Florida Tied for Lowest Daily Coronavirus Cases Per Capita in the U.S.

Oct 28, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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This fact is the proof that all of the “mitigation” measures and the mandates demanded by Biden and Fauci and all of their brain-dead supporters are utterly worthless, besides being massive intrusions on peoples’ lives and liberty, all for no medical or scientific or any other purpose whatsoever, other than to impose tyranny itself.

Florida’s wonderful governor is actively refusing to permit any of that nonsense in his state, punishing state officials who attempt to impose any mandate for masks or vaccines or anything else, and Florida has been home to football games with stadiums filled with hundreds of thousands of people. According to Fauci, they should have the highest number of Covid cases in the country. This proves that everything he and Biden are saying are 100% lies.

And instead, they are doubling down on their demands for mandates because they can’t stand to admit that everyone who said they were wrong, besides being unconstitutionally outrageous, from the start was right from the start, and they have been dead-wrong from the start about everything.

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