Marxist-Generated Panic Has Been the Real Pandemic, Not Covid

Jul 25, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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I was there in 1968 – 1969, in high school and then going to college. I remember hearing about the Hong Kong flu. “Yeah, so?” That was the reaction by me and everyone I knew.

There was none of the complete insanity that was, and continues to be (!), generated about Covid, the mindless, raging panic that was generated about it. The panic that could only produce insane policies, when the government should have had no policy whatsoever beyond, at most, keeping people informed, panic which produced what it always does – the complete implosion of everything it touches.

How to create that PANIC, panic about a communicable disease, the thing he was supposedly an “expert” about, panic about a communicable disease being something which could be used to make people terrified of simply being in the presence of each other, that very panic was exactly what Fauci was trying to come up with all those decades in the federal bureaucracy – some way, any way, to trick the whole population, or enough of it – with those who didn’t fall for the fraud to be condemned themselves as fraudsters – how to use his supposed (actually nonexistent) “expertise” about the collectivist nonsense idea known as “public health” (nothing is more private than a person’s health; “public health” is the socialization of medicine and health, just as welfare is the socialization of charity, in each case the diametrical opposite of what it pretends to be, always poisoning the real thing) to generate truly-mindless, universal panic, how to trick enough of the population, deploying the power of his bureaucratic position, his badge of supposedly-selfless saintliness and omniscient brilliance, as a supposed “expert,” amplified by the megaphones of the media (The New York Times, corporate network “news,” all the propaganda weapons of the Internet, the search engines and social media platforms, etc.), all of them guaranteed to love it, to go along with it because they love panic, especially in the cause of collectivism, that media essential to amplify all the insanity, to trick the country into simply going literally-crazy with fear – fear about some new disease, with him claiming, completely fraudulently, to have THE ANSWER while, in reality, doing nothing but generating the problem, and using even worse problems as the supposed “solutions” to the problem which, of course, underneath it all, would be the panic itself.

And, of course, the final ingredient he needed to make it work – he had to get the president to go along with it all, the president he absolutely detested, the first anti-anti-American president and, Fauci being the ultimate anti-American Marxist bureaucrat, he Fauci had to trick the president, that president, Donald Trump, into selling himself and the whole country down the river, into using his own bully pulpit, all the powers of his office, to personally promote the whole thing, to promote Fauci, to make Fauci look like a hero, to make it seem like a real, worthwhile national project, something people would participate in patriotically, as well as for their health.

He had tried it in the 1980s with AIDS, trying to trick people into thinking that anyone could get it, that everyone could get it, that children could get it from casual contact (his first run at trying to completely-fraudulently terrify parents about their children’s health), that it wasn’t, as we always knew in fact, almost-exclusively a disease of hemophiliacs, drug-users and promiscuous male homosexuals – and it was new then, so no one knew what it really was and he, of course, never had any actual expertise in anything except generating panic and bureaucratic infighting and self-promoting, which is what bureaucrats do, the one thing they care about doing – enhancing their own, personal power, always at the expense of others – him always compulsively, obsessively looking for a way to make himself “essential” to any solution. 

And, make no mistake, looking for a way to harm President Reagan at that time, in the 1980s was what, together with promoting himself, Anthony Fauci was all about then. 

And in early, 2020, looking for a way, the magic Marxist bullet, to harm President Trump, to diminish, if not ruin his then-otherwise-unstoppable reelection chances in November, 2020, was what he was then all about – in addition to promoting and enriching himself, of course.

The 1980s AIDS pseudo/mini-panic was his first run at creating this particular kind of politically-generated-and-targeted panic, and he saw that doing it on a much more massive, and massively-cataclysmic, scale could be, indeed a real possibility – but only if it had the all of the right ingredients simultaneously, those ingredients working together synergistically – the right amount of media convince-ability for the public, a new enough disease that no one else knew anything about, something he could lie (always his modus operandi) and pretend “expertise” about, claimed-“expertise” he would use as his weapon against the public – and against any targeted (by him and all his fellow collectivists throughout the nation in all professions of all kinds) President he wanted to destroy – by using the new disease as the foundational pretext to divide the public against itself in every way possible (divide and conquer always being the proven method to defeat, to subjugate, a population) and so to harm, maybe even destroy, implicitly and explicitly to blame the then-president about the disease that was supposedly surrounding us all, communicable to all simply by personal proximity, not even needing actual contact, a virus like the ones in disaster movies, supposedly about to kill the whole population, pretend, or hint, imply in everything he did, that the then-president caused it and was gratuitously, or due to some malignant prejudice he harbored against the disease’s very victims, refusing to provide a solution that was supposedly magically available to him, as the president, and to no one else.

Fauci succeeded in getting many gay people mad at President Reagan in the 1980s, and that was pretty much it for then, making them think that President Reagan hated them because they were gay and somehow (never clear, but that didn’t matter) personally created the disease and wouldn’t let them be cured – because they knew it was a disease that, uniquely attacked them, singled them, and not the general population, out for harm, the general population who Fauci was also trying to frighten about that disease in every way that he could. 

The 1980s AIDS scare was his practice run, never able to be raised to the real level of national panic, just a scare. 

And in early 2020, President Trump, a popular (despite the Harpy-shrieking, constant, 24/7 propaganda against him from all sources, all “news” and other media platforms) Republican president had achieved peace and prosperity, complete energy-independence for the nation, peace between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East(!), and was up for reelection, a reelection which could only be prevented (and which Fauci and every Marxist/Democrat in the country was desperate to prevent) by some previously-unforeseen cataclysmic disaster for the nation, a disaster which would have to be blamed on him somehow – and would have to be manufactured, since there was nothing otherwise, nothing real, to create it, not in January or February, 2020. 

And Fauci knew perfectly well that he and his allies of long standing in the Chinese communist military bio-weapons lab in Wuhan had indeed, for years, been preparing for this precise moment, had been busily manufacturing the perfect instrument for this, Covid-19, a new, communicable man-made virus manufactured with gain-of-function research, research he continues to deny he participated in but which the evidence is overwhelming that he indeed did, surreptitiously and seditiously and treasonously using American taxpayer dollars, through various NGO entity cut-outs, fund the project performed and executed by the Chinese communist military in their Wuhan bio weapons lab. 

Let’s be clear: the term “gain-of-function” research is simply a euphemism for bio-weapons research: there is no medical or other reason to engage in that research other than to create a bio-weapon. A highly-infectious, deadly (at least to some) virus is exactly the definition of a bio-weapon

So, by 2020, all the essential ingredients for a nationally-suicidal, self-created disaster/panic, manufactured by Fauci and all his allies everywhere, were in place – Covid and then-sufficiently-powerful social media reinforced by the search engines and all the special effects available uniquely from the Internet, which had not been available as megaphones in the 1980s – and he knew about this new disease because he had been involved at every step in its creation – and knew he had no actual solution for it. 

And an actual solution was the last thing on earth he wanted anyway. So that if anyone would discover real, usable solutions along the way they had to be snuffed out one way or another, ridiculed, exiled, canceled, de-platformed, de-personned, the way Marxists always do to anyone in the way of their program, anyone in the way of their power over others.

And, like the power-obsessed Marxist he was, completely contemptuous of the American public, looking down on them and sneering at them from the heights of his bureaucratic position, dripping with credentials (all proving absolutely no actual knowledge about anything), and overwhelmed with hatred for Donald Trump and America, obsessed with harming both of them in any way that he could, he used his access to the president and, accompanied by his sidekick, Dr. Birx, and computer models compiled by a statistician who always produced wildly-alarmist results, none of which were ever true, presenting an image of Scientific unanimity on the subject, pretending it was “The Science,” used his access to President Trump and lied to him through his teeth about the virus and his insane ideas of what to do about it – shut the country down, “two weeks to flatten the curve of,” not even pretending it could actually stop the virus (which is a physical impossibility of course), not even hinting that this was just the beginning, that it would be two weeks that lasted forever once the nonsense started.

President Trump let it happen. He took those bureaucrats who got hysterical about it with their stupid models seriously. He should have known how stupid models’ predictions about the future are and remembered Yogi Berra ‘s observations about that very subject: “Predictions are difficult, especially about the future.” 

He should never have listened to those idiots. He should’ve known the whole thing was literally insane, a trap to destroy his presidency and the United States itself by Marxists. 

Yes, everyone is either a Marxist or he isn’t. Those are the two options. And yes, Fauci and Birx and all the rest of the federal bureaucracy are all committed Marxists, and desperate to amass as much power over their fellow citizens as they can.

The Marxists were desperate to destroy his presidency because he was the first anti-anti-American president, the first genuinely anti-Marxist president, the threat to the administrative state, that being the embodiment of Marxism in America, the man who was, in early 2020, absolutely certain to remain in the White House in the election later that year, with precisely the booming economy, peace and prosperity every president dreams of attaining to guarantee his reelection. 

Remember February, 2020: Everything was booming in America as it never had since the 19th century (with the advantage of 21st-century technology to boost the growth rate, the boom) and the only hope anyone, Democrats, Marxists (they are the same), had of defeating him in 2020 was to cause PANIC and financial depression which is exactly what they did.

The Hong Kong flu was far more deadly to the general population than Covid; and yet we’re still talking about Covid now, years later after all this madness and distraction and internal division, the implosion of America which is before our very eyes all of which we all know about, because people who want power over other citizens, power over all the rest of us, are using it, grossly abusing it, to assert power over us, power they have no right to whatsoever, power that makes no sense in any respect, medically, politically, morally, you name it.

In Response to: The 1968–69 ‘Hong Kong Flu’ Pandemic Revisited

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