Leading cardiologist warns: ‘16,000 kids injured by the vaccine’; Emerging ‘public health threat’

Dec 31, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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Forcing children, human beings of all ages in fact, but particularly children, to take any of these “vaccines” violates so many principles of human rights and our Constitution, and just common decency, it’s incalculable. It’s beyond child abuse. It’s mass homicide and mayhem, inflicting a “cure” on people who have no risk of death or permanent injury, in virtually all cases for children, and in most cases for adults even, from the virus itself, and doing it not only without their informed consent but against their will in any case where it is forced.

It is literally straight out of the Nazi playbook, the kind of thing war criminals were punished for at Nuremberg.

This is what happens when bureaucrats are given any say over peoples’ lives: They always, eventually if not it first, default to the most evil, soul-crushing prescriptions. Because they are always obsessed single-mindedly with amassing power for themselves and asserting it over others, the power they only accept limits on when it is forced on them.

There was nothing unique among bureaucrats about Adolf Eichmann, only the fact that he personally had the job he had in the Nazi government bureaucracy willing to do what he wanted to do.

Otherwise, his character and morality were identical to that of any government bureaucrat you will ever encounter in life, especially Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins and all the people in the American Federal “Public health” bureaucracies, bureaucracies which have never accepted any limitations on their power, and love asserting it to the maximum they can get away with.

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