December 15, 2021, In Self-Defeated, Biden-Ruled America

Dec 16, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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Was there a word about any of this in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or on any of the Network “news” programs? And has Facebook and all the other social media been echoing this real, massively-important information so that the American electorate would know this, THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACT WE ARE FACING RIGHT NOW, a fact that could, and almost certainly will find us in war we have not even imagined could happen, a war even worse than the unspeakable wars we fought in the 20th century?

The Russians are about to put tactical nuclear weapons into play in what has become a theater of war against modern, civilized countries, countries with elections and McDonald’s and supermarkets and Citibank, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase branches, countries which are themselves helpless against such weapons, countries we have sworn to defend.

And yet we, under Biden, have announced ourselves to be helpless to stop Putin, except by threatening sanctions, sanctions which are the very emblem of self-defeat, sanctions which the Russians laugh at, as Putin secures promises from self-destroying Germany and, IN A CONFERENCE BEING HELD THIS VERY DAY, from Putin’s de-facto Communist Chinese ally, to support his energy-driven economy, neutralizing any such sanctions, revealing them as the pathetic joke they are in the real international world, the world in which the rules, the real rules, are, as they have always been, always written by the most deadly and unprincipled actors.

Because Biden has explicitly taken military opposition to Putin and any of our other enemies OFF THE TABLE; and hard men like Putin understand nothing but the promise of credible military opposition, an opposition which will cause unspeakable harm and destruction to him and all he holds dear if he dares to move, to move exactly as he is now promising to do with all his actions.

Biden is the guy all those activist Marxist propaganda sources which pretend to be news, supposed sources of information for the American electorate, made sure became president by, among 1000 other things, hiding the truth, during the campaign, the campaign in which he himself remained hidden, the truth of both his obvious mental deficiency and of his complete corruption, corruption revealed blatantly on his son’s computer, the computer which shows him, IN HIS SON’S OWN EMAILS, getting 50% kickbacks throughout his political career of all the concealed bribes and extortion payments paid for various pretexts, including no-show jobs and fake directorates, payments made to his family members, AS HIS BAGMEN, INCLUDING OBVIOUSLY-COMPROMISING BRIBES FROM COMMUNIST CHINA AND RUSSIA THEMSELVES!, bribes which would have prevented him or anyone in his family from even becoming a letter carrier, let alone President of the United States.

All those propaganda sources, like the New York Times, etc., and all the social media platforms, which we are subjected to in America pretended that that almost-incredible corruption of Biden and his entire family, corruption compromising him with our very enemies today, revealed in those emails on that computer, all of that was just “Russian disinformation,” as the pathetic Biden brazenly lied and proclaimed before everyone in the debates when President Trump confronted him with those facts, and the “moderator,” always acting on behalf of Biden, made sure to interrupt, pretending President Trump had no basis for his claims, pretending talking about “climate change” was so much more important for the public to know about.

And our supposed “Intelligence” agencies are so corrupt that dozens of their former leaders signed a letter repeating that blatant lie about the computer and its contents, a lie deliberately intended to trick the American public, a lie which was itself an attack on America, and EXACTLY LIKE GENUINE RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION (as was the entire Trump-Russia “collusion” hoax, which was promoted by all the same actors).

And now, with Biden in the White House, the world is collapsing around us, with Russia, China and Iran allied both in their opposition to us and in their recognition of our helplessness under this absurd leadership, massively-corrupt and demented Biden’s, and his absurd group of clowns who are his advisers; and, unfortunately, along with them, the complete intellectual corruption of the entire, purely-bureaucratic leadership of the military, our military which has been poisoned after decades of bureaucratization, beginning immediately after World War II, the last war we ever intended, and honestly attempted, to win, subjecting our military to the demands of the bureaucracy in the Pentagon and all the lobbyists who feed off it, to the point that it takes billions of dollars and decades to create planes, ships, tanks and artillery and all the other means of war which should cost a fraction of that amount if people who actually were single-mindedly intent on winning, and absolutely preventing, all wars were in charge of acquiring the means of war for our military, instead of the endless bureaucrats, certifying things for their “climate” compliance, among other absurdities, and a million other things that have nothing to do with fighting a war and winning.

All the propaganda organs, including all American educational institutions now, which the public is exposed to, all those mouthpieces and platforms which the public has been promised it can rely on for actual news, pretend that there is nothing amiss in the world around us, NOTHING BUT AMERICA ITSELF, its people, especially white, Christian people, and America’s very soul.

All those institutions Americans rely on for their understanding of what is going on here, sources which, like Trojan Horses one and all, have become pure sources of pure disinformation, endlessly and constantly promote Howard Zinn’s and the New York Times’ Stalinist lies about America, the1619 Project, anti-American propaganda claiming that it is America, a nation singularly dedicated to individual liberty, which is and always has been the single most-terrible, evil villain in the world, filled with supposed racism and “injustice,” subjecting the world under its supposed, racist colonialism (over colonies which never existed!), and now a virus which supposedly requires everyone to change how they live their lives, justifying the additional humiliation and defeat of the American citizens under tyrannical government dictates of how they handle their own health, a nation ruled by the demands of bureaucratically-proclaimed, unelected “public health experts,” the most preposterous personages anyone can imagine.

And, despite all the hysteria, the panic-porn that has been generated for public consumption, we have known all along since that man-manufactured virus, a Communist Chinese-created bio-weapon, a true act of war, a weapon whose deadliness has been geometrically amplified by our own political leaders echoing the stupid pronouncements of the “public health experts,” since the very start, when that virus first appeared that IT IS NOT AT ALL DEADLY TO THE GENERAL POPULATION, only to people who suffer from at least two comorbidities, especially morbid obesity.

NO ONE ELSE DIES FROM IT, and people, including the Communist Chinese, the WHO which it controls, and all of our worthless federal bureaucrats who want Americans to be subservient idiots subjected to their power, have been pretending otherwise, using all the methods and platforms of propaganda to trick us into believing their lies which they can.

All these things, revealing the corruption of Biden, the paper-Tiger nature of our Pentagon/bureaucrat-controlled military, and the incompetence of our “intelligence” agencies, incompetence proven beyond any doubt with the catastrophe of our Biden-engineered defeat in Afghanistan, and above all else, the apparent defeat, at least for now, after “electing” Biden and tolerating the impositions of the bureaucrats based on the pretext of the virus, THE DEFEAT, for now, OF THE INTELLIGENCE AND WILL AND THE FREEDOM OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, intelligence, will and individual liberty which have always been our most powerful weapons, all these things our enemies around the world have witnessed along with us, and they know this moment, this moment of our catastrophic, self-inflicted weakness, will not last beyond the Biden presidency.

So they know that this is the moment when they must strike at us, a moment which ends no later than three years from now. And they are the hardest of hard men, who have no compunction whatsoever about striking, no problem with killing millions and even billions, and who Biden himself has convinced they have nothing to fear from us if they strike, and everything to fear if they don’t do it before we have a new president.

The worst defeat of America of all is the rule by bureaucrats, the bureaucrats who run the military and who are actively destroying our economy and all of our sources of energy and the bureaucratically-proclaimed “public health experts.”

The very idea that there is such a thing as a “public health expert” is insane. BECAUSE NOTHING IS MORE PRIVATE THAN AN INDIVIDUAL’S HEALTH, and NO ONE IS AN EXPERT ABOUT ANYONE ELSE’S HEALTH unless it’s his doctor who that person chooses to hire; and only a completely unethical and incompetent physician, literally a professional fraud (with Fauci the personification of that fraud) would ever think otherwise, forcing “medical“ advice on “patients” who have not hired him, and who he has not examined, based on statistical data he does not even understand.

And we know all that for a fact, simply by intelligently evaluating the insane, destructive actions and provably-false words of Fauci and all the other “public health experts” since the virus publicly appeared on the scene in February 2020, an act of stealthy, though in plain sight, the war against us committed by the Chinese Communists for which they remain unpunished.

And President Trump made the terrible mistake of not recognizing what had happened, what was truly going on around him, in failing to recognize the very-stealthy Communist Chinese military bio-weapon attack which was occurring, an attack being exponentially amplified, wittingly or not, by those bureaucrats.

His terrible mistake was in failing to recognize all that, and in failing to fire all those idiot bureaucrats who were always exclusively serving their own interests and the interests of the Chinese Communists, using the virus as the pretext to bring us, formerly-free Americans, for no medical reason, to our knees, when they lied to him and pretended this virus was 43 times more deadly than the flu, a claim for which they had zero facts other than the lie to that effect invented by the WHO itself working, as always, on behalf of Communist China.

President Trump made a terrible military error in failing to recognize the attack that was occurring, facilitated by the federal government’s own bureaucrats, and in failing to fire all those bureaucrats and silence their stupid ideas for “shutdowns” and other totalitarian “mitigation” measures which were literally attacks on America and absolutely worthless to protect Americans’ health, attacks which destroyed his presidency and the booming economy he had presided over creating, and which are poisoning America to this very day.

So, as it now realizes (the polls show Americans hate Biden and all his policies), America was tricked into “electing” a dangerously–incompetent, stupid, and corrupt Biden who now has all of our lives in his hands in dealing with extremely hard men in Russia, China, and Iran, hard men who he has no idea how to deal with.

Now he is stupidly, incompetently, and possibly unwittingly, promoting the interest exclusively of our very-dangerous enemies, and desperately using the virus to bring the citizens of America to their knees under mandates which have no Constitutional basis, as the courts are showing every time they face the issue while doing nothing to defend us overseas and deliberately emasculating and literally DECIMATING (terminating careers of at least one out of 10 of our great warriors, warriors who are, as they know perfectly well, at no risk from the virus, because they refuse to take the worthless “vaccines” which are not vaccines at all) our military. And he is literally indoctrinating our military with anti-American, Communist Chinese, racist propaganda, CRT, among other things.

It has now, because of the election of Biden and all his policies and the complete corruption of our military and intelligence agencies, become inconceivable that we will not be in a terrible war very soon.

Because Russia will indeed move on all of Eastern Europe, one country at a time, beginning with Ukraine and the Baltics, countries which are helpless under their pathetic, post–Soviet welfare governments and worthless, non-nuclear, deliberately-disarmed militaries. And the Chinese will, either at the same time or at least before Biden leaves office, move on Taiwan; and Iran will have to be eradicated by Israel before it uses the nuclear weapons it is now creating and which it has promised it will use against Israel without regard to its own obliteration as a consequence.

And our enemies now have the means to sabotage our entire infrastructure which has been weakened by our own insane, self-destructive, bureaucratically-generated, energy-destroying mandates, idiotic mandates demanding the destruction of hundreds of our own power plants, THE VERY KIND OF DESTRUCTION AN ENEMY WOULD DO TO US IN A WAR, mandates made supposedly to change the climate of the planet, a climate which has been changing since the planet was formed as if even attempting to do so would make any sense to anyone who is not insane and a complete idiot.

And yes, none of this, these immediate dangers, would be happening if President Trump were still in the White House; and only an idiot, including idiots who voted against him because of his “tweeting,” or because they were convinced “orange man bad” by the same fake news that lies to them about everything else, would think otherwise.

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