Media blackout: 1,800+ Florida flights reportedly canceled due to vax mandate ‘sickout’

Oct 11, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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The mandates are completely unconstitutional and illegal in every way, and have no basis in medicine or science. The vaccines are not even real vaccines since they only last five months at best and do not stop anyone from getting the virus or transmitting it. Those are indisputable facts, and the walking corpse Joe Biden is lying every day pretending they are not the case.

So it’s irrelevant to anyone whether anyone else, the person standing next to you, for example, has gotten the vaccine; and if like possibly a third or more of the population, they have had the virus, then they are truly immunized from the virus as the vaccine is incapable of doing. 

And Joe Biden and his toadies in the fake news and social media don’t want anyone to know about natural immunity at all, pretending it doesn’t exist when, in fact, it is the only way to get the virus even theoretically “under control,” something the “public health” nazis keep promising to deliver with their mandates, promises which are always lies, just like all promises from all Marxists about everything.

The quasi-vaccines are wonderful for people with multiple comorbidities because for them the virus is truly deadly and the quasi-vaccines do indeed reduce its severity during their brief time of effectiveness (roughly 5 months). For everyone else, they are literally pointless, unless their doctor, but not the government, suggests otherwise. 

Since the virus will be among us forever, for anyone without multiple comorbidities, particularly children, the best thing is to get it and get over it and become as Immunized as they are going to be able to get during their time of life of greatest health and fewest comorbidities, when the virus is least likely to be deadly to them, making vaccination for them optional, but medically irrelevant, a decision between the individual and his doctor, something the government has no right to any opinion about it all.

Forcing people out of their jobs, or inflicting any other punishment, for not getting a quasi-vaccine against a virus that is significantly less deadly than the flu to anyone who doesn’t have multiple comorbidities, a quasi-vaccine which is no more important to anyone than getting a flu shot, is nothing but the exercise of tyranny.

The marxists/fascists in the government, along with their toadies in the fake news and social media, have been ginning up terror among the American population (convincing parents their children were at risk when, in fact, there is zero risk to children from the virus statistically, significantly less than being struck by lightning, or being murdered, or dying from the flu, which has always been present and which never was permitted to interfere with peoples’ lives as this has done) about this virus exclusively for purposes of having them obey tyrannical demands such as committing child abuse and forcing children to wear masks and not attend school and not even talk to, or play with, each other. 

And now this unilateral, “Presidential” vaccine mandate (and any other mandates they come up with in the future) doing nothing but destroying people’s lives pointlessly, nothing but the naked exercise of raw, tyrannical, power over the people. 

And they have been increasing the terror and their mandates just as more and more actual cures, when they are administered early enough in the progress of anyone’s disease, have been proven to work (ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, etc.), cures which have been available and known to be safe all along (thank you, Dr. Immanuel and many others whose voices have been silenced), common knowledge of which has been deliberately prevented and actively suppressed by the same “public health” Nazis and their fake news and social media toadies, all to justify their previous mandates which were utterly worthless and significantly less valuable than those actual cures.

The political tyrants and their fake news and social media today are literally terrified themselves that everyone who has been buying into the terror they have been promoting will wake up and realize how pointless all the mandates have been, all the demands for shutdowns, masking, social distancing, everything, all those things that destroyed hundreds of thousands of businesses and jobs and lives, that every single bit of it has all been a complete waste and utterly pointless medically, proof of the worthlessness of the entire “public health” industry and government interfering with anyone’s lives about anything it has no business doing.

And that’s the real reason they’re doubling down on the mandates now, gaslighting to divert attention from that fact, the pure worthlessness of everything they do, and the fact that everyone who said they were wrong all along was right.

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