Don’t Expect Much From Durham

May 20, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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I have zero confidence in Durham – and I have had zero confidence in him all along. 

The very fact that he is bringing the particular case he is bringing against Sussman – and no one else – tells you everything: He’s deliberately missing the forest for the trees. 

He’s accusing Sussman of telling the FBI a bunch of nonsense about Trump, stuff they would no doubt determine was nonsense in no time at all, and lying to them about his reason for doing so – failing to disclose (what they no-doubt knew!) that he was Hillary’s lawyer in doing so, and not the “concerned citizen” he was verbally-pretending to be (lies which they no-doubt knew were lies the moment he made them, their knowledge of all that precluding as a matter of law a civil fraud case based on those same lies!). 

Full stop. With the case limited in that manner, and in front of that judge and jury, if Sussman’s lawyer can’t get him off, he should be sued for malpractice.

Durham’s indictment says nothing about the bigger conspiracy, apparent from what has been known publicly since 2017, which Sussman was involved in with numerous other players, involving the FBI itself, nothing about the damage that would be done to the nation and to President Trump by doing what he was doing, damage done not by him, but by his co-conspirators, the government bureaucrats at all levels throughout the “Justice” Department, including Comey and Mueller and Rosenstein who continued the “investigation”/assault long after they knew it was rubbish, all based on his initiating lie – with Durham alleging nothing about the numerous other players involved and the sheer monstrousness of the”investigation”/assault by the FBI, by bureaucrats throughout the federal bureaucracy, for which Sussman, in his now-prosecuted lies, was simply the toady/functionary triggering-mechanism, with that entire years-long “investigation”/assault based on his transparent lies, the house of cards on which the whole thing rested.

Of course he lied to them. And that was what everybody involved in the conversation knew was exactly what was supposed to happen. It was a game they were all in on. And Durham’s indictment says nothing about the real game, or its other, genuinely-important players, itself.

Sussman was playing a walk-on part in a kabuki play. Everybody he was lying to was in on it. They all knew exactly who he was, that he was Hillary’s lawyer. And the “evidence” he gave them would’ve been proven to be total garbage within minutes. as everybody knew at the moment he was giving it to them.

Durham Never Cared About The Real Crimes – The “Investigation”/Assault Itself, Into And Against President Trump And All The People Who Were Harmed In Its Corrupt, Rotten Course

But it didn’t matter at all to the FBI people who Sussman was lying to that he was lying to them. They, or their superiors at the FBI, were all in on it and wanted his lie – wanted to use it, for them to deploy it and weaponize it, and use it as the legally-required supposed “predicate” for the real damage they wanted to inflict on, and create for, Donald Trump, damage they continued to inflict, not only during the election campaign, but throughout his actual presidency – to deploy it to create the worst punishment (far worse than prison) anyone could ever suffer in life, a federal government “investigation” into him and everything about him, an “investigation”/assault which morphed into Mueller ‘s fraudulent witchhunt obscenity, a witchhunt which never had any legitimate predicate (we know that for an absolute fact, because it had no evidence of any Trump misconduct whatsoever at the end, so it couldn’t have had any at the beginning) – precisely because it’s supposed “predicate” was always the lie from Sussman, together with additional lies from Trump-hating FBI agents, including the entire completely-fraudulent, replete with genuine Russian-disinformation, Steele “Dossier” (which John McCain also played no small part in promoting).

They all knew from the start that Trump wasn’t guilty of anything. Sussman all-along was doing nothing but playing a part, his role in the kabuki game – and the whole idea was to manufacture a “predicate” as the kindling to light the fire which would ignite, and thereby create, in turn, the very existence of the federal government investigation itself as the weapon, an investigation whose existence they could leak to the “media,” “media” who would then publicize and ballyhoo it throughout social media etc., an endless echo-chamber announcing that Donald Trump was under federal investigation for terrible crimes, smearing President Trump as the target of an investigation – as if that alone made him guilty, and amplifying the damage done by that assault by using it as the basis for massive, completely-illegal (even the purportedly-“legal” parts of it obtained by subpoenas issued based on fraud) snooping, surveillance of Donald Trump as a candidate, and then as president, surveillance of him and everyone around him – way beyond anything and everything Nixon’s “Plumbers” wanted to do but never did.

The Real Crime Was The Use Of The Entire Federal Government And Its Brass-Knuckle Tools As Weapons Against Private Citizens – And Then In Seditious Mutiny Against An Actual, Elected President!

The FBI was in no way hurt by Sussman lying, the very thing those running it wanted and needed him to do – to give them the pretext to start an “investigation,” together with all the additional weapons they could then deploy as integral parts of it – but only once it was initiated, which was the whole purpose of the lie from Sussman. 

Only then could they pull out the really nasty stuff, additional weapons they could use – subpoenas, eavesdropping, arrests even, especially pre-dawn ones with dozens of G-men agents in bullet-proof vests with drawn weapons battering in doors, as they did to Paul Manafort (whose tax-fraud case the “Justice” Department had, properly, previously passed on, and Mueller revived to try to squeeze him to lie against President Trump) and Roger Stone, all the brutal, inhuman things bureaucrats use “investigations”/assaults to do against their fellow citizens.

It was that whole “investigation” itself which was the real crime, and Sussman just played his small, but essential kabuki-theater part in making it possible under the rules of the bureaucracy. It was the fraud which permeates the rotten, corrupt federal bureaucracy itself which was the crime – and there was never any chance that Durham was going to go after that.

A Lawyer Who Understood The Real Crimes Durham Was Allegedly Dealing With, And The Types Of Evidence Available To Him, And Who Had The Determination To Deploy It, Was What Was Necessary – And Durham Was Never That Man

It would’ve taken a really good lawyer, someone who actually understood the crimes he was dealing with, someone with a real, strategic sense to give real direction to the case, someone genuinely determined to get to the bottom of it all, no matter what, to indict everybody who is guilty in the massive fraud and the multiple assaults of all kinds, incredible assaults by Rosenstein and Mueller themselves, Mueller who should have dismissed the preposterous “investigation” he was handed by Rosenstein the minute he opened the file and looked at what it consisted of, the moment he open the file and saw it had no legitimate predicate whatsoever, on the individuals prosecuted by Mueller under his bogus “investigation” and, most importantly, the criminal libel against President Trump and the entire nation that was the Trump-Russia hoax, the use, the deployment of government bureaucracies and all their horrible, nasty policing powers to facilitate the countless crimes, the real crimes, the entire thing an act of vicious sedition, making the whole Watergate scandal look like a panty raid. 

It would’ve taken someone with, in all modesty, my skills (as proven in the Patel v. OMH case, for example) and strategic determination to get to the bottom of it, someone driven by the desire to really get to the truth no matter what; it needed an anti-bureaucrat – and this guy, Durham, simply isn’t that, but rather its opposite.

He’s the personification of a bureaucrat – precisely because he has spent his life as a bureaucrat in the despicable and corrupt “Justice” Department. And no one could have tolerated doing that his entire life as he has unless he felt part of it. Otherwise, every day would have been a nightmare, living inside that corrupt, monstrous horrorshow which is the “Justice” Department.

99% Of The Real Crime Was Committed BY GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS THEMSELVES In The “Justice” Department, The FBI, the CIA, Everywhere In The Bureaucracy, Etc. – And That Is Simply Obvious From WHAT HAS BEEN KNOWN PUBLICLY FOR YEARS

It’s true that the most-powerful federal government investigators available to Durham were themselves up to their eyeballs in involvement in the mutiny, all the crimes – the FBI and anyone in the “Justice” Department. 

But he didn’t need to use government people for doing the IT sleuthing. 

Judicial Watch had engaged in remarkable litigation, FOIA cases showing the way, unearthing a treasure trove of documents – with endless, even-greater treasure troves obviously still-hidden from them by the bureaucracy, just waiting for someone with the power to pry it all loose from where it is all hidden, troves of devastating documents he could’ve gone after with his powers that no private litigator ever has (the federal government has been unconstitutionally given massive investigative powers which it should not have, but he could use, and it is within the federal government’s own possession where mountains of documents he could use are). 

And thousands of private contractors were available to do the technical IT sleuthing work, an endlessly time-consuming job, requiring untold thousands, or even millions of man-hours, going through endless amounts of meta-data, and documents, and finding hidden documents generated by the people who should have been his real targets, really incriminating stuff they thought they had erased – and Durham has had bottomless pockets to pay for anything he wants as a government prosecutor, financial resources which no private attorney can even dream of, even in the biggest firms.

Durham Needed To Be Able To Have The Imagination And The Will To Find All The Electronic Data And Metadata Evidence That Would Have Proven The States Of Minds of, And All The Conspiratorial Communications Between, The People Who Should Have Been His Real Targets

In order to get to the bottom of the case, he would have to prove people’s states of mind, and their joint collaboration – their intentions and conspiracies to commit all the real crimes, as a technical matter – something which, for someone with adequate, let alone, as in his case, literally ENDLESS resources, has never been easier to do than it is today – for prosecutors, for any lawyer – sending subpoenas to third-parties who had in their possession, on their servers, all the documentary and meta-data contents of those who should have been his real targets, all their email and other electronic accounts, electronic documents filled with metadata, not just the actual communications themselves, with the existence of email and other electronic communication accounts which could be subpoenaed from those third-parties comprising massive amounts of information and evidence about peoples’ thoughts and communications – evidence which would never have been available to lawyers of any kind, including prosecutors, as short as a decade or two ago. 

That’s how you prove a circumstantial case of bureaucratic conspiracy and sedition, which is what this case is – or what it should have been, if handled properly.

In short, Durham needed tech experts capable of ferreting out emails, text messages and other electronic communications, and all the meta-data that automatically went along with it, showing the thought processes involved in all the thinking behind those messages and communications, needed – as he easily could have if he had actually wanted it, with him having the (a bottomless budget) ability to pay for all the hundreds of thousands of hours of professional assistance he needed with endless resources, an army of non-government tech experts capable of understanding how to use all of that information to show people’s thought patterns — all of which the criminals who should have been his targets had almost certainly deleted from their own devices, with those deletions themselves ultimately provable and probative of criminal intent, and all of that ultimately recoverable by experts in the technical aspects of all this, easily proving thought processes of the criminals, the deliberate deletions themselves proving their criminal intentionality by virtue of the evidence-spoliation involved in the deletion. 

And, unlike in the past, when electronic evidence of any kind is “destroyed,” it could be brought back to life by those who know how to do it. Yes, we now, unlike in the past, have the ability to recover the actually-spoliated/altered electronic evidence itself, not just the fact of the spoliation, and prove that it was intended to be destroyed by the person, that spoliation itself proving just how devastating the evidence is, proof of the despoiling parties’ knowledge of their own guilt, how the criminals themselves knew themselves how probative of their guilt the despoiled evidence is. 

Because the technology exists to revive what they thought they had destroyed so that they can’t destroy it in reality: it could be displayed even after they thought it was gone, because it could be recovered.

We Know About Mountains Of Spoliated Evidence By Hillary And Her Acolytes, Some Of Which Spoliation WAS DELIBERATELY SUPERVISED By People In The “Justice” Department Itself!

We already know, and have known throughout the Trump presidency, about a publicly-announced portion of the massive spoliation committed by Hillary Clinton and all of her operatives. We know that members of the “Justice” Department actively encouraged and participated in massive amounts of that spoliation, including the deliberate destruction of government-supplied devices of all kinds (computers, phones, etc.), and we know about Hillary bleaching her own server – with the bleaching itself showing her knowledge of her own guilty state of mind, her awareness of her own culpability proven by the emails she tried to erase. 

Because, even from the ones we have recovered so far, we know they were not, as she lied and claimed, about her yoga classes. They were the ones she was so determined that nobody ever see because of the culpability they could create for her.

And, because it was all on the Internet somewhere, with enough money and will, all of the contents of all of her despoiled evidence is indeed ultimately recoverable from other sources, from third-parties – since nothing is ever deleted forever from the Internet.

That’s where Durham, or a real investigator in this case, should have begun, instead of ignoring all of that, treating that as if it’s some kind of a separate matter – when it was obvious from the start that Hillary Clinton was up to her eyeballs in the Russia-collusion hoax crime from the very beginning, she the ultimate paymaster for toady functionaries like Sussman, with her intentionality additionally-provable by all of her prior, multiple actions involving the Clinton Foundation, all of which has been publicly-known for years. Neither Durham nor the rest of the FBI ever went near any of that.

Because some of the most powerful evidence of intent to do something is his/her repeatedly doing it. Prosecutors use precisely that circumstantial evidence to prove intent in court every day.

If Durham Wanted To Get To The Bottom, He Could’ve Done It Easily – And He Could’ve Done It Years Ago

Durham could have used the massive amounts of information available resulting from the FOIA cases brought by Judicial Watch, and the deliberate stymieing of their efforts by the State and “Justice” Departments – and even by the courts. He didn’t use any of that. 

He has treated this case in a very limited, myopic manner from the start, strictly-limiting its scope, deliberately looking at the trees instead of the forest and, even regarding that limited case, trying to get direct evidence only, to get witnesses involved in the conspiracy and all the crimes – witnesses who would undoubtedly be compensated by their co-conspirators if they, and were energetically-politically-motivated to, refused to talk, with Durham ludicrously and impossibly trying to get them to do that against their paymasters – instead of using all that electronic data, all that evidence now available to prosecutors that was never available previously in conspiracy and other criminal cases, stuff that makes it easy to prove peoples’ intention in a way that never was the case before, with him conducting this case the way a conspiracy case would’ve had to have been conducted prior to the existence of all that electronic evidence, and as if he didn’t have an unlimited budget to hire outside people to do all that work, since he had to know that everyone who works for the government is potentially – indeed, almost certainly – a bureaucrat, and therefore corrupted, probably in on the scam themselves.

Instead of using all those resources and all of that evidence he could’ve gotten, Durham has been treating this case like a normal one for prosecutors, going after the little fish, Sussman, charging him with a technical, process crime, hoping to squeeze him into testifying against the rest of them – testimony he is never going to get, as he has to have known, from Sussman who, like the bureaucrat-mafia button-man he is, will be well-compensated for his silence – and murdered if he talks. 

And the purely-technical process-crime case against Sussman is so weak, he is, in front of a friendly Democrat judge and jury, likely to be exonerated.

Durham’s Own Actions Show He Never Intended Anything But A Whitewash – “A Modified Limited Hang-Out,” In The Words Of The Watergate Folks

The very fact that Durham treated all of that known information about Hillary and her people and their spoliation of evidence as if it were a separate matter – something untouchable by his mandate, his marching orders – shows that he never had any intention of getting to the bottom of anything, let alone everything at all – or was just too stupid to understand the potential evidence available to him. 

All of the most-evil actions were done in public. It’s just a matter of connecting the communications between all the people involved in the crime – yes, all of them – and proving their motives and intentions. And that’s never been easier than it is now. And he never even tried.

Admittedly, he’s been up against a huge problem, having to go after multiple denizens of the swamp, entire unconstitutional federal agencies, all 100%-packed with Trump-hating Marxists. 

But he simply was never up to the job. He’s a lifer in the worst of the worst, the “Justice” Department. 

That fact is what told me from the very start that this was never going to go anywhere, that it was all just going to be a whitewash charade, the pretense of going through a real investigation and prosecution, but never really doing it, deliberately keeping the people who were really responsible for all the evil untouched. 

Durham Did Exactly What All Bureaucrats Involved In Bureaucratic Investigations (So-Called “Inspectors General,” And others ) Of Bureaucrats Are Trained To Do

In the rules of all bureaucracies, no bureaucratic good deed goes unpunished, and no bureaucratic massive crime is ever punished. And as a lifetime “Justice” Department bureaucrat, he knew and lived with those rules every day of his life.

The approach he has taken – deliberately ignoring all the elephants in the room – is exactly the kind of thing professional bureaucrats – all those so-called “Inspector Generals,” and everyone in the “Justice” Department – are trained to do in all of our federal bureaucracies; and they don’t keep their jobs there for life, like Durham has, unless they are part of the Marxist collectivist mob and handle any “investigation” into fellow bureaucrats that way, all of them true believers – in the bureaucracy itself.

And the one thing they all believe in, without ever saying it out loud, is Marxism/America-hatred. Because the whole bureaucratic mob is completely-intolerant of any non-Marxist people and ideas (all bureaucracies become Marxist, even when they don’t start out that way – unless they are institutionally-dedicated to anti-Marxism, something which is not true of any of the federal bureaucracies). 

All The Federal Bureaucrats Become, Even If They Don’t Start Out That Way, Anti-American Marxists – As A Job Requirement

That’s why they hated and still hate, and will always hate, Donald Trump and his explicitly anti-anti-American, implicitly anti-Marxist policies and persona beyond reason, beyond anything that anyone can imagine. They are vicious anti-American Marxists (whether they know it or not – and most of them don’t), pretending to be “public servants.”

They won’t ever say it out loud, but that’s who they are.

Everything About The Durham Investigation Has Been Pure Kabuki Pantomime, People Playing Roles – Just Like Everything In The Bureaucracy – Roles They Don’t Even Need To Be Told What To Do In

The bureaucracy’s idea of a pantomime/Kabuki quasi-investigation is exactly what is and has been going on with the entire Durham investigation, all a bizarro world version of the real thing it was supposed to be – and should have been: ruining small fry, the way bureaucracies do, to rescue the puppeteers at the top, in this case, throwing Sussman under the bus (even if the jury lets him off: going through a criminal trial is a total nightmare), Sussman a complete non-entity in the reality of the world, but the entire charade guaranteeing complete freedom, without even the need for formal exoneration, for all the real villains in the whole thing, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, Obama, Biden, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, all of them, the ones who pulled the strings and gave Sussman his marching orders, and/or did the dirty work after Sussman’s lies got the whole thing going, the whole object of the Durham investigation to keep the real crimes, the huge ones in front of everyone in the country’s eyes the whole time, themselves hidden from the public, looking at, focusing on, little ones, keeping the big ones out of the spotlight – hiding them, pretending they aren’t even there, not prosecuting them, the whole Durham operation complete-misdirection for the public. 

Sussman has the checks that were written, he knows who did what to who and who paid him for what. But Durham refuses to use all that and all of that electronic information potentially available to him to make the big case out of it, the real case against all the puppeteers, the big case necessary even to convict Sussman, since otherwise his misconduct is so trivial, without understanding its context within the big case.

Yes, and handling it all this way, Durham has been deliberately missing out on prosecuting THE REAL HUGE CASE, the real one, being hidden behind the Sussman prosecution, even though any good litigator with the resources available to him could do it with half a brain and any imagination and any skill. 

Even regarding Durham’s insistence on using direct, and not circumstantial, evidence: the truth is that circumstantial evidence gets convictions every day when deployed by competent prosecutors, by competent lawyers even in civil cases. And he refuses to base his case on anything but direct evidence, the sign of an amateur in his case, professional only at his bureaucratic infighting and survival skills, not at his legal skills.

Saving the big fish, that was always his real job. That’s the kind of job the “Justice” Department would’ve assigned him – and there was nothing about Bill Barr, the bureaucrat who gave him the job, another lifer in Washington, that inspired any confidence that he would get, as was really required, a real 100% non-Washington, non-bureaucrat, even anti-bureaucrat, pitbull to do job he gave to the bureaucrat Durham – which was what was absolutely necessary.

Durham has been dragging this out interminably; there was tons of evidence in the public domain, with an entire army of potential government – or better yet – private IT data cops to get even more, and indictments should’ve happened during Trump’s presidency. 

The Damage Of The Sedition Against President Trump And The Nation Was Incalculable – The Real Crime Durham Should Be Investigating

It was terribly damaging having all those completely-fraudulent allegations of sedition/treason against President Trump himself, allegations of both stealing an election and treason with Russia, weakening him throughout his presidency even though they were facially-ridiculous, all of that hanging out there, constantly amplified by the worthless fake-news media, and all the social media platforms, all of that desperately crying out for a real prosecutor to go after the scum who did it, to prove the evil that President Trump – and the entire country – had been subjected to throughout his presidential campaign and even as president, the sedition, the constant mutiny by continuing Obama-holdovers, all those unelected Marxist federal bureaucrats, all that sedition and mutiny going on throughout his presidency. 

And the allegations against Sussman alone, without alleging anything against, and indicting, his paymasters, his conspiracy with them, the entire Clinton campaign, and Obama and Biden and the CIA and the “Justice” Department and the FBI – all of that shows a fecklessness on the part of Durham that was so predictable, a fecklessness that is no accident, nothing negligent about it, his deliberate methodology.

Durham Should’ve Fought Like Hell To Have This Case In Front Of A Jury And Judge ANYWHERE But The Ones He Chose – And It Was His Choice Of Venue

And his choosing to bring this case in Washington DC as the venue, without fighting tooth and nail to get it into any other venue in the country (any place would be better) was insane; the whole way Durham has set this case up, it’s just a charade, like a fighter throwing a fight. 

After picking Washington DC and, sure enough, in front of a no-doubt partisan Obama Judge, as the venue to try the case, even the pathetic little case he has brought against the pathetic little Sussman is doubtful. The big case against Sussman would’ve been the big case against everyone involved in the crime, with Sussman just a minor player, instead of beating him up and trying to get him to testify against other people, testimony he would never give in a million years. 

Durham Has Been Throwing The Fight The Whole Time

But Durham doesn’t care if he loses, in fact wants to lose the real case, not even trying to make it, indifferent also to the pathetically-minuscule one against Sussman – because in that case his job, his job as a professional “Justice” Department hack, is done and, as far as he’s concerned, that’s a win – for him, a win for which he will be rewarded by the bureaucracy, precisely because in doing so he will have saved the people he was always supposed to save and, if he actually convicts Sussman in that impossible Court, in front of that Trump-hating jury and Trump-hating judge (if you’re a Democrat living in Washington DC appointed by Obama, or a Hillary-voter you have been taught by all the social media platforms and the Democrat party and all of its other platforms to hate Trump and all his supporters, reviling them more than any actual enemy of the country, more than the Taliban or Communist China; you don’t just politely oppose them), he will have gotten the scalp of some loser way down the food chain. 

And of course the jury is packed with Hillary Clinton supporters: who else lives in Washington DC? And at least the ones who disclosed that they voted for Hillary were honest. What about all the secret, partisan Democrats who won’t even disclose it during voire dire, hoping to be special agents, secret Hillary-supporters, on the jury, rotting it from the inside out, virtue-signaling in that way, making themselves heroes to the Left. 

Democrats In America Today Have Been Poisoned Against Everyone Who Is Not One Of Them: They Cannot Be Considered Peers Of Republicans In Such A Politically-Charged Trial As This Is, Or Should Be, On Any Jury, Nor Impartial As A Judge

And these people, these true-believer Democrats, with their complete paranoia about Republicans, and with most of them still actually believing the multiple libels they have heard and continue to hear about President Trump and his supporters, libels which they hear constantly on CNN and MSNBC and read in their local paper, The Washington Post, the libels which for four years its front page every day, above the fold told them, that President Trump was a traitor, a completely-illegitimate president (a thought which, if you entertain it regarding Biden, is considered seditious treason by those same Democrats) lies that they probably still believe even when told they are lies. 

And yes, this case inevitably was always going to be political, and those partisan Democrats are extremely political and have been told by every “expert,” and every source they rely on for information about the world, that it is a virtue for them to be political, and to be cruel and vicious in their support for one political side – and to hate Donald Trump and all Republicans. 

In modern America, partisan Democrats – who are numerous, the overwhelming majority, in Washington DC – are not simply team players. It’s way beyond that. Their hatred for anyone who is not a partisan Democrat overwhelms any judgment they have about anything. 

Just look at what they are told, and told what to think, in all of their “newspapers” and on the corporate-network “news” and on cable “news.” It’s stuff they hear from all sides, surrounding them all the time, and so they are perfectly-rational in thinking that it must all be true, can’t imagine it’s even possible that any of it, let alone all of it, is a pack of lies – even when they know it.

They have been completely brainwashed for years, in some cases for their entire lives in school, from everyone they believe to be an “expert,” top to bottom, trained to hate Republicans and anyone who even considers President Trump to be anything other than a monster. 

Yes, Durham Threw The Fight From The Start

So Durham dragged the whole thing out forever, over a year past the Trump presidency, made sure he never got the real evidence, kept the whole case as narrow as he could, and picked a venue where he never had a chance – and that’s exactly what he wanted.

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