Even the Unconstitutional CDC Knows the Truth about the Covid “Vaccines,” Which Is Why It Does Everything It Can To Hide It

Mar 16, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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As the article below shows, using the brute force of violence by the government (destroying peoples’ lives and livelihoods if they failed to obey, failed/refused to comply with the jackboot demands which had no basis in medicine or science whatsoever) to make people have these chemicals injected into themselves without regard to their choice was and remains a crime against humanity.

Yes, as a matter of law, it so qualifies under the Nuremberg Code. Nazis were condemned to death and imprisonment for crimes against humanity no more serious than this after World War II.

When you look into the eyes of Dr. Fauci, you are looking into the eyes of Dr. Mengele. And when you look into the eyes of Joe Biden, the bureaucrat who ordered the utterly senseless and pointless destruction of people’s lives, and is continuing to do so now, continuing to demand that people wear masks on all transportation in the United States, or suffer grave consequences, you are looking into the eyes of Adolf Eichmann.

The whole thing was fraudulent. It was a fraud to call them vaccines, which they are not by any definition of the term: They don’t stop infection nor transmission of Covid, so that there is no conceivable “public health” (as if there is such a thing as “public health”) reason to even ask anyone to take them, let alone force them to do so.

In response to: CDC Study of VAERS Data Finds High Incidence of COVID Vaccine Side Effects, Including Death

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