Israel versus Hamas
Biden is TREASONOUSLY Aiding and Abetting Our Enemy, Iran

Oct 22, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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The article attached below – as if we needed more direct information about this identical thing – makes clear: we are going to get hit! And it is likely we will be hit like we have never been hit before, making September 11, 2001, making Pearl Harbor! look like picnics. 

Our enemies are engaged in TOTAL war with us

Our enemies – Russia, China, and Iran, individually and jointly, together with all their retainers and captive entities (like Hamas and Hezbollah, each completely-funded, -directed and –owned by Iran) – are at war with us – and of course, most obviously, with Israel; and yet Biden is giving those enemies everything they could possibly hope for (while speaking empty words, pretending to be aiding Israel). 

And make no mistake: Iran is at war, not just with Israel, but with America: its proxies have been killing our soldiers in Iraq for decades, and are continuing to attack our bases in both Iraq and Syria to this very day (Query: why don’t we have one in Afghanistan, who we originally-defeated in weeks in 2001, also – like the Baghram airport, which gave us complete control of the air for thousands of miles around with the assistance of the then-Afghan air Force, now, thanks to Biden, all owned by our enemies? Who made the decision to throw that away and give it to our enemies after we spent billions of dollars on it and continued to win the war in Afghanistan, achieving every strategic victory we could’ve desired, by keeping it – and humiliated ourselves and lost it by giving it away?). 

The war which our enemies, China and Iran, are conducting through their proxies is a TOTAL war, as shown by Iran’s proxy, Hamas, in Israel – and Biden is facilitating it

And on October 7, in Israel, Hamas killed – and no doubt tortured to death, like its other murdered victims – at least 29 Americans, and presently has at least 30 held captive as hostages. And Biden has said virtually-nothing about any of those US citizens directly-harmed, harms any one of which normally would be a casus belli against any self-declared – as is Iran – enemy inflicting them on our citizens.

And, most obviously as a direct assault on America itself! Biden has a deliberate policy of abolishing orderly-immigration into America, abolishing our southern border, inviting everyone in the world in to our country; and no one is more happy to come here than terrorists and criminals, all of whom are naïvely called by Immigration “gotaways,” now numbering well over several million. 

Because of the Biden regime’s complete contempt for America or, at best, incompetence, in opening (which everyone in the world knows about!), rather than even attempting to close, our border, we don’t know the actual number; but it is clearly well over 1.4 million – and even 10 would be too much! That’s all it took for 9/11!

There may be over 1 million enemy terrorists in America RIGHT NOW under the Biden policies

And we know for a fact that at least 90% of those “gotaways” are criminals or terrorists, because anyone who isn’t a criminal or a terrorist can simply come in and announce his (they are almost all military-age men, even the ones that are permitted in as supposed asylum-seekers) intention to stay here and lie and pretend to have a basis for sanctuary, and the Immigration people have been ordered by the corrupt, anti-American, Marxist Biden Regime to let them in and feed them, give them all the medical care they want, and put them on welfare for life – all at the expense of the rest of us. 

Biden is assaulting our economy, especially our ENERGY on which it RUNS, while facilitating the wealth of our enemies

Biden is literally at war against the American people with all his immigration, energy and other policies, policies of imposing taxes as high as he could get away with, and regulation after regulation to strangle every aspect of the economy, to destroy the energy business in particular, to force us into EVs that nobody wants, to police the citizenry and deprive us of things we want (like, just for the things that we know about, stoves and the cars we want!), and most brazenly with his regime’s border “policy” which is guaranteed to produce terrorist attacks on America on a scale we have never seen. 

It’s literally him inviting criminals and terrorists, his Fifth-Column terrorist allies, in his regime’s deranged view, into the country. 

And simultaneously – are they not obviously related policies? Along with his brutal assault on the American oil & gas industry, which assault directly harms us in endless ways, while directly-benefitting Iran – and Russia – with that border policy inviting our enemies in, Biden has been giving billions of dollars to Iran and Hamas, after President Trump cut it all off (because Obama had been doing the same thing as Biden; and Obama and his people still run the Biden Regime) – and, after four years of President Trump strangling them in every way he could, the mullahs of Iran were on the brink of collapse, with an economy cratering, by the time Biden took office, completely broke, completely isolated, with the long-suffering Iranian people capable – finally – of taking out the evil mullahs – our real enemies there – running it. 

Biden’s anti-American-Energy policies, and ending of sanctions against Iran, have enriched and empowered the mullahs in Iran – and Russia

But Biden immediately went to the mullah‘s rescue, harming our oil business raising prices of oil internationally, and thereby replenishing their (they own Iran now) coffers with $80 billion so far! and has activelyfacilitated those very-evil people, the mullahs, enriching them with tens of billions of dollars, plus the $6 billion he paid as ransom, GUARANTEEING Americans will be seized as hostages all over the world by our worst enemies – who he fantasizes are his friends, and who he is assisting in every way possible. 

And Hamas is holding dozens of American hostages right now as a direct result! 

Where is Biden going to their rescue? Remember all the fuss he made about Brittany Greiner in Russia, who was convicted under an actual, Russian crime, with endless media focus and endless resources used to rescue her? Was her position even remotely-comparable to the peril and monstrous-evil faced right now by the dozens of American hostages, including grandmothers and babies! in the hands of Hamas’ murdering, raping and torturing terrorists? 

The Iranian mullahs act through their proxies, who they direct as their own army

The worst terrorists in the world, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all their subsidiary operatives, are all led by, and financed, by the terrorist state of Iran, as run by the evil mullahs, with all of them at war against both Israel and us; they have TOLD us that, daily, told us that they want to exterminate us and Israel, they cheerfully recite it every day, “death to America” and “death to Israel.” And yes, they mean it.

Biden’s policies – identical, except on steroids, to the stupid, anti-American policies of the anti-American Marxist Obama, and carried out by functionaries from the Obama regime – are literally suicidal for this country, and insane.

And Biden is not even slowing them down, let alone stopping them – after the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th. He STILL won’t identify Iran as the onlyplausible SOURCE of the monstrous terrorist attack IN, not simply against, Israel on October 7th. He’s denying Iran’s obvious culpability, pretending he can actually do business with Iran, doing everything in his power to enrich and normalize relations with that hideous, monstrous terrorist state, doing everything in his power to keep the mullahs who rule it in power! 

Did the Biden regime betray Israel to Iran and facilitate the October 7 terrorist attack?

And the question must be asked in light of everything else, Query: just how involved were people in Biden’s regime in FACILITATING that terrorist attack on October 7 against Israel? 

We know for a fact that Biden had, and no doubt still has, Iranian agents and operatives, Robert Malley, one that we know of explicitly, and many others in his regime, all with access to classified information – Including very-likely, for at least one of them, including Malley, all of the backdoor information to get into the Israeli Intelligence and Defense IT! IT which must’ve been hacked against Israel by its enemies for the attack on October 7 to have happened the way it did – to have happened at all. 

The multiple, massive IT failures making the October 7 terrorist abomination possible could not simply have been an Israeli mistake; there were simply too-many Intelligence and Military IT mistakes for Israel to have made all of them by itself.

Yes, there is no way that particular attack on Israel on October 7 could’ve occurred without the terrorists having hacked – or having had direct, TREASONOUS ACCESS GIVEN to them – into Israel’s Defense and Intelligence IT information (which the Americans indeed possess, for multiple reasons). 

Because all of that IT was completelyblinded for several hours when the attack was occurring. And if it hadn’t been blinded for that full amount of time, it would have been over instantly, impossible to have been any more than a minor incursion. And we know for a fact that the terrorists had vast intelligence about details of Israel, just from the documents their corpses had on them.

Could the October 7 attack have occurred without the terrorists’ knowledge of Israeli IT protecting Israel – and their KNOWLEDGE of that knowledge?

Based on its PRO-IRANIAN POLICIES and the presence of known, Iranian operatives in it, including Malley and those he hired, as terrible as it is to say, the very MOST-LIKELY source of the terrorists possessing all of that information about Israel‘s IT (which we know they had, because the attack could not have occurred as it did without blinding all that IT – and the leaders of the terrorists had to know that the Israeli IT would indeed be blinded to have committed the enormous portion of their resources to the assault, resources which otherwise Israel would have completely-eradicated in moments, without doing any serious harm whatsoever), through their leader, Iran, is that someone in the anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Iran-mullah Biden Regime GAVE IT TO THE TERRORISTS (or rather, more likely, to their master, Iran), because yes, we know for a fact that the individual operatives who carried out the terrorist attack all had very-extensive intelligence on their bodies, and there was no doubt more, MUCH MORE, Israeli IT intelligence than those low-level, dead terrorists had simply parts of, intelligence which was used – by their unseen leaders – enough to completely neutralize and to destroy the incredibly-sophisticated IT protecting Israel and blinding both their Defense and Intelligence capabilities: it took TWO HOURS for F-16s to get there, instead of TWO MINUTES, which is how long it should’ve taken; if the IT had not been blinded; no more than a handful of Israelis would have died, and all the terrorists would have been taken out by just a few, of the dozens of, F-16s and other gunships which would have arrived instantly, within two minutes of the first of the terrorists’ entry past the Gaza border. 

And the terrorist leaders had to know that they had superior intelligence about the Israeli own IT intelligence in order to have committed all those assets to the massive, October 7 assault/massacre.

How else could both the Israeli Intelligence and Defense have been THAT BLINDED for so many hours to what was going on to a known, foreseeable danger from known terrorists intent on destroying and killing every Israeli and all of Israel? How else could the terrorist leaders have known they could commit that massive amount of their assets on that day for that particular invasion? And how could Hamas thugs have had the resources to do any of that without Iran?

Were the Biden cartel’s ACTUAL, though always unspoken, policies (facilitating Iran and attacking America and our ally, Israel) FURTHERED by the October 7 attack?

Always ask: Cui Bono. In this case we already know for a fact that the Biden Regime wants, among other things, and has been doing everything in its power, to both (1) facilitate Iran and (2) get rid of Netanyahu, who they have been doing everything in their power to harm and remove from office after doing everything in their power to prevent him from being elected in the first place. 

Does anybody seriously think they – or at least some Iranian operative within the regime – would be above giving Iran that Israeli IT Defense and Intelligence information to achieve BOTH those goals they have been actively pursuing with all of their corrupt and anti-American power? 

Yes, Biden – the obviously clinically-demented (after a lifetime of complete-idiocy) front of the cartel which is actually-running the executive branch of America now says, or at least reads from the Teleprompter, supportive words regarding Israel – except when he doesn’t. 

Biden’s ONLY consistent policy all along has been to facilitate Iran’s mullahs

But actions speak much louder than words. And far too many of the Biden regime’s actions show a consistent, determined effort to assist Israel’s (and America’s!) enemies and to kneecap Israel in every way they can, together with cold-indifference to the Jewish-American torture-and-murder victims and hostages being held by the terrorists right now.

And of course this doesn’t even mention the Biden regime’s deliberate humiliation of America (and our allies) by throwing victory in Afghanistan away and turning it into death and defeat – and leaving $85 billion worth of the most-advanced military weaponry in the world for our enemies, including, very-likely, the Gaza terrorists, to use against us and our allies!

And Biden’s policy regarding Iran and the terrorists is NOT “Appeasement” – as it is constantlymislabeled in the now completely-Leftist “Press,” including by intelligent, Liberal (he’s a college professor; he would get fired if he wasn’t a Liberal) people like Walter Russell Meade, who now recognizes that the entire Biden Regime Iran policy has been a complete disaster – but that judgment, of course, assumes its purpose is appeasement, which it is not, on behalf of America – and not actually to deceive Americans into thinking they are doing one thing, while actually, deliberately acting on behalf of America’s enemies, including Iran! – as they are clearly doing in every observable way.

The truth is that the Biden Regime policy regarding Iran, rather than being “Appeasement” is ACTIVEFACILITATION, aiding and abetment of Israel’s and our enemy, the terrorist state Iran, as ruled by the fanatic mullahs! 

It is truly treasonous. There is simply no other word for it. 

So, if they are betraying America with everything they actually do in that regard, why would they not also betray our ally, Israel?

The overwhelming circumstantial evidence of the Biden regime’s guilt of betraying Israel to Iran

Anyone who claims that circumstantial evidence is not proof doesn’t know anything about actual litigation and what is proven in court and how it is done. Virtually every murder is solved with circumstantial evidence. In reality, testimony by witnesses is the least reliable testimony of all. If you look outside your window in the morning and see that there is snow on the ground, and there was none when you went to sleep, that is circumstantial evidence that it snowed the previous night. Is there any stronger proof of the fact that it snowed? When someone has the means, the motive and the opportunity, and no one else does, that person is most likely, indeed almost certainly, guilty.

Here, the Biden regime, and certainly operatives within it, indeed had all three of those ingredients for guilt.

(1) filled with the Iranian agents, in constant communication with Tehran, it had THE MEANS (its knowledge about everything about Israel’s IT, IT with multiple built-in redundancies, with completely separate-versions of it possessed by each of multiple Israeli agencies, Mossad,  Shin Beit, the IDF, any one of which would immediately have been alerted the minute a leaf blew over that border from Gaza, with F-16s and helicopter gunships on-call within minutes to take out any number of Hamas terrorists instantly; and it had

(2) the MOTIVE and (3) the OPPORTUNITY – the known policy of the Biden regime to facilitate, not simply appease Iran in all its hideous terrorism, a policy particularly promoted by known Iranian agents (Robert Malley et al.) in its midst who had access to that intelligence, in constant communication with Iran, and have only now been exposed (and not punished at all). 

And who else but the Biden cartel had all three, the means, the motive and the opportunity? No one – except for a very few individuals in Israeli intelligence; and any of them would have been caught by now and exposed, indeed caught long ago, long before the damage could be done, and never capable of doing the damage that was done. 

And now the Israelis are forced, because of their dependency on America, to be silent about that very, almost certain, fact of the Biden cartel’s likely betrayal and facilitation of the terrorist act against them, the Biden cartel’s hideous guilt – which they no doubt know. And BiBi’s enemies, including the Biden cartel, can rejoice that it is he who is being blamed by so many for the failures – as if he would ever betray his country! Actual betrayal, not simply mistakes and incompetence, which would have been necessary for October 7 to have happened as it did.

The Biden regime is dictating Israel’s military tactics and preventing it from doing what it must to Hamas RIGHT NOW.

And we have seen the results in Israel. Even now, the Biden Regime has, by its very-vocal intrusion into Israel’s post-massacre siege tactics, including insistence that Israel delay entry into the city of Gaza, demanding that fuel and other aid be given to Hamas, which owns Gaza all of which is guaranteeing even more Israeli deaths when they do, as they must, enter Gaza, to completely-eradicate Hamas from the Earth; coexistence with Hamas by Israel is simply existentiallyimpossible.

Yes, proving their real loyalties, the Biden regime have proudly-announced that they are providing Hamas (It alone benefits from anything that goes into Gaza), the terrorists! with $100 million! For fuel and other aid. And by their insistence on Israel delaying entry into Gaza, they are giving the Hamas terrorists even more time to booby-trap the entire place – and kill more Israeli soldiers when they enter – than they have already had.

And they are dictating to Israel how they should conduct a siege! They are literally trying to tie Israel’s hands, working on behalf of Hamas and preposterously-demanding rules-of-engagement on Israel’s assault of Gaza which exist nowhere in the Laws of War, instructing the Israelis not to let “civilians” die, even though sieges are indeed perfectly-legal under the Laws of War and it is impossible to have a siege without non-combatants’ deaths, especially when, as is the case with Hamas, the terrorists themselves want supposed “Civilians” to die and, indeed refuse permission to them to leave precisely so that they can become supposed “martyrs,” as the terrorists, amplified by their UN and GMO and media facilitators, lie and promote them throughout the world. Query: how many of those Gaza citizens (although half are under 18), brainwashed since birth in Jew-hatred by UN agencies, whose parents voted overwhelmingly for Hamas, are truly “civilians,” simply innocent-bystanders?

Israel’s completely-defeating Hamas in a brutal siege, killing as many citizens as REQUIRED to achieve that, is its absolute EXISTENTIAL OBLIGATION – and its RIGHT under the Laws of War

In fact, it is indeed perfectly-legal under the Law of War for Israel to inflict death on the civilians who remain there – particularly after the total war which Hamas has already, undeniably inflicted against it, and after it has done everything in its power to tell them to leave, something we never offered the citizens of Dresden before we fire-bombed it, let alone to the citizens of Hiroshima. 

And we had every right to do all those attacks, everything we did to win World War II. The only difference now is that today wars are televised live for all the world to see as they are happening. But the Laws of War remain the same, and the enemy in this war is no less evil, monstrous and murderous and ideologically committed than were the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

Yes, in World War II WE carpet-bombed and even fire-bombed Munich and Hamburg and Frankfurt and Dresden and multiple other cities deliberatelyindiscriminately killing “civilians” – and THAT’S how we won that war – besides what we did on the battlefields – the last war we have ever won! 

Yes, that’s how we won the last war we won, and that’s the only way you can win wars against an ideologically-committed enemy like Iran and its proxies – COMPLETELY-devastating -destroying and -demoralizing the enemy. There is no other cute and pretty and pleasant way to do it. 

And yes, it is all perfectly-legal under the Law of War! And our enemies – Iran and its proxies – and Israel’s have brought it on themselves by their own very loud and constant declarations AND actions of war, total war, not some antiseptic, courtroom, lawyerly version of it.

And under The Law of War, after Israel has been attacked – as they obviously have in a total way – they have every right to conduct a REAL SIEGE against their enemy with the inevitable “civilian” deaths which will occur. That’s how it’s done. You starve them out if you have to. Like Grant did at Vicksburg. Or you burn it down, like Sherman did to Atlanta. And it’s all perfectly legal. And anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a defender and facilitator of terrorists. 

That, quite simply, is how you conduct total war against an enemy committing total war against you to win, because to do anything but win would be unspeakable; and it is Iran and its proxy, Hamas, who have declared total war against Israel – and against us. 

And the Biden regime is doing everything to facilitate, and not doing, and has not done, anything whatsoever to defeat our actual enemy – Iran, as the head of the beast who attacked our ally, Israel, and has been for years, and is no doubt now, attacking us directly. 

Yes, the Biden regime facilitates Iran in every way it can. The Hamas terrorists depend on fuel for their generators to operate the monstrous tunnel network they have built with hundreds of millions of “aid” money under Gaza – and Biden and the UN want to give them fuel! Is it truly so-hard to believe that some member of the Biden regime would sell-out and betray our Israeli ally’s intelligence IT to Iran – after all their other actions? How else did that October 7 attack occur as it did?

Yes, Sherman ‘s army killed untold numbers of Americans and burned Atlanta TO THE GROUND, along with thousands and thousands of smaller towns and farms and plantations it also incinerated! And Israel has every right and an absolute existential-need to win this war; and we have every obligation to assist them, rather than to enrich their enemies and stab Israel in the back and kneecap them as the Biden regime has been doing at every opportunity – while pretending to do otherwise through useless and hypocritical words. 

The Biden regime’s FACILITATION of our evil, self-declared ENEMY, Iran, and our NONEXISTENT southern border since January, 2021, guarantee that we are going to have terrible terrorist attacks in this country

And it is no doubt we who are about to be attacked – with the terrorists just waiting for the proper moment to strike – on an even larger scale, even more-directly than Iran has been attacking us and killing our people for years, an attack that could happen any minute now, simply because of the Biden’s border policy – amplifying all its other pro-Iranian policies – which has made it so easy for the terrorists to do.

In response to: EXCLUSIVE: Feds Warn That Hamas, Hezbollah Could Be Crossing Southern Border

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