President Trump And His Nemesis (As He Tragically-Failed To Understand), Anthony Fauci

Mar 4, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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By paying any attention at all, let alone actually giving in, to the demands of this walking abomination, this Fauci, this sociopath, President Trump discredited himself for leadership – unless he is the Republican nominee for president in 2024, in which case we must hope that he can learn from his mistakes. 

President Trump is a great patriot and, to those who appreciate him and his immense graciousness and humor, or those (including the millions who adore attending his festive speaking events, and the tens of millions who adored him on his immensely-popular TV show “The Apprentice”) who recognize that he is literally a riot to listen to if you aren’t predisposed, brainwashed and deluded into thinking, as does every Leftist in America now, to hallucinate that he is Hitler – yes, they really do believe that insanity, “Orange Man bad!” 

Yes, He is indeed a delightful and charming and hilarious man possessing incredible energy and talents, a man who was by any measure the most-successful man in his pre-presidential life of any president since George Washington, a man who has been the best president we’ve had in well over 100 years (even with his catastrophic mistakes involving Covid, the “vaccines”, etc. and his multiple, terrible appointments), maybe longer; but his flaws, in the unspeakably-dangerous world we are faced with now, are gigantic, particularly his complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and its power (if we simply enforce it and undo all of the monstrous and egregious and massive unconstitutional, Collectivist/Marxist Frankenstein monster creations of the politicians –  that is, eliminate, eradicate, don’t pretend it can be reformed, the entire administrative state, and all of the federal spending on anything other than what is permitted under the Constitution – which have occurred since 1887, and particularly since 1906) which would indeed fix every problem we have, and his inability to recognize genuinely-evil people, genuine sociopaths, evil he simply is unable to comprehend or perceive because it is so completely-absent in, so alien to, himself, and to fail to understand just how genuinely dangerous they are. 

He populated his administration with them, putting them in important positions where they had – or rather, usurped – the power to destroy not only the country and all individual liberty, but also HIM, not just Fauci and the health “experts,” but also people like Gina Haspel at the CIA and Christopher Wray, who used those agencies as weapons against the legal functioning of the Constitution, against the American people, literally treating us like an enemy to be defeated – and AGAINST HIM, particularly the FBI, which spearheaded – in collusion with Big Tech and the Democrat Party itself, including its chosen front, the corrupt idiot Joe Biden – the entire Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation” KGB-type disinformation operation AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, literally treating us all like enemies of the state, and against him, that monstrous action by the FBI, America’s completely-unconstitutional domestic intelligence- and security-agency, its investigative federal police, literally our Gestapo, to poison and defraud and corrupt the minds of the American voting public during the 2020 election and to add an additional element of State-sponsored-and-promoted fraud and corruption in the 2020 election, with President Trump simply unable to perceive their evil while it was actually taking place, the sedition that was taking place by the unelected bureaucrats who were Constitutionally-obligated to obey him and him alone, with him doing nothing to stop it, passively tolerating it as it was unfolding, as it was completely-corrupting the 2020 election, along with all the other corruption in it, with him demonstrating a kind of child-like naïveté, assuming that those sociopathic unelected bureaucrats really were, as they invariably, fraudulently pretended, dedicated public servants, and not simply power- and money-seeking monsters subverting the entire constitutional order of the country, and believing themselves entitled to do so.

In response to: Fauci Wanted Universal Human Separation Forever

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