Joe Biden Poses an Existential Danger to America – And to Taiwan

Sep 16, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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It has become inconceivable that China won’t attack Taiwan as long as Joe Biden remains “president.” 

The only possible way that could be avoided is if he, and his vice president, are removed within a year (and the Chinese don’t strike before then) as the result of impeachment and removal (after the Republicans take over the House and Senate in January) – and replaced by the third-in-line for the presidency Speaker of the House Trump (yes, the House can elect anyone they want as their Speaker) – Biden and Harris removed for his (and her, as his accomplice) multiple, very serious high crimes and misconduct amounting to treason – including (1) trying to make multibillion dollar gifts, and facilitate and finance the arming with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, while fomenting terrorism throughout the world, of the Iranian Mullahs, self-declared enemies of this country (and of our ally Israel, and of all our Arab allies in the region) and (2) effectively capitulating (while deliberately humiliating us and our military before the world) to the Chinese (in addition to doing so to the Taliban) in Afghanistan by leaving them Bagram airbase, which we had spent billions to create, and with which, along with the Afghan Air Force – which we had created, and which had been, and could have remained, functional under our direction – we could have continued to completely control the entire airspace for thousands of miles around it, in that critically-strategic part of the world, control that airspace with no more than 2500 American operators (as we had been doing for 18 months, without losing a single American, before he destroyed all that) – and it is a mere 400 miles from China! 

Plus, (3) for no conceivable military or other purpose whatsoever, we/he gave the Taliban terrorists $85 billion of the most advanced weaponry! Yes, we gratuitously bestowed that on the very enemy (while conducting negotiations with them, meeting the definition of treason in Article III of the Constitution) we had been fighting successfully (if expensively, engaging in the fool’s errand of nation-building after defeating them decisively in weeks in 2001) for over 20 years – until Biden.

And that’s not even talking about the illegitimacy of the 2020 election which is now apparent both to us and to the world, its illegitimacy based simply, and alone, on what we know about what the FBI, an American federal government domestic intelligence/police agency, did – the massive campaign it not only engaged in but actually spearheaded – including silencing legitimate media sources (the New York Post and others, anyone carrying actual, accurate reporting about the Hunter Biden laptop), manipulating social media content, enlisting the highly-publicized and fraudulent letter by 51 supposed “foreign policy experts” – all to spread massive disinformation to defraud the American voting public for two months immediately before the 2020 election, hiding the Biden family, and Joe Biden’s personal, corruption, all revealed graphically on Hunter Biden’s laptop – a clearly outcome-determinative manipulation of the 2020 election, as proven by polling showing at least 1 out of 6 Biden voters would never have voted for him had they had accurate knowledge about that laptop, outcome-determinative without regard to all the other, massive, all pro-Democrat (and so not possibly a mere mistake or accident) election shenanigans. 

In a Third World country, if that use of a central government’s intelligence/investigative body like the FBI – the massive use of its resources in pursuit of sedition/mutiny by the FBI against its own then-commander-in-chief, President Trump, as well as against the interests of the entire country – all for the explicit purpose of genuinely-rigging the election, to defraud the public deliberately – If any such thing in any Third World country on the planet had happened in an election, we would have demanded that they redo it just for that reason alone. 

And it was all to serve the interest of Joe Biden and his partisans alone, against the interest (the overwhelming interest in a clean election, among others) of the entire Republic in every way.

If those multiple acts of betrayal by Joe Biden (and the FBI) personally, and his entire administration, are not High Crimes and Misdemeanors, I don’t know what is – especially when viewed coupled with what we know about his financial dealings (through his personal agent, his pathetic, drug-addicted son, always acting on behalf of the entire Biden family’s corrupt RICO enterprise) with China from what the laptop graphically and unmistakably discloses: yes, that laptop reveals beyond any doubt that Joe Biden is personally, financially compromised to the tune of hundreds of millions, if not over $1 billion, to, effectively on the payroll of, China in at least one transaction.

And if his personal corruption – together with his obvious, complete-indifference to the interests of America – with China has not directly-affected his public actions with respect to China, how else explain his obvious multiple, strategically- and tactically-pointless (from the interest of America) capitulations to China – for example, his never even mentioning, as President Trump has done repeatedly, the fact that the virus, which he continues to make such a big deal about for Americans – enough to drum out tens of thousands of otherwise-healthy soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen – was and is a bioweapon created in the Chinese military bioweapons lab in Wuhan, an undisputable fact at this point for anyone with eyes open – and clearly a war crime by China. 

(And those facts about Covid also are the obvious reasons why Fauci is continuing to lie about his own, and other bureaucrats’, financial involvement in the creation of that bioweapon, treasonously/seditiously using American taxpayers’ money to fund the Chinese military’s bioweapons research (that’s what “gain of function research” is) – weapon of mass destruction research by our enemy.) 

It’s all genuinely monstrous and the FBI not only hid the whole thing, but very actively and deliberately suppressed all actual information about it – the laptop’s indisputable proof of Joe Biden and his family’s massive corruption, proven beyond any reasonable doubt in Hunter’s own email to his sister describing – and complaining about! – the fact that for 30 years, he has had to kick back 50% of everything he was paid for his no-show jobs and other corrupt income obtained by selling the influence of Joe’s various offices, had to kick back 50% to the old man the whole time – and Joe never even reported any of it on his income tax returns!

All of that fraudulently was hidden from the American voting public by the FBI pursuant to an explicit policy its leaders enacted, during the 2020 election deliberately defrauding the American voting public, even smearing the truth about the laptop – the laptop which had been in the FBI’s possession, and which they had known since 2019 to be completely legitimate – and tricking people into believing the opposite of what it was – supposed “Russian disinformation.”

No wonder they are so desperate to criminalize anyone questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election – after having spent six years pretending, always without a shred of evidence, something Hillary Clinton continues to repeat to this day! that Trump stole the 2016 election by committing treason with Russia. 

They, and Joe, in particular, have been caught red-handed. And the whole world is watching and is aware of all of it; yes, all our enemies, including China and Iran, of course, know. Joe and his allies aren’t fooling anyone anymore – except for deeply-misguided Democrat Party loyalists who simply refuse to see, refuse to look at, that hideous, corrupt mess in the White House which is there right before their very eyes.

And all our enemies, including China, of course, know how weak and corrupt the worthless Biden is, weak in every way – including politically. 

And he’s destroying our military, making it impossible for them to perform their jobs and impossible to recruit, impossible for it to be staffed with the patriots who need to be there at all times, patriots who are repulsed by what they would have to do, inject experimental chemicals, for no medical purpose, in their bodies based on the obvious lie that those chemicals are a “vaccine,” what they would have to lie and say they believe, to conform with the Marxist demands Biden is explicitly making on them, to conform to the very-radical Democrat Party’s social ideas (Critical Race Theory, instructing our fighting men and women that America is a horrible, racist abomination, the worst place on earth, unworthy of defending, together with delusional fantasies about “transgenderism,” literally promoting mental illness as something to celebrate, etc.). 

I can’t imagine why the Chinese wouldn’t take the opportunity of having Joe Biden in the White House and take Taiwan – particularly to divert their own peoples’ attention from the complete, totalitarian, imploding disaster they are making of their own economy.

In response to: Biden Administration Intentionally Weakening Military: Retired General

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