Joe Biden and China are our Existential Peril

Nov 3, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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Once again, my classmate from college, Gordon, alerts us to extremely important information.

With the Republican win in Virginia’s governor race yesterday, and possibly in New Jersey’s as well (a race that Democrats would consider too close for comfort even if the truly-vile autocrat/ Democrat squeaks out a win) there is zero chance that the Democrats in Congress will be able to pass any of the hideous legislation Biden is supporting, and the Biden presidency, politically end domestically, is effectively over, although its stench and destruction will continue, as will the suffering (economic and civil destruction, shortages of everything people want, including their own money, whose value is dropping before their very eyes) of the American people, for another three years if he is not discovered to have had the 2020 election stolen for him (there is no way he could do anything but know of the massive effort to do so and, of course, approve; that he knew of it during the time of the campaign was apparent simply from the way he conducted his campaign, hiding in his basement and saying nothing to anyone other than a handful of eagerly-supporting activists masquerading as reporters who were the only ones who attended his pathetic “events”) in time to remove him.

But, so long as he remains in office, as the sock-puppet front for the Marxist cabal which uses him in that manner, the nation is in grave, grave danger, as are all our allies who depend on us for their safety, both in Europe, particularly eastern Europe (the Baltics and the rest of Ukraine Russia has not already taken as it did Crimea under Obama) and, above all, Taiwan.

Biden is emasculating our military in every way possible literally, rendering it a functionary to service the very-expensive surgical demands/requirements of gender dysphoria-afflicted people, literally inviting them into the military with a particular invitation extended to have all of their medical needs taken care of immediately at the taxpayers’ expense, doing nothing to diminish the bureaucracy at the Pentagon which has made weapons acquisitions impossible strategically, tactically and financially, and literally poisoning the minds of the boots on the ground with critical race theory, demanding that they, and the brass as well, pretend Islamic terrorism doesn’t really exist and, above all, learn to hate America as a truly-evil, purely racist and unjust country that is unworthy of defending by any decent person.

The Chinese are well aware of the completely-nonexistent strategic-and intelligence-capability of the Biden administration and the brass it so-publicly promotes within the military (e.g., the known-traitor and loser Milly, and the obviously-ridiculous and known-incompetent, now-four-star “Admiral,” straight out of a Gilbert and Sullivan comedy, “Rachel,” née Richard, Levine) particularly when coupled with the utterly-incompetent intelligence agencies it depends on who are only interested in spying on and destroying political opponents of the Democrats. They are also well-aware that Joe Biden is the man in charge and he and the people around him would rather do anything then actually win anything militarily, as they have shown in Afghanistan, where they surrendered to a group of guerrilla terrorists with no military capability whatsoever they had not obtained from Pakistan, in the most humiliating and pathetic manner they could devise.

And China has its own domestic problems, financially and economically, which are huge at the same time that its ultra-radical communist leader Xi is accumulating power for himself with the lust of Stalin and Mao, crushing his enemies even when it also crushes the Chinese economy, costing millions of jobs, with job-creation and patronage being the primary source of his power since no one actually believes the nonsense ideology, other than patriotism, something that is notably lacking in the American government, which he promotes.

If there were such a thing as free speech in that country there is no doubt that tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people, would be complaining, probably up in arms if they had any, as they don’t, about their terrible condition and their inability to exercise even the most basic rights humans demand; so in the mind of their dictator, what a perfect time to invade Taiwan, and achieve an extraordinary victory before his time runs out and Biden is gone? They know America will not, and probably cannot, lift a finger if he tries, and we will never be more defenseless than we will remain as long as Biden is in the White House. His only conceivable reason for waiting is his belief in the trajectories which are now in place, the continued weakening of America and China’s continued military strengthening.

He needs to have Biden remain in office long enough to be his only American president opponent throughout the invasion before it achieves complete domination over Taiwan. So he can’t wait until the fourth year of the Biden presidency if there is one because he knows the Taiwanese may well hold out. And if things get rough for him politically at home, that would also hasten his hand to move even sooner.

How quickly can the Chinese divert manpower from making iPhones and iPads to making these satellite-killer weapons in sufficient quantity to take out our self-destructed, now-pathetic military’s entire eyes in the sky? Is anyone in command of our military and the CIA even asking that question?

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