Mugged by Reality – Elon Musk Takes The Red Pill

May 26, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Yes, read the article below and you will see there’s no doubt that Elon has been mugged by reality. That’s how all serious people who start out as liberals/Leftists (without even realizing, until later, that they had been supporting Marxism) become conservatives.

His business, Tesla, benefited massively, EXISTENTIALLY in fact, by the absurd subsidies which are provided for Electric Cars, subsidies without which the electric car business would simply not exist (and with them, Tesla alone is worth more than all of the other car-manufacturers combined!). 

So of course he was biased, by his own personal interest, to support the politicians in favor of those subsidies – leftists who believe, or at least want and have a huge personal interest in wanting everyone else to believe, in the nonsense which is catastrophic climate alarmism, and are willing to destroy all of our actual sources of energy (so-called fossil fuels, which have nothing to do with fossils, of course) – and therefore our entire economy and our civilization and all of our actual power of all kinds – in pursuit of that madness, with that ”fossil-fuel” (the very name they have used for the actual sources of energy itself is nonsense since none of them have anything to do with fossils) destruction not directly-relevant to Tesla – unlike the subsidies which were critical. 

He was also, in all likelihood, simply too-busy with his multiple, extraordinary businesses previously to pay attention to what was really going on in our country with politics – not realizing that in the current political environment in America there is, and has been for decades, actually a revolution going on, with the Democrat Party attempting to completely undo the American Revolution, incinerate all our founding documents and convince Americans that their doing so is actually virtuous and good, and impose revolutionary Marxist government on America – with the Republican Party, for the most part, until very recently, doing absolutely nothing to stop them – and never undoing any of the damage the Democrats do when they, the Republicans, return to power.

But now, as Marxists everywhere deploy one dirty trick after another to stop his Twitter acquisition, an acquisition which is clearly enormously-beneficial to Twitter’s shareholders who will enjoy windfall profits from it (from a company which is virtually-worthless in reality apart from its unknown millions of fraudulent bot accounts – and now his ownership alone giving it real value) – with The Left using the hideous, completely-political federal bureaucracies (the FTC, the “Justice” Department, no doubt others) to interfere with that transaction, he sees the dirty tricks they are doing desperately to stop him from completing that acquisition, especially before September or October – when it will make all the difference in the election. 

The Leftists, from Biden on down, opposed to Musk’s Twitter acquisition taking place simply will not tolerate having it go through, and know that, with power always their one-and-only objective, they can’t go through an election which they, along with their propaganda platforms and social media echo-chambers for them, can’t fix by both creating, spreading and making believable two10s of millions multiple fraudulent stories/narratives, and hiding all the real truth, as they did in 2020 with, as but one example, the Hunter Biden laptop.

And they can’t fix it without Twitter poisoning discourse and spreading lies and hiding/suppressing all the most important information from Americans. As it did so-obviously, again, regarding the Hunter Biden laptop – and mountains more, all at the directions of the Leftist propaganda media-puppeteers at the New York Times – and the Marxist revolution it serves (while pretending to be an actual newspaper, the gospel to its readers) and has been serving ever since Lenin took control of Moscow: yes they really are a Communist front.

That was all they needed to steal the 2020 election, making a difference of maybe seven or eight or more millions of votes, according to Professor Epstein (watch his videos if you want; and yes he is a Hillary-voter himself, but also an honest man) without even needing to steal ballots (which they no doubt did plenty of also, with their control of social media the cover for all that, making it look like they might’ve really tricked people into preferring the pathetic, corrupt, always-moronic, and now-clinically-demented walking-corpse loser Joe Biden, and pulling the lever for him – something which is inconceivable in the real world for a man who can’t draw flies for any public event).

In response to: Elon Musk on His Vow to Vote Republican: Democrats Push ‘Division & Hate’

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