Are The Chinese People Awakening? Will We?

Nov 27, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Could the Chinese people be waking up from the nightmare that has been imposed on them by the Chinese communist’s military dictatorship all these decades? Always a fool’s errand, the promise by communists that they will deliver utopia if only each individual gives up all his individual liberty and thought and surrenders to the collective, the Chinese Communists have been demanding a new fool’s errand from their people, surrendering the few shreds of what was left of their lives and liberty even more than they already had previously done in the promise of eradicating a virus, always an absolute impossibility once the virus has arrived.

The Marxists in America – having, since Woodrow Wilson became is leader and visionary, enlisted a major American political party, as its front group for themselves, and having co-opted numerous members of the Republican Party as well, particularly its Washington insiders – attempted to force the same fool’s errand – the literally-insane idea of attempting to eradicate a virus! – on us, and succeeded in destroying the American economy and morale ever since March, 2020, and so far the American people have failed to revolt, failed to recognize the absolute evil of what was demanded of them, coupled by the absolute evil of the very people who demanded that fool’s errand from us as well, and the moral imperative of banishing them from the public sphere 100% and forever.

Has the realization of what they have been subjected to opened the eyes of the Chinese people in sufficient number, causing cracks in the iron prison they are all contained in, maybe even causing cracks in the minds of those who are forced to enforce that prison, the few in the country who still have the weapons – the police and the army – with the very monstrousness of the abomination they have been subjected to simply leaving the long-suffering Chinese people with no alternative anymore, giving them the strength to overcome the abomination, the very satanic evil of forced collectivism/communism, which they are, and have been, under the thumb of all these decades, that evil inevitably destroying their lives, forcing them all to engage in nothing but fool’s errands, one after another, an unending, always-pointless exercise in madness and suicidal nihilism, all at the service of genuinely-evil, sociopathic people, the communist insiders who alone are the beneficiaries of the horror they impose on everyone else.

In response to: Wave of civil unrest grips China ‘in largest anti-government protests since Tiananmen Square’: Police attack anti-lockdown activists on bus and rallies openly call for Xi to resign as fury over Zero-Covid policy flares for THIRD day after deadly flat fire

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