President Trump’s Tragedy — And Ours, Unfortunately

Dec 1, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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Bob Barr absolutely nails it with this.

President Trump made a terrible mistake, a truly catastrophic mistake for both him and the country. That mistake permitted America to go into a catastrophically-expensive and destructive sequence of policies of insane spending, and incredibly-destructive government mandates, mandates for endless, suicidal, scientifically-baseless orders to the people, mandates which become unlimited and never stop until they are stopped, mandates for masks which are medically worthless, escalating to demands for shots of experimental chemicals which pretend to be vaccines and are nothing of the kind, and of course the absolutely-devastating to everyone (except for very big and bureaucrat-certified,”essential” businesses) shut-downs, etc.

Without exception, none of those mandates from the government that was supposed to stop the virus have done anything of the kind, with the virus waning and waxing as it was always going to do without regard to any of those completely-bogus “mitigation” measures. The very fact that Florida now has the lowest rates of cases and deaths from the virus in the entire country, after refusing to impose any of those mandates on its citizens for most of the time other parts of the country have otherwise been subjected to them, proves that none of those completely-phony “Mitigation” measures are of any value whatsoever.

Instead, all those “mitigation” measures have produced nothing but the loss of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs and financial destruction for hundreds of thousands of small businesses, America’s middle class, and animosity among the people, the citizenry, by the government and its echo chambers in the fake news and social media deliberately generating panic and terror among the citizens, none of which had any, actual basis, and constant suspicion by people terrified by the Chicken Little predictions from the self-serving bureaucrats, suspicion of their neighbors — that they might not be “vaccinated” (as if it matters to anyone else) or might be carrying some terribly-infectious and deadly disease, something they are no more likely to be doing than if the virus wasn’t here at all.

By giving in to any, let alone all, of the insane demands of the “Public Health” (itself a completely-fraudulent concept, since nothing is more private than health) bureaucrats, President Trump himself permitted the destruction, destruction which we are continuing to endure, of the then-booming economy, an unprecedented-in-America energy boom in particular, whose creation he had presided over after the economically-destructive policies of Obama.

And President Trump did so, brought on all this catastrophe demanded by the bureaucrats alone, because he did not get rid of them and gave in to their demands, actually helping elevate them, lending them his prestige, by appearing with them on television on a daily basis.

It was, as terrible as it is to say, his passive acquiescence to the demands of the bureaucrats, all of whom never had anything but hatred for him, and all of whom are committed Marxists, which made it possible for him not to win in a landslide – and for America now to suffer the terrible consequences of all of that, including the unspeakably-terrible administration of Joe Biden, something which could never have occurred in the absence of President Trump giving in to those insane demands from the bureaucrats.

President Trump’s mistake can be easily described: it was always, absolutely necessary for him and his presidency, and he failed in not doing so, to completely eliminate all of those federal “Public health” bureaucracies, the CDC, the NIH, etc, and terminate all their employees as soon as he entered office, as he, and all the presidents who preceded him, actually had a Constitutional duty to do, since none of them have any Constitutional basis whatsoever — but particularly when they started coming to him with demands to destroy the American economy and the lives of millions.

Because he should’ve known that those demands were coming from federal bureaucrats who knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about the virus, bureaucrats who had no basis for issuing orders about anything, bureaucrats who had their own agenda which had nothing to do with enhancing the health or prosperity of the people of America, an agenda they had harbored for decades and had never before had the nerve to ask a president to implement. The shutdowns, the endless mandates, and the devastation to people’s lives were the fulfillment of all the wettest of their wet dreams.

He needed to recognize, and should have recognized, that those insane demands imposed absolutely outrageous and ultimately pointless impositions on the American people, without any due process whatsoever and without any actual scientific basis for any of them.

And he should’ve been even more alarmed when he learned what all those federal agencies actually did with all that money they had, and had had for years, at their disposal, like funding bio-weapons research for the Chinese military in its lab in Wuhan against his orders, and against those of Obama, bio-weapons research which had produced the very virus they were using as a pretext for all of those insane demands, demands they have used as gaslighting misdirection to hide the fact of their culpability in producing the virus in the first place.

Fauci is a true sociopath, a pathological liar every time he says a word, and particularly when he denies, as he has done under oath repeatedly, in responding to questions from Dr. Senator Rand Paul and other senators, proclaiming himself, in a Louis XIV impersonation, personally to be “Science” itself, after being caught having deliberately directed funds for bio-weapons research by the Chinese military, clearly the source of this virus itself and no doubt others.

And he has used his powers, powers he, as an unelected-bureaucrat never should ever have had, over other functionaries pretending to be “scientists,” and academics, powers over the purse strings of their research grants, in particular, to force them to lie on his behalf to facilitate that cover-up he has been actively involved in on an ongoing basis, particularly by his lies to Congress under oath about all of this.

But by not nipping this terrible evil in the bud, President Trump made it all possible and it is destroying the country and will continue to do so until it is forcefully stopped.

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