Defund All The Federal Bureaucracies (And Not The Good Guys Who the BLM Marxists Want To Defund) – Defund The Unconstitutional Federal Bureaucratic Police Who Do Indeed Inflict Nothing But Harm On American Citizens

May 16, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Check out the article attached below: Even Democrats (who rejoice at empowering federal agencies over citizens) are horrified by these IRS actions – actions which, unlike most federal bureaucrats’ evil, have actually come to light – and may even result in a slap on the wrist to someone!

The Lawless, Unchecked And Uncheckable Power Of The Federal Bureaucracies – The Very Definition Of Tyranny – Has No Place In A Free Country –

Being a tax lawyer and dealing with the IRS and the “Justice” Department my whole career, many decades now – and simply analyzing everything about those federal agencies, and numerous others, the “laws” which create them, the Constitution they claim to comply with (and don’t), the “laws” which empower them, the “crimes” and penalties they are permitted to enforce against the citizens, the audits/investigations/assaults (yes, that’s what they are) they are lawlessly-empowered to conduct against citizens, audits/investigations which are nothing but horrible fishing expeditions, forcing citizens to bend the knee and protect themselves any way they can against a monstrous presence in their lives, forcing them to disclose documents and other things about themselves to strangers who they wouldn’t even want to talk to in real life, forced to disclose the most intimate details about themselves, their families, their businesses and their property – in short, analyzing everything about the bureaucrats I have been dealing with, and the power which has been given to them (or rather which each agency has simply taken, and which politicians have unconstitutionally bestowed on them, with the courts just rubber-stamping at all) – all of that has taught me the complete, and unreformable, evil of these bureaucracies, how the very operations of those bureaucracies turn their own bureaucrats, previously-good, patriotic people, into hideous monsters, enemies of their fellow citizens.

There is no actual check on them, no check on the bureaucracies, nor the bureaucrats who populate them. The courts let them get away with anything they think they are allowed to do “in their discretion,” and simply pretend away the undeniable fact that all those bureaucracies are completely unconstitutional (and do nothing of any actual value for the American citizens).

Each of those agencies unconstitutionally exercises ALL THREE POWERS of government – Legislative, Executive and Judicial – that combined power being “The very definition of tyranny,” according to James Madison himself in The Federalist # 47, which he, its principal author, promised there that the Constitution would absolutely forbid.

As Lord Acton observed: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And that’s what all those unconstitutional bureaucracies have.

The Federal Bureaucrats Are Trained In Harming The Citizens And Grifting In Their Bureaucracies – And Rewarded For Doing So

The federal bureaucrats, those federal police, are unelected and unconstitutionally empowered to harm American citizens in any way they can, professional grifters trained by their agencies’ cultures to know how to do stuff against the citizens and how to hide that stuff; that is their real profession – harming citizens and bureaucratic infighting, backstabbing and ass-covering, learning ways to hide the worst things that they do and doing them – knowing nothing will happen to them, and that the worse the things they do to American citizens – their targets – the least likely they are to be punished and, indeed, the most likely they are to be rewarded by the bureaucracy.

As soon as they are on the job they quickly learn that, within their bureaucracy, no good deed goes unpunished (and they are trained in imposing that fact on citizens), and it is only the small infractions by bureaucrats which ever are punished. The worst infractions by them are praised, the source of promotions.

They are unconstitutionally empowered to go after and harm American citizens, to criminalize perfectly harmless behavior by citizens, and to serve their own interests and the interests of their bureaucracy alone, not the interests of American citizens, citizens who are always there a targets for harm. That’s what they do.

And they never pay a real price for the evil that they do – and are in fact promoted for it: the more harm they inflict on American citizens, the more they are promoted, harming citizens, and inventing pretexts for the harm they inflict, being their real jobs – and the more harm they do to citizens, the more it shows their superiors, who promote them, what “good” bureaucrats they are.

That’s how you end up with Primo bureaucrats like Comey and Mueller (both of whom did monstrous things throughout their bureaucratic careers) in charge of the (unconstitutional, as shown below, since the repeal of Prohibition) FBI!

The Federal Bureaucratic Policing Agencies Impose Tyranny On The Citizens By Unconstitutionally Exercising All Three Powers Of Government

It is those unconstitutional federal bureaucracies – all of them – and the bureaucrats in them which is and are the poison which is destroying America, corrupting and rotting the country from its inside out – the very reason that the Marxists who created those agencies created them.

Between the American citizen and the central, federal state, power is ALWAYS A ZERO SUM game: every bit of power the federal government has over the citizens is taken by reducing the power, ounce-for-ounce of those citizens – and the Constitution is very specific in limiting how much of that power it, the federal government, is ever allowed to take. That was the very reason our Founders fought, and risked everything they had, against Britain, the then-freest, and greatest military power on the planet at the time.

The anti-American Marxist BLM and their fellow Marxists have always wanted to destroy America and our Revolution and Constitution which enshrined individual liberty; and to do so by giving endless power to all those federal agencies – and taking it away from the citizens and, in particular, the only actual, Constitutional police in the country – the real cops – who serve the interests of civilization, the interests of the citizens, by protecting us from real crimes, enforcing the Common Law crimes, not the purely-invented ones manufactured by those federal agencies in their lawless exercise of a legislative power they are FORBIDDEN TO EVER HAVE under the explicit, opening language of Article I of the Constitution – the Constitution which gives “ALL” Legislative power to Congress, and to Congress alone – power they have been unconstitutionally “granted” by politicians/grifters in all three branches of our government.

The Marxists got the 16th Amendment passed, tricked the American citizens into approving it by lying to them and telling them that no one would be taxed except those with incomes the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars a year today! In doing so, they were fulfilling the wishes/demand of Karl Marx spelled out in “The Communist Manifesto” of having/imposing a graduated income tax, turning American citizens into serfs of the state.

The 16th Amendment Doesn’t Permit Any Of The Enforcement Mechanisms The IRS Has Unconstitutionally Been Granted

But the 16th Amendment doesn’t permit them to enforce it the way they do – enforcement mechanisms they got when they xeroxed, in 1913 – the day the 16th Amendment was ratified (before there was a Xerox!) – the income tax laws AND ENFORCEMENT MEASURES USED IN KAISER WILLHELM’S totalitarian Germany!

They knew they were imposing tyranny on us with the income tax itself and, particularly so with those hideous enforcement provisions – and they didn’t have the nerve to enforce most of those enforcement mechanisms until World War II (the first time employee-withholding was actually enforced), when they thought – politically, like everything they do – that Americans’ patriotism, and wartime needs, had been pumped up sufficiently for them to get away with it – and for them not be tarred and feathered by the citizens for doing so, as would’ve happened before then.

The Constitution Requires The Federal Government TO BE OUR SERVANT, Not Our Master – And Strictly Limits The Behavior Which Can Be Federally-Criminalized

In collecting the income tax, the federal government was never supposed to be anything but A CREDITOR LIKE ANY OTHER CREDITOR. It wasn’t allowed to use, as the IRS and “Justice” Department do, the threat of criminal prosecution for noncompliance, nor impose any penalties and interest, nor any of that employee-withholding/garnishment.

Because the Constitution doesn’t permit them to do any of that. And anything the federal government does which the Constitution DOES NOT EXPLICITLY AUTHORIZE IS FORBIDDEN for it to do. That’s the whole point of the Constitution: to strictly define federal power. And it says that explicitly in the 9th and 10th Amendments – real Amendments, parts of the Bill of Rights which, for 200 years, our federal courts have been pretending don’t exist.

The ONLY CRIMES which the federal government is allowed to impose and enforce against citizens ARE SPELLED OUT IN THE CONSTITUTION, in Article I § 8 (with Common Law treason narrowed very strictly, in Article III) and in the enabling language of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments – but NOT in the 16th Amendment, NOR IN THE INTERSTATE COMMERCE CLAUSE AT ALL (the only commercial crimes subject to federal criminal prosecution, as spelled out in Article I§ 8, are counterfeiting and piracy, but only on the high seas; yet Congress, presidents and the federal courts have been fraudulently pretending that the interstate Commerce clause authorizes the criminalization of virtually all activity in the country, criminalization which can occur when any of those alphabet agencies write a “regulation” and anyone violates it, that whole process a complete, unconstitutional abomination since none of it complies with the requirements specifically spelled out for real laws in the Constitution’s Article I – and it is insane to think that any of those unconstitutional bureaucracies have the right to criminalize any activity which the Constitution does not permit even Congress to criminalize!).

The 16th Amendment Permits None Of The Employee-Withholding Provisions Imposed On Employers

And the federal government – the IRS and the “Justice” Department – were never authorized in any way to collect the income tax by forcing employers to steal it from their employees before paying them, garnishing the wages of everyone who is an employee – as if every employee, SIMPLY BECAUSE HE WAS AN EMPLOYEE, was a recalcitrant, deadbeat judgment debtor who the judgment creditor obtained a garnishment order against. Instead, under our unconstitutional tax laws – copied by the Marxists who wrote the original American income tax laws in 1913 from those of Kaiser Willhelm’s Germany – the IRS gets that power automatically – and nothing in the 16th Amendment permits it. And they’ve been getting away with it since 1943 (they didn’t dare do it before then!).

Unlike The 13th, 14th, 15th And (Now-Repealed)18th Amendments, The 16th Amendment Has NO ENABLING LANGUAGE Permitting The IRS To Exercise Any Enforcement Powers Against The Citizens Different From Those Of Any Creditor

NOTHING IN THE 16TH AMENDMENT PERMITS ANY OF THAT. The 16th Amendment simply provides permission for a tax on “income from whatever source derived.” Full stop. No enforcement-enabling language.

The federal government was always supposed to be the SERVANT of the people, not our MASTER. That’s precisely why the Constitution doesn’t permit it to have any powers which are not specifically delegated to it in the Constitution.

And, as mentioned, the 16th Amendment has NO ENFORCEMENT-ENABLING LANGUAGE – language absolutely NECESSARY FOR THOSE ENFORCEMENT MECHANISMS, language which was indeed SPECIFICALLY INCLUDED in the 13th, 14th, 15th and (now-repealed) 18th Amendments –but not in the 16th Amendment.

As shown in the 13th, 14th, 15th and (now-repealed) 18th Amendments, Congress knew how to do it when they wanted to, and THEY DIDN’T PUT IT IN THERE in the 16th Amendment.

But after tricking the Americans into ratifying the 16th Amendment, they have just gratuitously gone ahead and acted as if that enabling language were there – after it was enacted and ratified, the classic bait and switch of liars and thieves.

The 18th Amendment’s Enforcement-Enabling Language Alone Permitted The FBI, And That Amendment Was Repealed – But The FBI Lives On, Unconstitutionally

It was that enforcement-enabling language in the 18th Amendment which ALONE permitted the FBI to ever even exist, enforcement language WHICH WAS REPEALED ALONG WITH PROHIBITION – but the FBI continues, WITH NO CONSTITUTIONAL LEGITIMACY whatsoever, a free-standing army – as are all of those federal bureaucracies – arrayed AGAINST the American people and their interests, serving the interest of nothing but bureaucrats and politicians – and harming the American citizens as much as they can get away with, with nothing they do, along with the very continued existence of the FBI itself, having any basis whatsoever in the Constitution.

The Marxist BLM demand that we “defund the police.” And, yes, everything they believe about everything, and everything they ever said about anything and everything, has been a pack of lies, and they got everything wrong and backwards – including who in the government should be empowered/funded and who should be disempowered/defunded. They want to empower the “Justice” Department and all the other unconstitutional federal bureaucracies against the citizens, and to empower real criminals and disempower/defund the actual, crime-preventing police.

We Need To Empower The Local Police Who Enforce The Common Law To Protect Citizens, And To Disempower And Defund The Unconstitutional Federal Bureaucracies Who Do The Opposite And Enslave Us

In reality, the police on the street – the police who the America-hating Marxist BLM and all their useful-idiot supporters want to defund – are enforcing REAL, Common Law (now codified) state law crimes which have always been required to be enforced in a civilized nation – and nothing is more stupid than defunding those police.

But the federal government politicians, all three branches acting together unconstitutionally, have imposed AN ADDITIONAL POLICE FORCE on us, A COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL POLICE FORCE, since the Constitution does not explicitly permit any of them to exist, nor virtually any of the “crimes” they enforce – all of those federal administrative agencies – and it has given them powers over the citizens which are completely beyond anything contained in the Constitution for any, actual Constitutional branch, each of which branch is specifically permitted to have all of one, and only one, of the three powers of government – Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

Politicians in all three branches of the federal government have empowered each of those unconstitutional alphabet agencies to execute the powers OF ALL THREE BRANCHES which actually exist in the federal government – Executive, Legislative and Judicial – with each of those agencies purporting to write “laws” (which they pretend are simply “regulations”) and enforcing them and imposing fines and other misery and sentences under them against the citizens, “laws” which have never complied, and cannot comply, with the requirements for real laws specified in plain English in Article I of the Constitution (no, the anti-Constitutional Administrative Procedure Act does not make them compliant with those requirements).

And it is indeed all those unconstitutional federal police which need genuinely to be defunded, every single one of those alphabet agencies, and entire government departments which together comprise a fourth branch of government, each and all of which have no Constitutional basis for existing.

Indeed, preventing the existence of anything like them – monstrous agencies which impose tyranny on the American people way beyond anything George III and his Parliament ever attempted – preventing all that is the very purpose of the Constitution.

In response to: Key Dem Calls For Firing Of IRS Chief After Watchdog Says Agency ‘Destroyed’ 30M Documents

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