New studies show that COVID vaccines permanently damage your immune system

Jan 2, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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These studies show exactly why Israel has been getting the results it’s been getting (and, unlike the US “public health” bureaucracies, accurately reporting), Israel is a country which is essentially forcing the “vaccines” (they are not vaccines by any credible definition of the term: It’s been apparent from the start that they prevent neither infection nor transmission of the virus) on everyone and has been doing so from the very beginning. It is truly tragic. And the people continuing to promote, and indeed force — demanding peoples’ lives be ruined if they don’t bend the knee and comply — these “vaccines” on people are genuinely evil sociopaths.

The Israelis thought and apparently continue to think, that they were helping the population, but instead they are sickening them. In a country where virtually everyone is “vaccinated,” they have never had more hospitalizations and deaths from Covid. And that has been continuing during the entire time in which the Israeli population has been forcibly “vaccinated.”

That fact tells you everything you need to know about the reliability of these studies, in addition to their own reliability, and the complete inability of anyone credibly to attack them except with pathetic insults that have no scientific basis.

It’s just like all of the garbage that comes out of all of the “Public health” bureaucracies, all of which need to be eliminated. Their utter and complete incompetence has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, and they are doing things which the Constitution forbids – literally everything they are doing — and they are literally killing people, bureaucracies with a mentality straight out of the Third Reich.

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