Covid and its Weaponization – An Article Which Tells The Whole Story

May 26, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below lays out the entire story of COVID and the weaponization of it by the bureaucrats who created it, or participated in its creation, along with the communist Chinese military bioweapons lab in Wuhan, with the American bureaucrats leading the way among Western countries’ bureaucracies, with the article describing the particular stupidity the British engaged in, mimicking the Americans.

And yes, we have to face it: it was President Trump who permitted/welcomed the evil into our political body, permitting it to enter our nation’s bloodstream by validating the American Marxist bureaucrats masquerading as “experts,” the despicable Fauci and all of them, Fauci who promoted the weaponization of the virus with all his completely-bogus and worthless “mitigation” measures, with President Trump failing to see their evil, the inherent evil of the inherently-Marxist (every bureaucracy which is not institutionally-dedicated to opposing Marxism inevitably becomes engulfed by it) bureaucrats which was aimed not only at the nation, but at him personally, and the Republican Party itself, President Trump opening the gates to let them in and never doing anything to destroy them, completely eliminating them and their bureaucracies in their entirety — as is the only way of dealing with them.

Trump’s biggest mistake was not following his initial instinct, which was exactly like mine: the whole thing, not the virus which, of course, was real, although manufactured, but the hysteria over it, the claim of its being many times more deadly than the flu a complete fraud, all of that was a scam set up by power-obsessed scientists/Marxists. 

His mistakes continued because he kept believing in the completely non-existent fundamental patriotism and ethics of people like Fauci etc., never understanding that they are genuinely-evil monsters, inherently anti-American because they are professional Marxist bureaucrats within bureaucracies which required from him nothing but to be snuffed out, strangled and murdered in their cradles, as the despicable, anti-American Marxist monstrosities they are.

He actively promoted those lying bureaucrats, Anthony Fauci et al, as “experts,” providing them his own platform on TV every day — instead of denouncing them the minute they came into his office and lied to him about the supposed existential threat of the virus, the virus which they knew for a fact was no more deadly than the flu statistically, and statistically harmless to the general population — especially to children, who they have committed massive child-abuse against for years now, obsessively, with the virus as the pretext ever since that moment, with that abuse continuing to this day in numerous locales in the country. 

And because of the excessive power which has been granted to the presidency, they only had to trick him into believing, because his power permitted them to destroy the country (yes, the president now has that power, which is why it is so terrible to have anyone less than a great man in that office), and all they were doing was gaslighting, because they knew damn well that they had participated in the creation of the virus itself, and they wanted to distract the world’s attention away from that fact and make themselves look like heroes, the arsonists rushing to the scene of the fire.

In response to: Covid Lies: Instigating Fear and Dominating the Narrative

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