Gratitude to Senators Sinema and Manchin for Saving the Country Today

Dec 22, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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Thank God for Senators Sinema and Joe Manchin, for taking the heat, and the doubtless threats of complete and utter personal destruction, from their fellow Democrats/ Marxists, by stopping the madness their insane party is promoting, the Biden regime’s attempts to completely poison elections and make it impossible to know who actually won them, to turn them into total chaos, and to turn America into a Marxist hellhole like Venezuela and Cuba, with totally-corrupt “elections” and a completely-destroyed, totalitarian Marxist substitute for an actual economy, a one-party state with them running everything, telling people how to live their lives down to the tiniest detail, including what they can wear, what medical treatments they may, OR ARE ACTUALLY FORCED/REQUIRED to take, and who they can talk to and when and where — and what they are allowed to say — and completely eliminating anyone whoever dares to speak the truth about what is actually going on!

Their fellow Democrats are no doubt beyond livid, frothing-at-the-mouth crazy-livid, overflowing with hatred for them for preventing them from guaranteeing a stolen election in two years, and ever thereafter, stealing an election being the only way those other Democrats can now, now after they have revealed themselves for what they unmistakably are, possibly keep their offices, the power they are so desperate to take and keep and shove down the throats of anyone who disagrees with them, above all else, now, after the public has seen the horrors they produce when they rule.

They have taken the masks off during the 10-month horror that has been the Biden Regime, and they are exposed for the hideous, self-serving, corrupt and utterly-dishonest abominations they are, utterly incompetent to do anything positive for the country, America-loathing, corrupt Marxists desperate for power, absolute power, for themselves above all else, indifferent to everything else, utterly contemptuous of all the real people in the country, indifferent to the damage they do to real peoples’ lives.

They are now known by their results: catastrophic damage to the American people and to the country itself in every way conceivable, pretending the disaster of the Biden Regime-engineered defeat and humiliation, the deliberate delivery on a silver-platter to our terrorist Taliban enemies — who thousands of patriotic, heroic real Americans have given their lives and huge portions of their bodies, minds and spirits to defeat — of $85 BILLION OF THE MOST ADVANCED AND DEADLY WEAPONRY, the materials of real war, in the world, together with the multi-billion dollar Baghram airport we had created in Afghanistan, that uniquely-invaluable strategic fortress/outpost from which that entire, strategically-important country can be militarily-controlled with but a handful of special ops troops (as proven during the last 18 months of the war there when, before the Biden capitulation killed 13 of them, not a single American had lost his life, and we completely controlled every inch of that country’s air space and territory), keeping us safe from Al-Qaeda etc., an overwhelmingly-important strategic presence in the most dangerous part of the world, all of that horrible, self-imposed, deliberate defeat they, the Biden regime and its pathetic, corrupt and poisoned military brass, engineered, defeat and humiliation of America compounded exponentially by them, our “leaders,” lying to the American public as a further insult to our intelligence, claiming all of that horror, that literally-absurd capitulation, WAS ACTUALLY A VICTORY (it was indeed for the enemy!) for us, AND FURTHER INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE by lying and pretending that they and their policies have not caused all the disasters before us here at home, their policies based on reversing anything and everything that was Trump, everything that was unapologetically in our interests and pro-American, lying and pretending that their insane policies have not been the cause of the catastrophe that is before us now: the constant, deliberately-unpunished crime in our streets and in our most beautiful stores in all our major cities, cities run one and all by Democrats; the millions, yes, millions of illegal aliens rushing across our deliberately-unprotected southern border, including extremely-violent gang members, invited to invade our country by Biden; the devastating inflation, the vertical increase in petroleum prices and in prices for meat and everything else in the supermarket people actually eat every day, all that catastrophic destruction to the economy they have indeed triggered from their insane policies of spending and choking off the real economy, cutting off all energy sources in favor of their corrupt cronies’ schemes, like Solyndra on steroids, all while actively promoting development and transmission of energy by our actual enemy Russia, Russia which is threatening Ukraine and all of Eastern Europe with tactical nuclear weapons, while China, after crushing Hong Kong, is flying fully-loaded, strategic bombers into Taiwan’s air space, all while Joe Biden and his clowns he surrounds himself with are turning America into a laughing-stock around the world, a feckless ally no one but our enemies can count on.

And they, The Biden Regime, have put more salt on the wounds of actual American citizens by both deliberately confusing and poisoning the minds of children in school AS YOUNG AS THREE YEARS OLD with insane ideas about the possibility, indeed THE DESIRABILITY, of people transferring from one sex to another, denying the reality that every cell of their body identified them as belonging to a particular sex since their moment of conception, pretending that that affliction, the affliction clinically known as sexual dysphoria, is, against all logic and reason, actually something normal and desirable for everyone, something to promote at every opportunity; all that together with truly disgusting, America-hating racist garbage euphemistically known as “Critical Race Theory,” nonsense invented and promoted for decades in our universities by America-hating Marxist professors, fraudulent garbage which has no basis in fact whatsoever, nonsense the Democrat party at every opportunity it can is shoving down the throats of both our children, in their government-controlled schools, and of our military, telling them all, everyone they have under their absolute power, under their thumb, that America, this nation uniquely in history dedicated to preserving and protecting individual liberty above all else, that, yes, this nation, especially all of its white people, and particularly Christians, is actually a place to hate, a poisonous presence on the planet, unworthy of feeling good about living in, unworthy of defending in war because it is and always has been nothing but the worst place on the planet in history, a horrible, racist hellhole (never answering the questions why non-white people throughout the world, including virtually everyone in Africa, want to come here, and why Africans, in particular, who come here are so successful in their lives here), and then adding even greater insult to the intelligence of the American people by pretending that they have not been doing any and all of that!

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