Thank God for Lee Smith and His Reporting – How the FBI Hacked Twitter

Jan 16, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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Lee Smith is a real journalist. You won’t see anything like this in the pure propaganda garbage, everything you hear from our formerly-great universities and schools at all levels, Hollywood, everything you see on corporate Network TV, the New York Times, the Washington post, etc.

The Democrat Party manufacture/fabrication of the pseudo-event presented to the public beginning at the very time of its occurrence, and by the completely-bogus January 6 Committee, the REAL BIG LIE deliberately-fabricated and misnamed as the “ARMED INSURRECTION!!!”, where numerous police (who Democrats otherwise would be happy to murder, consistent with the ongoing demands of their shock troops in antifa and BLM) were supposedly killed and, in fact, the only deaths were two of the unarmed attendees who were murdered, yes, in cold blood, by the Capitol police, operating under orders from their Fuhrer, Nancy Pelosi, who made sure to refuse President Trump‘s offer to provide 10 to 20,000 national guard that day, and that half of that Capitol police force were not present on January 6, and that they were instructed to waive-in to the Capitol building as many Trump speech-attendees as they could, lambs to the slaughter to be later (continuing right now!) brutally imprisoned, treated like terrorists, without bail and accused, without being charged, of treason, based on the misdemeanors they may have committed), the only actual deaths among the completely-unarmed protesters at the event.

Yes, the whole thing was obviously all an elaborate gaslighting pseudo-event to be used like the Reichstag Fire was used by the Nazis to incite anger and hatred against their then-political opponents, its purported perpetrators, all Republicans supposedly, whether they were there or not, to distract the public from THE REAL CRIME which had occurred during and prior to (and subsequent to) the Election itself, the crime, which the people who attended the peaceful rally in front of President Trump on January 6 were so upset about and which everyone in the country with a brain knew about, just based on the other, obvious election “irregularities“ apparent and obvious on election night to any sentient person.

Although we did not then know about, let alone the EXTENT of, the deliberate election interference orchestrated by the FBI and Twitter and the other social media platforms — until now.

Yes, The 2020 election was indeed stolen by this criminal cartel involving (the ones we know about for certain, and perhaps others, perhaps China and Iran, both of which, as revealed on the Hunter Biden laptop which the cartel lied and claimed was “Russian disinformation,” have the Biden family cartel on their payrolls), the Democrat party exercising one-party control through Obama people embedded in the government and The Media, including all the Social Media platforms (we only know about Twitter, but identical stuff was, as we know from Mark Zuckerberg‘s own statements, certainly done with all the others whose documentary evidence, the actual receipts, simply have not yet been revealed, because none of them have an Elon Musk at their helms to force that revelation), multiple, unconstitutional federal bureaucracies including, we know for certain, the CIA, and the FBI, the latter one of the many, unconstitutional abominations created by the unfortunately-unmedicated, bipolar Teddy Roosevelt, which is the monstrous, unconstitutional federal policing/spying agency which has never had any business even existing, imposing its will/colluding with all the rest of the conspiracy participants, consisting of all of the purported sources of information in the country for the vast majority of people.

When you have criminals in charge, America turns into the s—t-hole it is turning into now under the Biden/Obama one-party police state cartel.

And all of the bureaucrats in the government, and their companions throughout all their endless sources of propaganda in the nation, are doing their damnedest to hide the complete mess they have been, and are continuing, to create, gaslighting and lying about what is ACTUALLY GOING ON WITH EVERYTHING right now, deflecting blame from the horror they are creating, destroying the country with an open border, destroying the dollar with inflationary spending on worthless garbage, all complete, climate-alarmist, and otherwise corrupt, NONSENSE, none of which spending is Constitutional, destroying our economy and all our actual sources of energy, destroying our military, destroying our reputation throughout the world, and feeding the interests of all of our enemies, including providing $85 billion-plus of the most advanced weaponry to the terrorists we had been, for decades, fighting, and had defeated, decades before, in Afghanistan, and could easily have continued to use the fabulously-expensive Bagram airport we had created to control all strategic interests of ours against our enemies, China and Russia, in that entire region of the world – instead of surrendering all of that to our enemies, the hideous Taliban terrorists and, ultimately, to China, as that massively-corrupt, moronically-stupid, demented, truly-nasty, barely-walking, treasonous corpse Joe Biden insisted on doing, losing 13 Americans killed and dozens wounded – after 18 months without a single American casualty – and God knows how many Afghani allies.

Europe is ablaze, our economy, and all of our actual sources of energy, are under vicious, unconstitutional assault by the criminal cartel running the country, lies and lies alone are manufactured by them and spread endlessly through all supposed sources of “information” under the shock troop boot of the FBI and the rest of the federal bureaucracy, creating an intelligenc/spying/propagandizing police state, to enforce all that, nothing but lies claimed to be truth, and all the truth is claimed to be a lie, by that one-party Democrat/Marxist criminal cartel running all this.

Yes, it’s a conspiracy theory and it happens to be true. And we have the receipts.

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