Every red state has an obligation to fight hospitals killing patients on ventilators

Nov 25, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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The politicization of this virus is so sickening it’s beyond comprehension. People with political power are doing everything they can to demand people do things that are absolutely worthless in response to it. Like Business lockdowns and shut downs,”Social distancing” and wearing masks, something which is more and more ridiculous as everyone knows. Extremely expensive things like the vaccines (which are not free, it’s just that people aren’t paying for the jab themselves at the time when they get it), and are doing everything they can to prevent and hide from people ACTUAL, PROVEN-EFFECTIVE AND SAFE CURES.

Cures which only work if taken early in the onset of the illness in the case of hydroxychloroquine, and now-proven safe and effective cures like ivermectin, a better cure for this virus than anything that has ever been available for the flu, with politicians and people they control, like hospital administrators, slandering the value and effectiveness of those remedies, though they are much more effective than the worthless semi-vaccines which wear off after a few months, requiring boosters which have unknown side effects, and do not prevent infection nor transmission, semi-“vaccines” which they have had the audacity to mandate, to the extent they can get away with it, that everyone takes, with children about to be forced to take it even though they have zero actual risk from the virus itself.

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