Joe Biden’s Unilateral Vaccine Mandate and Contempt of Court are the Orders of a Completely-Corrupt Dictator, with No Scientific or Legal Basis Whatsoever

Nov 11, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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Joe Biden and his entire regime have been forbidden by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a stay, a formal injunction, to enforce his order, which he made through OSHA, an agency that has no Constitutional basis whatsoever for even existing, an order which is over 400 pages long, packed with draconian penalties for disobedience to it, an order to force millions of people to take the “vaccines” (and endless booster shots apparently, since the “vaccines” only work for a few months,“vaccines” which do not stop the infection or transmission of any virus and thus are not vaccines at all, “vaccines” which have been known to kill people who, like virtually everyone in the general population, have no real risk from the virus itself whatsoever), regardless of their desire to do so, and to force employers to enforce that order against their own wishes on everyone they have employment power over, and to force everyone in the country to be a snitch, a traitor, to everyone they know who they even suspect of not being subjected to the “vaccine” which is not a vaccine, for everyone in the country to bend the knee to their self-proclaimed master, Joe Biden.

The Fifth Circuit correctly stopped that order, recognizing its grossly unconstitutional nature as something that is literally obvious to anyone who simply hears it described.

Despite that court order, in contempt of it, Joe Biden has ordered everyone in the country to join him and TO ACTIVELY DISOBEY that court order, and to only obey the OSHA mandate he has issued unilaterally. Thus HE HAS ORDERED EVERYONE ELSE AS WELL, besides himself, TO SHOW CONTEMPT FOR THAT COURT ORDER, the contempt which Joe and his regime are displaying in every way, for that order and for all law and order in the country, contempt for real law and order which Donald Trump was constantly, falsely accused of, because he never did anything of the kind.

This brazen lawlessness by the Biden regime is no aberration — for them, and for him. Lawlessness has been his trademark his entire life. That’s how he got rich on a salary of $170,000 a year as a senator. He was rich enough to buy a $30 million mansion compound from a Dupont family member in Greenville, Delaware, and a $4.5 million house in Rehobeth Beach, all before he became vice president. And that’s just the real estate we know about.

It’s right there in Hunter Biden’s emails, emails Joe (and all social media and the fake “news” media, CNN, the Washington post, the New York Times, etc. that are joined at the hip with the entire Democrat party) lied about during the campaign, brazenly looking at the camera and the American people and telling them that it was nothing but “Russian disinformation,” as he had gotten a bunch of stooges (Brennan, Clapper, and dozens of others, liars and grifters one and all, etc.) who used to be in the “Intelligence” bureaucracy to attest to, ALL OF WHICH HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE UTTER LIES. It’s a fact: just as The New York Post, Americas oldest newspaper, which was blacked out by social media and the fake news, reported during the campaign, all those emails by Hunter are indeed real,as is the laptop which contains them, which Hunter carelessly left at a repair shop which owns it because he failed to pay his bill; and no one in Biden family has ever said those emails are not real, other than Joe lying through his fake teeth with his fake smile, under his scalp with its fake hair plugs, and claiming falsely it was “Russian disinformation.”

As Joe has lied about everything and anything his entire life. He was laughed out of the 1988 presidential race for brazenly plagiarizing speeches by an English Marxist, something that would’ve ended the career of anyone with the slightest decency. You can see him on camera bragging about his scholastic achievements, all of which is pure lies. He lied and said his first wife died at the hands of a drunk driver, a lie he repeats constantly. And he lies about things that matter, like lying and claiming we had a great victory in Afghanistan thanks to him.

He’s a sociopath, a compulsive liar who has been protected from the consequences of his actions his entire career, who “won” the presidency without lifting a finger during the campaign, literally hiding in his basement, because he knew everything was fixed on his behalf. Although Donald Trump was endlessly investigated, by his own government, based on lies that he had “colluded” with Russians, not a single actual investigation has been permitted into the obviously-tainted 2020 election. Does anyone really believe that Joe Biden got 22 million more votes than Obama?

At least 40% of the country are now known to be convinced nothing of the kind happened, and yet nothing has been done to convince them, convincing which would be so easy with a real audit (If he really won), nothing other than demanding their silence in their questioning, demands which were never made of anyone questioning the legitimacy of President Trump’s election in 2016 questioning by all the fake “news”, and repeated endlessly and social media, questioning and even accusing, like by the New York Times, which constantly “reported” on its front pages, without a shred of evidence ever, how Trump had “colluded” with Russia, news articles which appeared for four years without relent, with not a single one ever retracted.

And those lies were repeated endlessly everywhere because the New York Times printed them. And the government was indeed overturning every rock to see if there was anything to it and found nothing, an investigation like nothing that’s ever occurred ever, and particularly not with the 2020 election.

Everything Donald Trump was falsely and baselessly accused of doing – colluding with foreign governments against the interest of America, stealing an election, corruptly benefiting from his office, being a pathological liar – and never actually did, Joe Biden actually has done and always does – and now he is deliberately subverting all (remaining) law and order in the country by his order to the entire nation to actively disobey the order of the Fifth Circuit stopping his monstrous order about the “vaccine,” and aid and abet him in his contempt of the law.

In a single email, Hunter Biden complains to his sister about the fact that he always had to kick back 50% of all the”earnings” he gets from the no-show jobs and phony directorships that Joe is able to put him in to illegally use his influence to benefit the paying companies, companies like Burisma when Joe had total power over American actions in Ukraine, an influence which Joe brazenly bragged about, bragging before a “distinguished” International group, on video, a video that anyone can see, about hideously-abusing his power to extort $1 billion in American aid from the Ukrainian government in order to force it to remove the prosecutor who was moving in on Burisma, getting rid of that prosecutor, the very reason, the only conceivable reason, Hunter was put on its board, as payment for Joe’s power to permit it to remain a corrupt operation free of government and prosecutorial intervention.

In the email to his sister, Hunter complains about having to kickback 50% of his “pay”, plus pay for all of Joe’s personal living expenses. In that email he is describing the entire modus operandi of the Biden family crime operation in which family members are the bagmen for Joe using his office to extort money from others, demanding tribute, and the higher his office, the more he can extort, payments delivered to his family members — none of which he has ever reported on his own income tax returns, all of which are public.

And everyone, including the IRS, knows all about it, the FBI has had Hunter’s laptop for years now, I didn’t care a whit about it, and nothing has ever been done about anything revealed on it whatsoever. Biden and his family have been exempt from the laws everyone else are subject to, even the income tax, a horrible tax, forbidden by the Founders in the original Constitution, but at least they got a constitutional amendment to permit it. They didn’t even bother with that for all the rest of the horror, all those horrible alphabet agencies, which they have created in Washington.

And Joe has always known that, because he was a loyal member of the completely corrupt elite in Washington, he would be free to do whatever he wanted and get away with it, maybe even raping the woman who accused him of that and who has been completely ignored by social media and the fake news media which have been the propagandists for Joe and the corrupt elite in Washington all along, making tents of billions of dollars of de facto campaign contributions to the Democrat party and its candidates through their actions, but somehow exempt from any of those (actually-unconstitutional) campaign finance laws everyone else is subject to, his corruption exactly why he was picked to be the front for the Marxist cabal that is now running the country (does anyone think the obviously-demented Biden is calling all the shots?), because they have the goods on him and can expose him at any time, ruination they can bring down on anyone they want, including and especially him. But they won’t, because they know he will always play their game.

The whole thing, the entire, endlessly-corrupt and lawless (they answer to no one really) administrative state of hideous bureaucracies in Washington, now with Joe at its head, which has been running rampant increasingly since the 1930s when the shackles (as they are supposed to be) of the Constitution were completely, and lawlessly, removed from the people who lawlessly populate the government, by the U.S. Supreme Court, acting in collusion, rubber-stamping power grabs, POWER GRABS FROM THE PEOPLE, by Congress and the then-president, FDR, creating entire agencies to police every detail of every operation of every business with no limitation on any power respected, the law of the land, the Constitution completely trashed, and everyone who knew anything knew that was what was going on and had been since his cousin, Teddy Roosevelt had first massively (there had been comparatively small, prior invasions) invaded the Constitution and jumped its walls by creating the FTC and the FDA in 1906, neither of which have any legitimate basis in the Constitution, followed in 1913 by the completely-unconstitutional nationalization of the currency by the creation of the Fed which has been a complete disaster even from a utilitarian point of view (the previous, completely-private, and legal, currency was always stable before the Fed, and is now worth a fraction of what it was in 1913, and dropping like a stone), apart from the gross lawlessness of its very existence (the Constitution only permits the Federal government to “coin” money, not to print it — ever).

So why would Joe have anything but contempt for a ruling of a court challenging his power to do the outrageous thing he is asserting his power to do, forcing Americans to take a chemical into their body without regard to its uselessness to most of them, or its potential dangerousness to them individually? Where in the Constitution does the president have the power, unilaterally, to order, and be obeyed by, Americans to do any such thing? And where does he have the power to order people to disobey a court?

Those powers are nowhere in the constitution, just like all the powers the federal government is and has been claiming to have in continuing to operate all of those Federal alphabet agencies, with their hundreds and hundreds of thousands of employees, each a self-serving bureaucrat with no real limitations on his power, other than his fear of his own superiors and his desire to be promoted, bureaucracies which do nothing but police the American people, printing out hundreds of thousands of pages of “regulations,” all enforceable by criminal investigations and criminal sanctions,”regulations” which are completely unconstitutional because they pretend to have the force of law and yet they could not be such, since none of them are issued in compliance with any of the procedures required in Article I of the Constitution, which is the sole basis for any law in the country to be actually legal.

Each one and all of those takings of power from the people by the government, or rather, by the functionaries, like Joe Biden himself, who occupy its offices, elected or otherwise, over the decades, takings which Joe Biden, along with all those bureaucrats and politicians, along with all the lawyer and lobbyist parasites who become fabulously rich because of those bureaucracies, in Washington, enthusiastically loves and which he is now pushing beyond any conceivable limit, in contempt of court, AND REQUIRING EVERYONE ELSE’S COMPLICITY IN HIS CONTEMPT, reduce, in a 1-for-1, zero-sum game, the power of us, the real people of America, who have all power not given to the government, the power we retain, as explicitly provided in the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution, power on which our wealth and liberty and safety depend and whose loss, whose taking by the politicians in Washington, poisons and now threatens our very existence.

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