#PoopyPantsBiden Trends On Twitter As Rumor Claims Bathroom Mishap Explains Long Meeting With Pope Francis

Nov 1, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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It’s obvious that he has the opposite of the Midas touch: everything he touches turns to shit. He must’ve touched his pants before he met the Pope.

As it is, he has much more hateful things to say about everyone in America who voted for President Trump, all 75+ million, and everyone who doesn’t want to follow his stupid, unconstitutional and pointless mandates than he ever had to say about the Taliban, who he has enriched with a victory they didn’t deserve and $85 billion of the most advanced military equipment on the planet.

And that’s not counting the 450+ Americans who are still stuck there and being held hostage, when he pretended there were only 100 or so still there when he cut and run all of our troops out of the country, forbidding them to do anything to rescue Americans. He claimed his horrible exit from that country was a great military success, a great victory. Gag me with a spoon.

He might as well wear his shit on his face instead of the fake teeth and the fake hair. What an utterly loathsome person, and he’s just the sock-puppet front for the communist cabal that are original actually running the country.

With him in charge, it is we who are in deep shit.

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