Barr Deliberately Sabotaged The 2020 Election Fraud Investigation. Why?

Apr 4, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article attached below, and the video it discusses, tell us everything: Now we know that Barr has been pretending all along that the 2020 election was so clean with “insufficient,” as he so frequently says (never denying that there was plenty) fraud, supposedly “not enough” to change the election outcome, as he constantly says, but never denying the likelihood that it occurred. It’s as if he’s constantly saying a little bit of fraud is OK, nothing to worry about. Nothing to even bother investigating and prosecute.

Before the election he spoke out about it eloquently, in public, in TV interviews, about how the last minute, unconstitutional (although he never actually said they were unconstitutional, as they clearly were) changes to multiple states’ election laws and, in particular, the facilitation of mail-in ballots, and the elimination of voter ID and signature-matching for those ballots, virtually guaranteed that fraud would be attempted, virtually being invited by those changes — and likely successfully.

And the fact that it occurred was obvious to anyone watching the election results on election night — when Democrat election officials stopped the counting in multiple states simultaneously at 10:30 PM, with Trump ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes in all those states, states that he ended up “losing” by the tiniest of margins, with all the “losses” of his leads occurring with huge ballot dumps of literally-unbelievable, almost all 90% plus Biden ballots, all occurring after 1 AM in the morning mysteriously, in Democrat-run districts under completely-opaque – and illegal – circumstances, where the Democrats prevented Republicans from watching what was going on.

And in some cases, there is video showing the vote-stealing, as in Democrat-run Atlanta, where you can actually see them pulling ballots out of suitcases under the table, after all the Republicans were told to leave, and running them through the machines several times.

And then, as the article shows, when Barr found out about it for sure, he made damned sure nobody was going to investigate it and do anything about it. He completely lost it and yelled at the Pennsylvania US attorney for 20 minutes and exploded his then-ongoing investigation, and the almost-guaranteed prosecution that would follow, he cut it all off at the knees, and turned it over to the corrupt FBI, people who are supposed to be at the service of the US attorneys, people who were guaranteed to sabotage it — the same corrupt FBI people who had initiated, based on lies they themselves generated, the investigation about President Trump that led to the appointment of Mueller and his own bogus investigation.

If this story is true, and there is no reason whatsoever to doubt it, Barr grotesquely abused his office to undermine an absolutely-critical election fraud investigation, at a critical time when it could’ve made all the difference. His doing so, as he knew perfectly well at the time, virtually guaranteed that the people committing the massive fraud would get away with it – as they did.

And we would end up with the horror show we have now of the Biden administration, a clown running the country, doing everything he can to destroy it, an America-hating Marxist, demented idiot who everyone in the country with a brain knows is illegitimate. Does anyone seriously believe, as you must in order to believe that he actually won, that that loser got 22 million more votes than Obama in 2008, a result even Obama couldn’t match in 2012? And if you can’t believe that absurdity, then you have to know that the election was stolen.

And then, after sabotaging the investigation, ending it under his very heavy-handed thumb, Barr proceeded to very publicly and loudly slander President Trump, and lie about the election and the fraud he actually knew about, as it turns out, doing everything he could to claim everything President Trump said about the election being fraudulent was a pack of lies.

And now we know that he knew it was all correct, from this one instance alone, and doubtless hundreds of others, as there are already over one thousand sworn affidavits attesting to massive amounts of fraud in multiple states.

And not a single judge has been willing to take any of the cases about the fraud, dismissing them all on frivolous, procedural technicalities, as the Supreme Court did, even though it is duty-bound to hear such Constitutional cases between states, as the court of original jurisdiction (not the appellate court) under Article III of the Constitution, when Texas sued eight states over their Constitutional violations in their election law changes, Constitutional violations those states did not even dispute as a factual matter in their Supreme Court responses. It’s all truly despicable.

And now we are suffering the consequences under this insufferable, anti-American, Marxist, illegitimate fake presidency happening at this, the most dangerous time in our history in many many decades.

And Barr’s actions are truly bizarre. It’s as if someone had him by the balls for something and made him do this. It’s so out of character for him in every way. However much of a DC swamp rat he may have been, I never took him for being corrupt, let alone massively so – and there is simply no other way to characterize his actions here.

As a Bush guy, and a lifetime DC lawyer, I didn’t expect much from him when he became Attorney General, but other than this he was better than most of them, certainly better than the idiot Jeff Sessions.

But this is inexcusable. Genuinely evil. Deliberately and corruptly stopping an investigation that overwhelming evidence was given to him about – and jeopardizing the life of that one witness.

And he knew damned well how corrupt the FBI is, and how it’s filled with anti-Trump people ready to do anything to harm him, with no regard whatsoever, nothing but contempt, for the law, the law that they consider themselves above.

That’s why Barr himself appointed Durham to do the investigation into the fraud committed by the Clinton campaign – and the FBI – during the 2016 election and thereafter with the Steele “Dossier,” etc., the completely fraudulent allegations of “Trump/Russia collusion,” the Durham investigation that’s been going on this whole time, with Barr knowing perfectly well that the FBI was going to be a target of that investigation, an investigation that should’ve been completed, or at least some indictments should have issued from it, well before the 2020 election, with almost nothing happening in it up till now.

So who had what on Barr, and how did they make him do this? Whoever forced his hand in this is even more corrupt and more evil than he, someone who we need to know about, along with what really happened to the election.

In Response to: Barr shut down investigation of 2020 ballots trucked from NY to PA

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