America’s Silver Lining (If We Rearm Our Nuclear Capabilities) in Our Marxist Self-Defeat

Dec 27, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below is a brilliant and insightful analysis.

The only thing more-corrupt and rotten than the present-day Marxism-infused, bureaucratic American military is the even more-Marxist (and therefore corrupt and bureaucratic) Chinese Communist military, all of whose commanders/officers succeed – as always in a Marxist bureaucratic dictatorship – exclusively by political payoffs, extortion and bribes, using their offices, and the mechanisms of the bureaucracy at their disposal, to enrich themselves and enhance their own personal power by serving the corrupt financial interests of their superiors and providing patronage for those below them. 

Since the Chinese Communist military does not fight actual, peer enemies on the battlefield and is, and has been for decades, used almost-exclusively to police the Chinese people, through various bullying, espionage/surveillance and torture practices, those are the only military capabilities it actually possesses – except for its nuclear capabilities, which it is rapidly expanding.

In order for he himself, along with the Communist Party he presides over, to stay in power – overwhelmingly, always his singular concern – it is imperative at all times for Xi to keep his generals disarmed, providing them full armaments and weaponry only when they are actually on the battlefield – because otherwise they can turn them on him; because everyone in the country knows he has no actual legitimacy except through brute force in the cold-blooded gangster-type military dictatorship he presides over – presides over, that is, for now.

Additionally, the Chinese Communist party is only tolerated to the extent that it is by the people/serfs (there are no citizens in a communist dictatorship) at large as a result of the brute force exerted over the “citizenry” and the purported benefits it has been providing by at least tolerating, and supposedly promoting, an expanding economy, much of which is already collapsing now as a result of the hideous policies of the regime, and all of which would collapse completely with the invasion of Taiwan, further endangering Xi vis-à-vis his generals and the Chinese people.

The Taiwanese know all this, although they never speak of it in public. That is why they are so lackadaisical (as accurately described by Edward Luttwak) about their own military, which would be manifestly-inadequate in the event of an actual invasion – if the Chinese military could present itself on the battlefield as the military it pretends to be on the parade ground.

All of these considerations are precisely why the Chinese Communists are expanding, at breakneck speed, their nuclear capabilities which are useful only against foreign enemies and cannot be used by the generals against the Chinese Communist party itself. 

In order to actually use their military against America – the only foreign enemy they actually care about – it is literally a strategic imperative for them to obtain both first- and second-strike nuclear capability, capability which the Biden cartel is rapidly permitting them to obtain, all while further serving the military strategic interests of the Chinese Communists by massively-degrading our own nuclear capabilities, along with all our conventional military power.

And of course, destroying the Dollar, the American economy and all of our actual sources of energy is the Biden cartel’s greatest gift to all the enemies of the country, together with turning a blind eye to all of the dangers posed by the military partnership of Russia, Iran (doing everything it can to enrich, and maintain in power, the mullahs in Iran and ignore its military capabilities) and China, buttressing the power of the corrupt dictatorships in charge of each of those countries at all times. 

The Biden cartel’s actions simply leave no doubt: The destruction of American power in every respect is clearly its singular objective, the sole, unifying purpose of all its actual policies, a Directive/Strategic policy and subsidiary strategic/tactical policies it will not describe in public, but which are made abundantly transparent by its own actions, actions which are consistent only in pursuing those massively anti-American, pro-Chinese Communist strategic purposes.

In response to: Invading Taiwan: A Goal Xi Jinping Can Never Achieve

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