Biden, his supporters, Covid and the “Vaccines”: Which is the most deadly to the rest of us?

Jan 15, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below, with its polling data, shows how genuinely nasty, stupid and misinformed you have to be to support Joe Biden — and that the more strongly you support him (obviously, from their votes and their remarkable displays of misinformation at recent Supreme Court oral arguments, including Justices Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer), the more of those unpleasant attributes you have. Looks like a group of people everyone with brains and any sense of decency should be eager to join!

According to the polls cited in the article below, Biden’s supporters actually believe that these “vaccines” are vaccines, even though the head of the company that makes the best of them has already admitted publicly (on video which has been removed from the Internet by the company) that THEY STOP NEITHER THE TRANSMISSION OF, NOR INFECTION FROM, the disease, Covid.

So there is no conceivable public health reason for anyone to be REQUIRED to take them – even if the government actually had, as it clearly does not, the power to force these things on people against their will — and no reason for anyone to be concerned whether people they are interacting with have been “vaccinated” or not: anyone is equally likely to get the virus from anyone else whether they have been “vaccinated” or not — AND WE KNOW THAT FOR A FACT FROM THE HEAD OF THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THE BEST OF THEM.

All the actual studies show that these experimental chemical compositions which they are calling vaccines ARE NOTHING OF THE KIND and, for anyone with fewer than two comorbidities, they pose a far greater risk of death than the virus itself.

And the government has been lying about the number of adverse VAERS incidents (now over 1 million) and not disclosing anything about the number of deaths in people who had recently been “vaccinated.”

But we know the number of “vaccine”-related deaths is in the thousands, and for any other previous, actual vaccine, when the number of vaccine-related deaths went over a few dozen at most, those vaccines, EVEN ONES WHICH ACTUALLY WORKED, unlike these, were WITHDRAWN FROM THE MARKET AS UNACCEPTABLY DANGEROUS.

The federal government through all its (completely-unconstitutional) “public health” bureaucracies is deliberately hiding actual data. And we know that because data is available from other countries — Israel, the UK, Denmark, Sweden and others — and the only actual purpose of the CDC is to gather and publish data to enlighten the public, not to misinform.

Instead, it is literally a source of nothing but disinformation and lies now.

And apparently, according to this polling data, it is succeeding at that purpose with Biden supporters, whether they know it or not.

But neither they nor the government have the right to inflict their stupidity and the lies they believe, and the risk from these “vaccines,” on anyone else, as they obviously desire.

And the experience of multiple countries where “vaccination” rates are particularly high (Denmark, Ontario, Canada, Sweden, the UK, e.g. which, unlike the US bureaucracies, report their actual data) has proven that these things they are lying and claiming are vaccines ACTUALLY INCREASE THE LIKELIHOOD of infection by, and deaths from, Omicron, now by far the most-prevalent strain of the virus.

So it now looks like these “vaccines” have achieved the remarkable, disastrous outcome of NEGATIVE-IMMUNIZATION, making them literally worse than nothing, even as a purely-utilitarian matter. How is it not a crime against humanity to force them on people against their will?

In this case, the federal “public health” bureaucracies have taken exactly the opposite approach of what they should be doing. Query: is that what the Biden supporters want? Do they have any interest in the truth, or do they, as Biden apparently does, WANT it suppressed? Because the truth and the fact of the constant lying from the “public health” bureaucracies is and has been apparent all along to anyone paying attention

The federal government and its “public health” bureaucracies’ approach is and has been under Biden, and presumably at his direction: pretend that it is possible to prevent infection from the virus (it is not), pretend that federal bureaucrats have the answers (they don’t), pretend there is no such thing as natural immunity after Covid infection, and that there are no actual treatments for it (especially off-patent, cheap ones like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine), hide the data, force these experimental “vaccines” on people under threat of destroying them and their lives (something Biden supporters strongly, particularly support, the nastier the retribution the better) if they refuse, and pretend no one is dying in connection with any of the “vaccines,” even though people with no comorbidities, and so under no actual risk from the virus, are doing so — all supposedly to “protect” people from a virus which has been proven to be non-deadly to anyone lacking multiple comorbidities, particularly the combination of advanced age and morbid obesity (with the average Covid decedent having a minimum of four comorbidities).

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