Socialism Has Poisoned Our Institutions and Must Be Eradicated

Jan 16, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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The experience of this learned scholar, the deliberate, institutional, censorship of everything true he said, the lies of claiming his truth was lies, shows the poison that permeates all of our major universities. And even the minor ones. 

This is what happens when Marxism infects any institution. And it has now infected ALL of ours. 

And the tip of the spear for it is a political party that was completely won over by Marxism ever since Woodrow Wilson ‘s “progressive”/Marxist ideas became the soul of the Democrat party, the inept opposition, and often support (the Republican Teddy Roosevelt was the first to most-blatantly violate the Constitution to achieve “Progressive”/Marxist ends), it received from the Republican party – before Donald Trump, the reason he is so insanely-hated by other, corrupt pseudo-Republicans, the Mitch McConnells of the world, and the Democrats – and the institutionalization of Marxism in our midst in the form of the administrative state those corrupt politicians have unconstitutionally created and empowered against the citizenry, all of those worthless, federal alphabet agencies and entire departments with actual names, and not just initials.

In this particular case, the way the unelected bureaucrats Fauci and Collins were able to dictate what effectively became totalitarian (& wrong!) “Official Science” positions it became heretical to oppose at Stanford University was because that university was effectively financially-obligated to comply, because those two unelected bureaucrats have been unconstitutionally- and illegally-delegated the power of the purse to disburse hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded research funds, funds which Stanford University, like all universities, continues to receive in abundance and has come to rely on for it’s continued operations.

The power of the purse is one of the most extraordinary and important powers reserved exclusively to Congress, in Article I of the Constitution. That power supersedes all other powers of the government, empowering Congress, and Congress alone, to refuse to fund anything, even if legislation otherwise requires its funding, an instantaneous veto over anything the government might otherwise want to do, might otherwise even be legally-required to do, in the hands of Congress – and Congress alone. 

Nothing in the Constitution permits Congress to delegate that power to anyone especially, and including, any unelected bureaucrat, like Anthony Fauci or Francis Collins – or anyone else. 

Take away that power to disburse all that money, and they are completely-disempowered vis-à-vis the citizens and all American institutions. And that is precisely what the Constitution requires.

That must happen immediately.

The hideousness of permitting this present, blatantly-unconstitutional empowerment of unelected bureaucrats, which alone permits this entire situation to happen, to continue, is shown by the article below.

Whether the unelected and unconstitutional bureaucracies which Fauci and Collins are parts of are themselves completely eradicated immediately, as they should be (they serve no valid, utilitarian purpose, and nothing in the Constitution authorizes the federal government to be in the business of doing anything that they do; and think how much better off the nation would be today if we had never heard a word from them about Covid at any time), it is clear that those bureaucrats’ present, unconstitutional power to disburse a single dollar of federal money for any purpose must be repealed because of its manifest invalidity – and the evil that inevitably follows.

It is no excuse that some, or even all, of the research funded by their disbursements might possibly do good; the money is American citizens’ money, and if the research is valid, others – perhaps Congress! – will find a way to fund it, and the harm that is done under the present system is simply unworthy of continuing, even if only on utilitarian grounds; and its blatant unconstitutionality is undeniable. 

This financial empowerment of unelected bureaucrats Fauci and Collins vis-à-vis all members of the academic professions they have been unconstitutionally been given the power of the purse over is an example of the socialization of science, destroying science itself, just as welfare is the socialization of charity, destroying charity itself, and all of that socialization is simply intolerable in a free nation – and unconstitutional in ours.

In response to: How Stanford Failed the Academic Freedom Test


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