China Is No More Than Days Away from Invading Taiwan

Jul 26, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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Since Mao died, Deng and the Communist Party in China permitted their real economy to grow when they permitted the illusion (ALWAYS subject to being yanked away at the whim of whichever Marxist dictator was in charge at the moment) of free markets between buyers and sellers – but they can’t keep their hands off the whole thing, just like all politicians, especially those with the absolute power communists always have when they run things. 

And at least 80% of their economy is fake, with a potentially-worthless currency that is backed by nothing but the promises – inherently-worthless, since they always do nothing but lie – of communists. The old Soviet “joke” was always the only truth there: “we pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”

The Chinese currency is even more worthless than the dollar (which also, unconstitutionally, has no specie backing it and is a pure-fiat currency) except to the extent that each of them can convince – or trick – people into assigning value to it based on promises by the politicians and bureaucrats controlling the brutal force power of violence, and its threat – the only power or ability which any government, always acting through its politicians and bureaucrats, possesses.

Once the thing begins to unravel, as is inevitable when the debt that supports the whole sandcastle gets too big, the balloon will burst. This is not supposition; this is certainty.

Unlike the American economy – which still is probably at least 40% real (with endless resources and growth potential if the federal regulatory jackboot/cancer is lifted at all, let alone completely, as the Constitution requires), even after the destruction, the massive federal regulatory malignancy suffocating it, beginning particularly in 1905, and accelerating massively in 2020 with the shutdowns which used the Chinese Communist-and-American “public health” bureaucracy-funded/created bio-weapon Covid (using/abusing all of the massive propaganda powers of all media sources, backed by the brute force of the federal government’s threat of violence to anyone who dissented from the party line, hyping its danger to create massive panic, even though it is no more deadly than the flu, 10 times less so, in fact, to the entire general population below the age of 60) as the Marxists’ pretext – at least 75% of the Chinese economy is nothing but a debt-balloon backed by real estate – much of which is empty, and more of which will be as the economy collapses and people are unable to buy or rent it – producing nothing of value and filled with hot air, and when it begins to burst the implosion/explosion will be almost beyond comprehension – and extremely rapid, like a fantastically-elastic rubber band snapping back. 

Like nothing anyone has ever seen before.

And the Chinese Communists, particularly its imperial dictator (that’s what he is), Xi, knows all this, and knows that Joe Biden is 100%-owned by them and has been all along; and with him as U.S. “president,” controlling the U.S. military, however preposterous that situation – just picture the actual situation: a completely-corrupt, sociopathic idiot, now clinically-demented, committed to absolutely nothing but using his public offices to amass personal wealth and power and beholden to others committed to Marxist ideology and, in turn, to the Chinese Communists, who have bought and paid for him and who hate America, yes that Joe Biden is indeed now at this very moment controlling the reins of power in America! –  the U.S. will do absolutely nothing if they invade Taiwan and, because he has been, throughout his “presidency,” destroying and poisoning our military so-systematically, we would be physically-unable to stop them anyway. 

In life, as in chess, when the king is lost, the game is over.

And our military is simply not the same military it was even two, let alone 10, years ago. And it is run by completely-incompetent anti-American idiot hacks (all mirror-images of Milley and the utterly-preposterous professional ‘trans”/cross-dresser (he/she has no other professional aptitude or interest) “Admiral” Rachel/Richard Levine!). 

And after decades of self-destruction, accelerating massively under the “presidency” of Joe Biden, we simply, physically, don’t have enough operative boats or ammunition, or weapons-manufacturing pipeline, to do the job, and the morale of military personnel has been crushed (deliberately) with anti-American Marxist propaganda shoved down their throats constantly and, of course, the true warriors have been systematically drummed out, particularly out of the brass, in favor of political hacks towing the completely-absurd Marxist CRT/”Transgender”/Climate alarmism line.

So, the entire thing has simply been suicidally-destroyed at every level, as the completely worthless, bureaucracy-for-the sake-of-bureaucracy Pentagon itself has been destroying our ability to purchase – at anything less than prices which are multiple orders of magnitude more expensive than they would be in the absence of the Pentagon – weapons and weapon systems to the maximum extent possible ever since World War II. 

We pay at least 10 times as much as we should be paying for every single weapon system in the military. So, our huge military budget only purchases substantially-less than 20% of what it would without the Pentagon bureaucracy serving its purely-corrupt – and ultimately anti-American – goals (e.g., the fool’s errand of stopping climate change!) which have absolutely nothing to do with serving the nation’s actual interests, let alone arming our military at all. 

Like all the federal bureaucracies, the entire Pentagon must simply be eliminated. It cannot be reformed. It is the one potential military target our enemies will never touch (the bin Laden Al-Qaeda fanatics who targeted it before, did so for its, like the World Trade Center’s, propaganda potential for them, not its military value).

And the Chinese dictator knows he must accomplish the conquest of Taiwan before the “presidency” of Joe Biden ends. 

Because this is his once-in-his-lifetime opportunity that will never be repeated as soon as Joe Biden is gone, something which is inevitable to happen in the near future, since we remain a republic, however corrupted our voting systems may be (did the idiot proven-plagiarist-and-liar Joe Biden, “campaigning” from his basement, without a single, actual, identifiable supporter, really get 13 million more votes than Obama in 2008, and 20 million more than Obama got in 2012? The question answers itself, and the horror of what is going on now is so overwhelming the Democrats and their party-machines in the cities they have controlled for over a century won’t be able to steal enough votes to stop the inevitable) – as soon as the American people realize the sheer monstrousness of what is happening with him as “president.”

So, this is now both Xi’s window of opportunity, coupled with his window of need – to avoid being captured by mobs and tarred and feathered and/or burned at the stake in front of the country – like Qaddafi, and as Ceausescu was – for the hideous economic disaster he has created for the Chinese people, while simultaneously destroying any and all semblance of individual liberty and prosperity in that country.

This means we are now at the maximum danger point for China to invade Taiwan – possibly any day now – if only as a gaslighting distraction for its people from the impoverishing horror they are facing, and to drum up enough patriotism to sustain Xi’s power, the only thing he cares about, from the consequences of the disasters that will be occurring, disasters his own policies created, within the country. 

And our “president,” and the military he and his criminal cartel have done everything in their power to destroy, have made preventing the Chinese Communists from doing so impossible. 

Xi will never get this chance again, and will never again need it so badly just to survive – and he knows it.

In response to: China’s Economy Is Slipping Into Deflation

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