It is Long Past Time to Completely Silence and Eliminate all the Federal Government “Science” Agencies; And § 230 Must Be Altered to Eliminate the Complete Monopoly of the (Marxist) Social Media Platforms

Mar 27, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This man, Alex Berenson, formerly of the New York Times, a superb reporter whose email to me (and numerous others) I attach below, was and remains banned by all the social media platforms/networks – banned, slandered with a scarlet letter as a liar — for his invariably telling the truth about Covid, the pathologically-lying “public health experts”, their worthless “mitigation” measure, everything they falsely claimed would “flatten the curve,” or, as they falsely claimed, at least help people, none of which did anything of the kind, including the completely-unconstitutional and monstrous shut-downs of all, according to them,”non-essential” businesses, hundreds of thousands of which were destroyed, and shutdowns of parks, any recreational area, synagogues and churches and the idiotic and medically-pointless (as every actual study has proven, as the CDC itself previously acknowledged at its own website before March, 2022, directly contrary to the lies from the CDC, lies which continue about this to this very day, promoting obviously-bogus fake “studies” which are not studies at all, the kind of “official lies” you would expect from the Soviet Union) masks and the “vaccines.”

Nothing Alex Berenson has said is or has ever been based on anything other than accurate observation of real data, data which our own government, in its bureaucrats’ grotesquely-unconstitutional and genuinely-evil quest for overwhelming power over the citizens to police every detail of our lives, has done everything it can to obfuscate and hide from us, data which is available from other countries – Israel, the UK, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria – some of them being countries which made the horrible mistake of forcing all their citizens to undergo being injected by these experimental chemicals they are lying and calling “vaccines,” forcing which the Biden regime has been attempting everywhere it can, everywhere it is not physically stopped by the Supreme Court.

Now, as shown in Mr. Berenson’s email below, we know the truth: governments are not giving up on the “vaccine” mandates because they have been successful. It’s precisely because they have been undeniably proven to be monstrous and counterproductive: the more vaccinated a population, the HIGHER THE LEVEL OF COVID there.

And yet none of these horrible “Public Health Experts” will ever admit that they have not only been wrong about some things, they have been wrong about everything, and they have been wrong all along. The very idea that the y were in any way “experts” itself was a fraud, and now, as they relent and (temporarily)drop at least some mandates (you still have to mask in between bites like an idiot on airplanes), they insist on reserving the completely-illegal power to return to doing this nonsense to US citizens, to bring back the mandates — as soon as they think they can get away with it politically.

And they have not rehired a single person, a single truly essential person like the military heroes and police and firemen they forced to be drummed out because of their “vaccine”-refusal, their refusal to bend the knee to the tyranny, wonderful people whose lives and whose jobs were illegally and unconstitutionally destroyed by the medically-baseless mandates, the bureaucrats and politicians, including Joe Biden at the very top, have done nothing to repair the lives of anyone, let alone everyone, whose life they have destroyed by everything they have been doing.

The harm they have done to our country since March, 2020, is literally incalculable. They have destroyed an entire generation of students who were, and continue to be, subjected to child abuse and insane mandates that had nothing to do with medical reality, all of them being statistically at least 1000 times less-vulnerable to the virus than those who are truly vulnerable to it (people not in their population at all, people with a minimum of two comorbidities).

They, the social media platforms who have a chokehold monopoly over the Public Square now – and profit from it immensely – claimed that the actual reality about all those things, reality which Mr. Berenson was describing, was actually “disinformation and lies.” Similarly, unelected bureaucrats in the Biden regime are continuing to be intent on finding out all the people who spread the truth and branding them as agents of evil, spreaders of “disinformation and lies”—precisely because they told the truth about all those things those sociopathic bureaucrats and politicians were lying about.

Because nothing is more terrifying to pathological liars than for the truth to be revealed.

And they — those monopoly social media platforms, “public health experts” and government bureaucrats intent on controlling everyone’s lives — are, in pursuit of that control, intent on making sure everyone in the world believes only (according to them) “The Official Truth” emanating from liars like Fauci and the rest of the “public health experts,” which is all nothing but a pack of lies.

And yes, the fact that they were wrong about everything is a proven fact now. Just watch the not-so-old videos of them saying things, how they knew what they were doing and if we followed their (idiotic) directions, their mandates and “mitigation” measures — their euphemism for people destroying their lives and their livelihoods — the virus would be defeated and disappear. What a pack of lies!

And anyone with a brain knew it as they were saying it: because, once they are here, viruses never disappear. They cannot be defeated except by a vaccine or a cure, and we have neither for this virus; and people ruining their lives, at the direction of sociopathic bureaucrats and politicians, in supposed service of stopping it is simply self-destructive insanity. I knew it all along, and now it’s been proven.

It is they, the bureaucrats, the politicians, and all the social media platforms they act in concert with, if not in collusion with, who are and always were spreading lies and disinformation.They are literally killing people with their lies and pretending that it is honest truth-tellers like Alex Berenson who is doing so. Their lies and mandates, together with the social media platforms ‘ silencing of the truth, have constituted crimes against humanity under the clear definitions of The Nuremberg Code, crimes for which Nazis received death and prison sentences.

They, the “public health experts” have been pretending all along that they know everything about the virus, that they are “experts” about it, that very pretense that they know anything about it has now been proven ludicrous. Maybe they even believed their lies since, as we now know for a fact, although they perjuriously deny it, they had indeed actively participated in the creation of Covid, an artificially-created bioweapon developed by the Chinese communists’ military at their Wuhan military lab.

We now know from multiple documents that they, those American bureaucrat “public health experts” had been plotting with the Chinese communists’ bioweapons lab in Wuhan since 2017 to engineer viruses like this, funding “gain-of-function” research,” their bureaucrat-speak euphemism for bio-weapons research. They have stolen money against the direct orders of both Presidents Obama and Trump for that very purpose, money which belonged to the US Treasury, to fund that bio-weapons research, their using it for that purpose being sedition and mutiny.

And they have been denying that fact, all those facts, the facts which indict and convict them of conspiracy, sedition/mutiny, treason and mass murder, whenever confronted with those facts (as Dr. Senator Rand Paul has confronted the liar Fauci with on multiple occasions, and Fauci perjured himself repeatedly under oath denying exactly what he had done) in public.

And then they made the same claims of supposed “expertise” about the “vaccines” (which it is a lie to call vaccines at all, since they have been proven to stop neither infection nor spreading of the virus).

They claimed “we know how to control this.” And now, after all this, it is beyond doubt that they have been proven to be utter liars about that, about literally everything they said about everything and anything.

They never knew anything about controlling the virus; and it was always a lie to pretend otherwise: it is impossible for the government to do so, always a fool’s errand to even attempt it, and that is proven by the fact that it has never been controlled, and the more mandates and directives and impositions on the public they impose, using raw, although unconstitutional, ultimately-violent political power, their more and more vicious and divisive and destructive and medically-worthless mandates, the worse it gets.

Yes, the more they unconstitutionally, and monstrously, intrude on people’s lives with Covid and the “vaccines” and masks as their excuses, their pretexts, the worse it gets.

It was and remains they, the “public health experts” and the politicians and bureaucrats who stand behind them all, acting in their own rolls together against the true interests of the American people, everyone of them, who were lying when they made those claims about their knowledge and about what they were pushing on us and, in the case the social media platforms, their lies about Alex Berenson and others who spoke the truth.

Every single thing Alex Berenson has said about these things has been proven to be true, even if it was not certain at the time he made the statements (It was never even conceivably provably-false, as the lying social media platforms pretended).

And the people colluding with the social media networks to brand the truth as lies are the people, like Fauci, Wollensky, Collins, all the “public health experts” who know nothing about anything and who are running our “public health” agencies in the federal government, have been doing everything in their power to spread lies and to abuse the powers of government and the social media networks to do so.

They have been deliberately frightening the public over something that is unworthy of the mass insanity, mass paranoia about the virus, that has occurred, and pretending that the government has the power to do something about a dangerous (to a small, and readily-identifiable segment of the population, those with multiple comorbidities, particularly the elderly and the morbidly obese) virus which has appeared, thanks to their efforts, financing the Chinese communist bioweapons lab in Wuhan.

They, the “public health experts, have been, at all times, the arsonists rushing to the scene of the fire pretending to be heroes. All their actions to “protect” the public have been nothing but gaslighting to hide their own crimes.

Those people – all the “public health experts” — are the ones who must be eliminated from public life, their positions abolished, and their unconstitutional agencies abolished. There is simply no such thing as “Official Science” which can be ordained by the government simply because unelected bureaucrats declare it to be such. Those people have no monopoly on truth, and the claim that they have it is the true evil they have been perpetrating all along. And everything they say is a pack of lies, the opposite of real science and real truth.

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