Israel Proves the Stupidity of the Bureaucrats – And its Own Stupidity in Continuing to Listen to Them

Jan 24, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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When is somebody, let alone everybody, going to figure out how insane it is — besides being completely unconstitutional in this country — for the government to be involved in telling people how to take care of their health? And the people, the politicians and bureaucrats, who are doing so are clueless about all of this, anything and everything they talk about.

They are and have been proven wrong about everything, as anyone who looks at their previous statements on video can see, UNDENIABLY-PROVEN IDIOTS who know nothing, and never knew anything, and never learn anything, and OBVIOUSLY DON’T WANT TO LEARN ANYTHING, about the virus or any treatments or cures or actual vaccines — real VACCINES, WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE YET for Covid — just as we don’t have them for the flu or the common cold, transmissible respiratory diseases we have lived with all along without any of these intrusions, these massive impositions, on the lives and businesses of the citizens. Before this virus we managed just fine, with the government minding its own damn business and people taking care of their own health as best they could.

And everything was so much better without all this insanity, all this worthless and destructive federal government involvement in peoples’ lives and health decisions — as anyone with an IQ over 50 and any memory at all knows.

And yes, despite all the lies from the “public health experts,” the actual death rate from this virus overall is no more than the flu, and 10 TIMES LESS THAN THE FLU for the general population, the people who actually work and go to school, anyone who does not have a minimum of two comorbidities, comorbidities which require the people who have them to take extra care of themselves, care the government is incapable of providing them, ESPECIALLY BY INTRUDING ON THE LIVES OF EVERYONE ELSE as it has been doing relentlessly ever since this virus’ appeared on the planet, this virus a bio-weapon manufactured by the Chinese communist military in their Wuhan lab, with the completely-illegal, seditious (two presidents, Obama and Trump, ordered them not to do it) and treasonous assistance of American “public health” bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, assistance they pathologically lie and deny doing, in the face of overwhelming evidence that they did.

Since actual information about all of this is available for the politicians and bureaucrats — information the American “public health” bureaucrats do everything they can to hide and obfuscate — as it is for everyone else, the fact that they will not deploy it shows THEY DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT KNOWING WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT, about the orders they unconstitutionally (in America) give everyone else.

All they care about is exercising power, as ruthlessly and viciously as they can get away with, forcing people to bend the knee, the more stupid their demands, the more they love it, power over others they, as sociopaths, need endlessly.

As shown in the article below, Israel proves it: the more they “vaccinate,” the more people get sick. And Israel’s idiot P.M. is now telling people TO DO MORE OF THAT.

It’s the classic (inevitable) bureaucratic f- -up: demand people do things, those things fail, and then blame it on the people for not doing enough, NEVER ADMITTING THE BUREAUCRAT WAS WRONG in the first place, the worthless bureaucrat who should just go away and hide in the dark in shame, if he had any — if he isn’t tarred and feathered first, as he should be.

And in Australia they’re jailing people if they won’t do that, get the shot (the shot, which they lie and pretend is a vaccine). And Biden would do the same thing in America if he could get away with it, inflict endless harm on those who won’t bend the knee — and polling shows Democrat party voters want that, want to put anyone who disobeys those stupid orders in detention centers, concentration camps, and take away their children even!

And, disastrously, Biden has been getting away with it way too much, poisoning and ruining everything he touches, every life he touches, a man you can always count on to lie through his fake teeth, his oversized and just-too-white veneers, under his fake hair, his plugs, in everything he says, to break every promise he makes.

He promised, over and over and over and over, to “shut down the virus, not the economy” — and of course he has done the opposite.

And of course it was a lie every time he said it, and anyone who believed him was a fool. Because he was always inherently incapable of ever having the power or ability to actually shut down the virus, no central government has that power, the federal government, through its politicians and bureaucrats, possessing only the power to destroy the economy, instead of just leaving it alone, leaving it alone the one thing of value they could do, with politicians and bureaucrats never doing anything actually to help people with their health, and Biden only ruining the economy, as he does with everything he touches.

He wants to ruin the life of everyone who won’t bend the knee, anyone who refuses to accept the “vaccination”– as if he has any damn business telling anybody what to do about anything, particularly medicine and peoples’ health, he, the genuine, corrupt idiot he has been his entire life (notorious his entire career in the Senate as the “Dumbest man in Washington”), he who is now clinically-demented as well, as anyone looking at him, or listening to him for two minutes, can see.

And he’s getting away with it with millions of people, ruining their lives, forcing them to be fired, firings which harm those people and everyone else who depends on them, firings of police, hospital workers, firemen, real people, unlike him, citizens he doesn’t give a sh- about, EVERYONE WHO WORKS IN THE HEALTHCARE business now — because the corrupt and worthless Supreme Court is letting him get away with that insanity.

Politicians and bureaucrats forcing these “vaccines” — which are no vaccines at all, since they obviously do nothing to stop the infection or transmission of the virus by anyone, these experimental chemicals which make completely-unknown, unpredictable transformations of peoples’ immune systems, killing far more people under 40 than they save, deaths we know about now, deaths which the government refuses to tell us about, deaths which number in the thousands, with OVER 1 MILLION ADVERSE INCIDENTS REPORTED TO VAERS — forcing these “vaccines” on anyone is a crime against humanity, SOMETHING THE ISRAELIS IN PARTICULAR SHOULD KNOW ABOUT — and they are just too stupid to realize they are doing it to themselves.

And as for us, we don’t even know who the unelected, real masters are who are unconstitutionally and tyrannically running the show in America, using the sociopathic and corrupt walking husk, Biden, as their sock puppet front.

This is what tyranny looks like.

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