More Proof, As If Any More Was Required, Of The Evil And Worthlessness Of The “Public Health” Bureaucrats

Apr 12, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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As the article attached below shows, the results speak for themselves: ALL, without exception, every single one of the supposed “public health” “mitigation measures” forced on the American people and our property, without any valid, Constitutional basis ever for doing so, the mass taking of peoples’ lives and property, the genuine cruelty and child abuse and elder abuse, all committed without any due process whatsoever, all of them were all completely worthless and had NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on the virus, only on destroying peoples’ lives, liberty and the economy – all for absolutely no medical purpose whatsoever.

Just as I predicted as soon as I heard about those “mitigation measures.” They were – and remain – an abomination, and it was horrible that America ever permitted them to be imposed, or for any citizen to ever have been subjected to them.

And we knew that all along, or at least I knew it all along, because what they were asking for was always ridiculous, like every Marxist thing, an insult to our intelligence and, in particular, they were doing it in the name of “public health,” “public health” being THE VERY OPPOSITE of actual, private health, the only kind that actually exists.

BECAUSE NOTHING IS MORE PRIVATE THAN A PERSON’S HEALTH, and what any individual chooses to do about his/ hers’.

Quite simply, peoples’ health is none of the government’s f—ing business, and in America, unlike Communist China whose brutal, sociopathic policies we ended up, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in history, IMITATING with these horrible measures, it never was believed by anyone to be the governments’ business before about any other disease — including real, horrible, infectious diseases, diseases far deadlier than Covid to the general public (as opposed to people with two or more comorbidities, the only ones actually at risk of dying from Covid, as we have known since March, 2020, because of the experience of those 3500+ people on that cruise ship) by many orders of magnitude — infectious diseases like the flu!

When someone tells you they are doing something in the name of “public health” you can be certain that it is peoples’ ACTUAL, PRIVATE HEALTH WHICH IS BEING SACRIFICED in the name of “public health.” Apart from considerations of the macroeconomy, “public health” literally doesn’t exist, it’s nothing but a destructive fantasy, an invention of Marxists, purely a pretext for the Marxist state to intrude on peoples’ lives in the name of a supposedly-virtuous and benign purpose..

All the people, all the bureaucrats, who demanded all those terribly-destructive things were lying to us about everything, all the time — and are still doing it now. And we know that for a fact.

And when they demanded that peoples’ lives be destroyed, as they have consistently been doing, IN BOTH OBEDIENCE TO, AND DISOBEDIENCE OF, their mandates, they were committing crimes against humanity. And they continue to do so.

Fauci’s (and all the other bureaucrats’) demands for the “mitigation measures,” all his lies that he was doing so for our “protection,” was all pure bureaucratic gaslighting, the kind of thing bureaucrats do all the time to hide their worst misdeeds, to divert attention from his own, active participation in the INVENTION OF COVID, his seditiously funding the “gain of function” research with taxpayer money, against express orders not to do so by both Presidents Obama and Trump, bio-weapons research guaranteed to create things like this, done effectively in partnership with the Communist Chinese military, in its bio-weapons lab in Wuhan.

And yes, I blame it all on President Trump because he didn’t just crush the bureaucrats when they came up with the baseless statistics supposedly justifying the “mitigation measures,” the mass stupidity and, instead, went along with it, following their advice, accepting their fraudulent “expertise,” permitting those worthless bureaucrats to be promoted in the public’s mind as “experts,” when they were never anything of the kind, permitting all that by appearing on TV daily with them, and giving the OK to states to impose these horrors on the citizens and their businesses, declaring a “national emergency” that will never end because the virus will never end, as was obvious from the beginning: because once the virus is here, it’s here forever and cannot be eradicated.

All of those ridiculous “mitigation measures, every single one without exception, all done, ultimately to eradicate the virus, a complete impossibility, all those stupidities were NOTHING BUT FOOLS’ ERRANDS for everyone involved.

And the bureaucrats demanding them were monstrous and genuinely evil. Insisting on them at any time, deploying the most destructive and harmful powers of the state to enforce them, was a crime against humanity, a crime under the Nuremberg code for government bureaucrats, and even elected politicians, to do.

And they are still doing it. They won’t stop until they are physically stopped, denounced absolutely, all those “mitigation measures” declared forbidden forever, with the bureaucrats who demanded them, and the politicians who forced them on the people, tarred and feathered and denounced as the evil monsters they are forever.

And yes, President Trump gave the OK to mandatory house arrest on perfectly healthy people, the entire population of America, the shuttering of businesses declared to be not sufficiently “essential” by bureaucrats, initially for 2 weeks, for no medical or other reason that had any actual basis. It was all based on lies, and I knew it at the time.

And of course it could never end because THERE WAS NEVER ANY VALID REASON TO START IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. And once bureaucrat start something they will keep insisting that it has to continue, until they are physically forced to give up and admit they were wrong. Because they will never ever ever admit they were wrong ever, let alone all along as they were with Covid.

And President Trump should’ve known enough about bureaucrats after fighting them his whole life as a real estate developer, should’ve known that it would never end, once it was permitted to happen at all.

Because it was always all about nothing but power for the Marxist bureaucrats from the start, about them realizing the wettest of their wet dreams of all time – destroying the American economy and the American middle class, with the added Marxist bonus of shutting all religious institutions, and crushing the spirits of every child in the country, every student, so that they could become subservient to the Marxist state those bureaucrats dreamed of turning America into, and crushing liberty in America, putting citizens under the thumb of the government at all times about their most personal decisions, putting their health decisions under the thumb of unelected, Marxist bureaucrats.

In Response to: Florida vindicated, NY and Cali bomb after study evaluates states for best, worst COVID-19 decisions

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