Climate Alarmists’ Lies Are Once Again Exposed By Reality

Apr 9, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Even this article attached below describing, damningly to the climate alarmists, all the actual reports about world temperatures for the last 7.5 years, is too kind to those climate alarmists. You notice that, as always, their measurements of temperature begin in 1850. In part that’s because there are no currently-available, accurate measurements of world temperatures before then — or anything even resembling them.

But that’s only part of the reason. The real reason is that if the chart began, say, in the 12th century, or the first century, it would look vastly different. Vastly. It would show a huge, multi-degree DECLINE IN TEMPERATURES beginning in the mid-17th century, after centuries of much, much higher temperatures.

As everyone who has ever seen any chart claiming to describe events over time, all conclusions and judgments you can draw about the chart – all conclusions about trends and supposed “trends” the chart supposedly “proves” – depend on the timeframe the chart presenter picks — when the time-period for the presentation — and the analysis — begins, and when it ends. It’s called context.

And the easiest way to use temporal charts to mislead – effectively to lie – using what appear to be scientific charts, is to show events over time COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT.

And that’s what the climate alarmists always do. And it’s no accident. No honest mistake.

They, the climate alarmists, always pick 1850 as the magical year to begin, because prior to 1850 the world was, as every historian of Europe knows, in a Mini-Ice-Age, a Mini-Ice-Age which began in the middle of the 17th century (the first time that the River Thames froze over!), and had been preceded by centuries, if not millennia, of warmer temperatures globally, warm enough to have permitted Britain to be the source of the Roman emperors’ favorite wines when it was part of the Roman empire, while deploying agricultural/oenocultural techniques vastly inferior to those available today.

Try growing wines that wouldn’t taste like gasoline, if any grapes resulted at all, anywhere near Manchester, England, even today.

The Mini-Ice-Age which began in the middle of the 17th century, and caused terrible suffering to the then-almost-purely-agrarian economy of Europe, lasted roughly 200 years, until the early 19th century – right before when the charts like the ones in the article — and like Michael Mann’s bogus “hockey stick” — begin.

Prior to that Mini-Ice-Age, global temperatures were significantly higher than they have been ever since then – at least 4-6° warmer (yes, that’s EVEN HIGHER THAN THEIR “WORST CASE” PREDICTIONS! predictions which themselves are based on proven-completely-bogus and worthless computer models, not science) than they are right now, after all this supposed global warming! warming which has been a constant 1° per Century, without regard to human activity, since about 1850, warming which, according to the studies referred to in the article, obviously is now over, as it has been virtually unmeasurable since 1995, and began almost exactly when the bogus charts deployed by climate alarmists for purposes exclusively of spreading lies and alarmism began — yes, roughly 1850.

And we know all of that for a fact, without having to bother with tree rings and ice cores and all sorts of other purely-speculative pseudo-science, because, if nothing else, we know about the blessings of the relative warmth on the agrarian economy of Europe, with its pre-Industrial Age technology, prior to the mid-17th century, and the economic destruction caused by the cold, the Mini-Ice-Age, which followed.

And we know for a fact that Greenland was actually green until the mid-17th century, and not, as now, covered with miles of glacier — before the Mini-Ice-Age which the slowly-warming climate since about 1850 has been BLESSEDLY – not catastrophically, as the alarmists claim – RESCUING us from.

Yes,12th-century Vikings lived there, in Greenland, and continued to do so for centuries – until they could no longer do so because of the increasingly-freezing temperatures – doing so with nothing but Iron Age technology for heating. Try living there without old-fashioned radiators, at least, for heat now!

And no, during that warming period, all land masses were not inundated by oceans 20 feet higher than they are today, as the climate alarmists promise (it’s what they want you to believe, of course, while buying fabulously-expensive beachfront homes in Nantucket and Hawaii for themselves!). It never happened.

They have to grotesquely manipulate data to come up with those claims they come up with every year that each year is “one of the hottest in history,” always disregarding the fact that there were previous years which were several degrees hotter, just like all the years when they claim the hurricanes were the worst in history, which were long-preceded by years with much more violent hurricanes – and more of them.

The climate alarmists are nothing but a bunch of despicable, lying Communists masquerading as scientists, people who have no idea what they’re talking about and, if they do, then they are truly even more despicable than they are otherwise.

Because they have a very specific purpose, a hidden agenda, just like all liars, for their lies: They want to destroy America, to destroy our economy which depends on what are called “fossil fuels” (none of them, other than coal, have anything whatsoever to do with dead plants and/or fossils). It’s no accident that Putin has been providing films for advertisements they use, propaganda, to promote their lies for years, propaganda shown in Europe and the US, not in Russia, lying propaganda whose purpose is to trick us into destroying our sources of energy to destroy our economies – exactly what the Germans have been doing and the Biden regime has been doing relentlessly, even as Russia invade Ukraine, so that we are literally funding Putin’s war.

The despicable, and genuinely evil, climate alarmists are lying about everything about this, all the nonsense about more CO2 in the atmosphere being disastrous (it’s what plants breathe and we exhale with every breath!), nonsense about supposedly-catastrophic “global warming” of a planet whose climate has been changing forever, for billions of years before an SUV even existed, ever since the planet was formed billions of years ago — and will continue to do so without regard to whether we destroy our economy in the name of “saving the planet,” as those lying idiots, and their useful idiots they trick into believing their lies, pretend they are doing.

Everything about the climate alarmists’ pronouncements, like everything all Marxists say and promise, is all, without exception, nothing but a despicable pack of lies, a pretext for terrifying people who don’t know anything about anything, from people who don’t know anything about anything, so that entire civilizations, particularly the United States, might be stupid enough to invite communism, and the complete destruction of the great, freedom-and-prosperity-creating western economy which depends, and will continue to depend for centuries, until some actual, alternative fuel is discovered — an alternative fuel which does not now exist and which we do not know of today — on more and more freely flowing oil, gas and coal.

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