President Trump Was Damned Right When He Accused The Self-Proclaimed ”Fact Checkers” And The Other “Mainstream News” Sources Of Being Fake News

Mar 19, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below tells you all you need to know about the fake “fact checkers.” They are all frauds, nothing but liberal hacks who lie just like the “News” sources like the New York Times and the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and all the corporate network “news.”

The New York Times, whose front page is, and always has been, since “network news” was invented after World War II, the source for all the other fake news sources, lied for four years about President Trump, every day of his administration, about everything he did, concealing everything positive he did, which was virtually everything he did, and even before that: from the day he announced his candidacy in 2015, they lied through their teeth about him.

And it was all on their front page, above the fold. And they have never retracted any of it and, instead, gave themselves Pulitzer Prizes for it, as the New York Times did for Joseph Duranty’s puff-pieces about Stalin.

And yes, Joe Biden could never have been elected, even with massive ballot-stuffing and theft, except for their lies about that Hunter Biden laptop, lies which they now admit to (without, as they should, confessing to their grotesque malpractice and misconduct, and the fact that they were indeed lies and fraud on their part, lies and fraud of massive import, lies which should expel them from the public square entirely after that) 17 months late the laptop from hell which at least 17% of Biden’s voters say would have been enough for them not to vote for him.

Everything about President Trump on the front page of the New York Times for four years during his presidency, and before that during the campaign, was all unsourced articles that they had the nerve to put on the front page lying about him, often putting words in his mouth he never said — like the entire Charlottesville lie in which they pretend that he said Nazis were good people, when he actually said the opposite: in reality, he was merely commenting on the characters of the different people who had opinions about the statues, saying both those who wanted to preserve the statues, and also those who wanted to take them down, included good people, while specifically saying he was excluding the Nazis from that categorization.

That Charlottesville lie/fraud, originally initiated by The Washington Post in its false reporting of his speech, has been used over and over, and remains one of the major talking points for Joe Biden who pretended that that was the one, actual reason he was running for president. The only truth in that statement by him is that his presidency, and his running for it, were indeed all based on a pack of lies, just like his campaign in 1988 in which he was literally laughed out for that very reason — lies and plagiarism exposed to the public.

The entire basis of the claim that President Trump is a white supremacist was based on that Charlottesville lie.

And the Clinton-created entire hoax about him colluding with Russia was completely invented, and they all knew it the whole time and they perpetrated it. And the lying “fact checkers” kept accusing everyone who pointed out the lies of themselves being liars, Pinocchio.

In response to: NewsGuard Ultimate Fake News Humiliation: ‘Fact-Checking’ Org’s Co-Founder Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop a ‘Hoax’

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