Los Angeles Imposes COVID-19 Passport on Children Aged 12+

Nov 8, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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This stuff is absolutely sickening. Forcing businesses to be nazis enforcing this crap under penalty of extortionate fines, literally enlisting every business, and every employee of every business, in the county as if they were a draftee who didn’t even get paid for their service, turning everyone in the city into a rat. And that’s the purpose. To turn people into obsessives, focused exclusively on the virus and the “vaccines,” which aren’t even vaccines, hating each other and fearing each other as if everyone else were a zombie, a leper without a bell, they had to be terrified of being around.

And all for a virus that is no more deadly than the flu, and at least 10 times less deadly than the flu for the general population, literally harmless to everyone who doesn’t have a MINIMUM OF TWO comorbidities, with the average actual decedent from the disease having FOUR comorbidities.

This has become the real disease, the panic that produces this insanity and permits voters to tolerate it without tarring and feathering the political officials who demand it.

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Los Angeles Imposes COVID-19 Passport on Residents Aged 12+

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