Chicken Little (“THE SKY IS FALLING!”) Climate Alarmism Is Coming Home To Roost

May 11, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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As the articles below – including a now-rare example of ACTUAL NEWS-REPORTING from the Wall Street Journal, the kind of article they used to do, and which no other “newspaper” in the country will touch, notwithstanding its obviously-critical importance to everyone’s life – show: the insane, supposedly-”Green” (which do nothing to help the planet whatsoever) suicidal policies based on Chicken Little climate-alarmism madness are going to wreck this country.

Those policies impose, without citizens ever having actually voted for it, deliberate self-annihilation orchestrated as the singular, all-important policy of the Democrat Party, that supposedly-“Green” madness which has become their pseudo-religion, a pseudo-religion they are intent on forcing on everyone, using the brutal force of government to impose it, under threat of the sword, like the Saracens who, in the name of Islam, conquered and defeated much of the world, invading parts of Europe, after defeating and subjugating, among others, India, the Arabs and the Persians (incinerating and desecrating their previous civilizations), after eviscerating the Eastern Roman Empire, eventually subjugating Byzantium/Constantinople centuries after Charlemagne defeated them, his great victory at Nantes rescuing western Europe from the monstrousness – and the misogynistic and mindless cruelty – of their rule.

Of Course The Climate Is Changing, AS IT ALWAYS HAS, But Americans Don’t Want To Destroy Our Economy In Response

Even after decades of their constant, ubiquitous climate-alarmist propaganda, they still can’t trick the country into actually voting for this self-destructive insanity (polls — which rarely are taken on this subject, precisely because the pollsters know the answer and, like everyone under the jackboot of the Marxists, want/have to hide it — show that well over 60% of the country is not insane and WANTS TO IGNORE “GLOBAL WARMING” (even though many of them believe in it) and strongly want to INCREASE OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION TO THE MAX).

And even when Democrats control both houses of Congress, they can’t get the votes to actually pass any legislation requiring their suicidal stupidity – the deliberate, systematic destruction of all our actual sources of energy.

The Marxists Lawlessly Use Unconstitutional Bureaucracies To Impose Their “Green” Madness On Us, Turning Great Companies Into “Utilities”

But they, the Obama and Biden Regimes and their America-hating Marxist bureaucrats, JUST GO AHEAD AND LAWLESSLY DO IT ANYWAY – using the hideous, unconstitutional alphabet administrative agencies to pass “laws” without Congress, “laws” which they call “regulations” and which are completely unconstitutional: the lawless politicians make no actual attempt – the Administrative Procedure Act always has been a preposterous, anti-Constitutional fig-leaf – to have them comply with THE VERY-EXPLICIT REQUIREMENTS for all actual laws in Article I of the Constitution.

Yes, the politicians — who are nothing but liars and thieves — who are and have been stealing our prosperity and freedom massively throughout the 20th century, and ever since then, do it through those hideous administrative agencies and the additional, bureaucratic control over the so-called “utilities” of local government agencies.

We Would All Benefit If Those Great Companies Were Freed From Being “Utilities,” Slaves To Corrupt, Self-Serving Bureaucrats, Instead Of Answering To Their Customers And The Common Law

This has been going on so long that nobody ever even stops to think that those companies which produce and transmit all of our energy shouldn’t be “utilities” at all. They should be companies governed only by market forces and the Common Law, the Common Law with its criminal penalties and tort law monetary awards for actual victims of companies’ actual misconduct, including any negligent injury and creating a nuisance.

That’s how they were governed in their time of great innovation – before politicians at multiple levels of government stepped in and decided that, no, Energy is just too important, it couldn’t be left to market and Common-Law controls over private business — left to the people who created and know everything about it, and customers’ choices in a free market — and instead, unelected bureaucrats, ALWAYS ACTING OUT OF PURELY self-promoting POLITICAL MOTIVES, in unconstitutional agencies had to tell those companies – and their customers, US! – what to do ABOUT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING — and that’s how they became christened “utilities,” crushed under endless layers of bureaucratic tyranny.

The Climate Alarmists’ “Predictions” Are Lies, Scientifically Baseless, And Proven False By Actual History: A Warmer Planet Will Be A BLESSING, As It Was Previously, Not A Disaster – If It Even Happens

The climate alarmists pretend that their stupidity is based on science; but it has absolutely nothing to do with science. It’s all based on nothing but worthless, proven-bogus computer models and total stupidity.

They loudly claim, with NO ACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support them, that if the climate gets warmer (as it may, although THE OPPOSITE IS EQUALLY POSSIBLE) it’s going to be a disaster. Which is insane — and provably a lie.

THE TRUTH THEY NEVER TELL YOU: The history of Europe, Iceland and Greenland PRIOR TO the Mini-Ice-Age – yes, a real Ice-Age, which began in the mid-14th Century, following the Medieval Warming Period (along with the Black Death), and got much worse (causing crop failures, famine and poverty) in the mid-17th Century – PROVES THE DIRECT OPPOSITE of their Chicken Little “predictions”/claims. Yes, actual, experienced history proves that a rise by several degrees of Earth’s temperatures is, in fact, GREAT for everyone and the planet: because prior to that Ice-Age (which everybody somehow has forgotten about now, but was A VERY BIG DEAL at the time), with temperatures 6-8° higher than now, higher than the climate alarmists even “predict” in the “worst case” scenarios from their worthless computer models which they (ignorantly – or genuinely-evilly) rely on for their fraudulent and scientifically-baseless prophecies of “doom,” THE WORLD PROSPERED.

The Modest, Consistent Warming Since The Mid-19th Century Has Been A RECOVERY FROM AN ICE-AGE

Yes, prior to that Mini-Ice-Age, when it was a lot warmer than now, the agrarian economies of Europe FLOURISHED, Greenland was, yes – GREEN and livable for centuries – until it no longer was, in the 17th Century – instead of being covered BY A MILE OF ICE, as now, English wines were treasured in ancient Rome (try finding, let alone drinking, them now!) – with all of that followed, beginning in the 14th Century, and getting much worse in the 17th Century, by that Mini-Ice-Age, which we are now, and have been for about 200 years, SIMPLY RECOVERING FROM, which is why there has been, yes, a modest warming that began in the middle of the 19th century, UNAFFECTED (yes, ask any actual, knowledgeable scientist: actual scientific evidence cannot prove otherwise) by human activity – a constant increase of roughly 1° per-Century, an increase which has slowed AND VIRTUALLY STOPPED (proving, like all “predictions” – which never happen – from the climate alarmists’ computer models, that those models are NOTHING BUT WORTHLESS GARBAGE which would be ignored in any sane world) since 1995.

As Yogi Berra Said: “Predictions Are Difficult, Especially About The Future.”

And we have no idea what is coming next, and computer models HAVE NO ABILITY TO PREDICT ANYTHING of the kind. Anyone who pretends to have the ability to predict the future with omniscience is literally pretending to be God – and therefore a monstrous and GENUINELY-EVIL, demonic fraud, for that reason alone.

The Marxist/Democrat Climate Alarmists Are Demanding We Destroy Our American Economy Based On Their Baseless “Predictions”

For us to destroy our economy (and yes, make no mistake: that is what they are demanding) based on BASELESS “PREDICTIONS” about the future is nothing short of COMPLETE MADNESS, utter mass-insanity. And doing so has become A PSEUDO-RELIGIOUS IMPERATIVE of the Democrat party and Marxists throughout the planet.

And even if, as we can speculate, but not prove, human activity indeed causes climate change of any kind, does that mean we have to, AS SOME PSEUDO-MORAL (demanded by religion-detesting atheists with no actual morality at all) RETRIBUTION, PUNISH OURSELVES, punish America and Europe, JUST US ALONE (does anybody expect China and India and the rest of the world to actually destroy their economies for this nonsense!?) by destroying the American (and the European) economy? Particularly when the warming itself is, as it has been proven to be BY ACTUAL, HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE, good for us and the planet producing, along with the benefits mankind experienced before the Mini-Ice-Age, CARBON DIOXIDE, WHICH PLANTS BREATHE?

The Climate Alarmists Lie And Claim Warming Is Bad, Carbon Dioxide Is Poison, That Our Self-Destruction Is Required To Respond To Climate Change, And That Actual Alternative Fuels Exist

The ideas that carbon dioxide is poison (as the climate alarmists lie and pretend) and that the climate can be prevented from changing are so crazy it’s as stupid as pretending that if we destroy ourselves we can also change the tides. That’s how stupid it is.

The way any sane person or country would deal with climate change – which is going to happen, as it always has, no matter what we do – is by BECOMING AS RICH AS POSSIBLE AND ADAPTING, instead of LITERALLY DOING THE OPPOSITE of that, as the Democrats and their fellow climate-alarmist Marxists throughout the world demand, and impoverishing ourselves, suicidally destroying our economy, returning it to the poverty of a world without oil, gas and coal – self-destruction, which is what these insane people, the climate alarmists, want – for all the rest of us – while they make sure they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their policies themselves.

And all of their claims that actual, alternative fuels presently exist are lies (unless and until we discover otherwise – and then no one will have to be forced by politicians and bureaucrats to use them).

The Climate Alarmists Want To Eliminate All Our Actual Sources Of Energy On Which Our Economy – And Our Civilization – Depend

They are literally destroying the lifeblood of our economy, OUR ONLY ACTUAL SOURCES OF ENERGY for 80% of our economy, declaring them evil gratuitously, by fiat — based on nothing, pretending they can predict the distant future, WHEN THEY CAN’T PREDICT THE WEATHER NEXT WEEK!

And, as the articles attached below show, we are going to be experiencing the terrible effects of these insane policies very soon — and those policy-effects are going to get much worse, until those policies, WHICH THE CITIZENS HAVE NEVER VOTED FOR, are reversed.

The Climate Alarmists’ Policies Enrich And Empower Russia and Iran – At Our Expense

And all of this is not even to mention the great benefits to Russia and Iran, the SELF-DECLARED ENEMIES of America and the West, of our destruction of our own oil, gas and coal businesses, greatly increasing the value of Russia’s and Iran’s massively-polluting versions of those businesses, THE ONLY ECONOMIC ASSETS THEY POSSESS, increasing our self-declared enemies’ wealth and power, dollar-for-increasingly-worthless-dollar, at the expense of ours. Does that sound like treason, on top of all the “Green” policies’ other madnesses?

The Marxist/Democrat Climate Alarmists’ Policies Are Pure Madness

It’s as if a complete lunatic decided one day that the blood in his veins was no longer good for him, that it was going to kill him, AND THEREFORE DECIDED TO GET RID OF THE BLOOD IN HIS VEINS because he wanted SOMETHING BESIDES BLOOD – something which, of course, doesn’t exist. Yes, that’s how stupid – and suicidal – those “Green” policies are.

Europe, especially Germany, has been self-destructing with this “Green” madness for years. And those horrible policies have been imposed on American companies increasingly (beginning with the supposedly-conservative G.W. Bush Administration, actually), and the so-called “utilities” have had no ability to fight it, because they are threatened with destruction if they disobey, or even if they speak out the truth – and since, as “utilities,” their profits are a bureaucratically-determined fixed-percentage of their costs – instead of profits they actually earn from customers’ choices in a free market – they have no incentive to say a word about the suicidal stupidity they are participating in.

The Marxist/Democrat Bureaucratic-Controlling Policies Have Been Unconstitutional All Along – Even Before They Used Climate Alarmism As Their Pretext

Everything about these anti-energy policies has always been completely unconstitutional, the very opposite of all the liberty and prosperity our Constitution was written to guarantee for us: yes, it is and has been all along completely unconstitutional for electric, gas and nuclear and coal companies – all “utilities,” as they are called – and we, their customers’ choices – unconstitutional for any and all of them and us to have been under the bureaucratic control of any part of any government in America, unconstitutional for those companies and us to have been under the control of anything other than the Common Law and market forces, the very forces that require those companies to please and benefit, not harm (as the Marxists have always pretended they want to do!) their customers as much as possible – and be rewarded for it.

The Marxist Bureaucracies Controlling All Our Energy Unconstitutionally Steal Our Liberty And Wealth

All that control is nothing but a grotesque violation of EVERYONE’S’ (yes, not just those companies’, but all of our) property rights and freedom of contract, the very things our Constitution was enacted to protect the citizens against government control of at all costs.

It’s hideous and it’s been going on, with respect to “utilities,” since the FDR administration, when all companies engaged in creating and transmitting energy (yes, the lifeblood of the economy) in the country were taken under the thumb of governments at all levels, and those previously-constantly-innovating companies were turned into bureaucratic, never-improving “utilities.”

As soon as all that power (and yes, that’s what it was, real power which drove the economy, vastly improving peoples’ lives in ways we can’t even imagine today, increasing the economy’s growth-potential exponentially) was created by brilliant entrepreneurs and the energy-creating-generating-and-transmitting companies they created, politicians – unconstitutionally using the power of force, the power of threatened violence, of the government – couldn’t wait to go after it and put it all under the government’s – and their – big, fat, greasy, corrupt thumbs.

Now Our Suffering Under The Climate Alarmists’ Policies Is Going To Be Increasingly Obvious

And, as the articles below show, now the American citizens are really going to see the evil that they are going to face from those “Green” policies in the form of increasingly-expensive energy, ENERGY THAT ISN’T EVEN GOING TO BE THERE when they want it. It’s been going on in Germany and in California which have been at the forefront of this insanity, manufactured shortages by government control.

As Milton Friedman said, “if the federal government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, soon it would have a shortage of sand.”

In response to: Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow Across U.S.

and US Faces Electricity Shortages Heading Into Summer, as Grid Operators Warn of Limits of Green Energy

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  1. Thank you for addressing this hideous destructive idea. It is marketed and promoted, but as you noted most of us in our right mind reject the premise that we need to die for sake of the earth. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. It is usable to us and intended for us to control for humanity’s benefit. The father of lies intends to destroy us, Truth is the way of life and light. Jesus is the light of the world, He that followeth him shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.