surrounded by vipers eager to destroy him – and he let them do it.

Yes, listening to them he literally destroyed his presidency, and permitted the massive destruction of our country and our solvency and, under Biden, whose presidency would never have happened without those terrible mistakes, the destruction of our military and all of our actual power; because his horrible mistake in going along with any of this permitted the election of the abomination we now have in the White House, all by listening to the “public health experts.”

And we are over $30 trillion in debt, with the entire middle class of America deeply wounded, millions of peoples’ jobs lost and hundreds of thousands of businesses destroyed and continuing to be destroyed.

And the life of every single child, everyone in school in the country at all levels, in our universities and all schools below that, deeply wounded in ways we can’t even imagine. All for absolutely no purpose.

The flu is at least 10 times more deadly to all of those children and students than this virus. Yet no one would ever have dreamed of doing this insanity as a result of the flu, the flu which happens every year and, if this virus is truly a pandemic, the flu which must have also been a pandemic forever — because it’s much more deadly to the general population than Covid.

And we are all at each other’s’ throats, all because of all this, the pandemic of bureaucracy and the rule of bureaucrats – everything the Marxists who hate us, and who have always hated us, want, all their wettest of wet dreams, fulfilled by anyone listening to the “public health experts” and their endless lies and stupidity about everything.

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