The Actions of the Marxist/Collectivist Federal Bureaucrats have Exposed them as the Unconstitutional Poison They Are

Dec 23, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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Normal life requires living with the presence of risks of various kinds, risks which normal, healthy people evaluate for themselves throughout their lives; and if they are free people, and not slaves to the state, the people each make their own decisions about what risks are acceptable to them and their family, and how to address them. Totalitarians achieve their power over countries’ peoples by terrifying them, and they have long known that the best way to terrify free people, as Americans used to be, is to completely derange their sense of risk, literally make them afraid of their own shadows — and of everyone around them — so that they become desperate for a self-proclaimed Savior.

One (among the infinite possibilities, including being murdered, poisoned or struck by lightning) of life’s risks has always been contagious, respiratory viruses, viruses which have been with us forever and each of which will remain with us forever. NONE OF THEM EVER DISAPPEAR, including polio, chickenpox, measles, smallpox. Once a virus is here, it is here forever. Everyone of those viruses remain present all around us constantly, but we pay no attention to them anymore because for each of them there is a vaccine, a real vaccine, and for each of them virtually everyone has been vaccinated (successfully) — with no need to force anyone.

And those vaccines work: they prevent infection and transmission of the viruses, and they last for years, if not forever. That is what real vaccines do; “vaccines,” like the purported ones now for Covid, which don’t do any of that, let alone all of all that, ARE NOT VACCINES AT ALL. And by their very nature, the only things which can do anything about viruses are actual vaccines and/or treatments, all of which are developed by pharmaceutical companies, and none of which have anything to do with the government or any power it possesses. Other than getting out of the way of the actual pharmaceutical companies to facilitate the development of vaccines and/or treatments, there is literally nothing the government can do once a virus is present.

And the great fraud, the fundamental great fraud on which all the other frauds have been built, the fraud that was perpetrated on America, on the formerly-free American people, was THE FRAUD THAT THE GOVERNMENT COULD DO ANYTHING ABOUT ANY VIRUS, including a new one, doing the only things it can do (since it doesn’t, contrary to Marxist fantasies, have magical powers): ordering people, under threat of violence of some kind if they refuse, to harm themselves or their lives in some manner, even to ruin their lives with constant attention to the virus, or by shutting down their businesses, by hiding at home, by wearing masks (proven by the government’s own bureaucracy, and every actual scientific study, to be absolutely worthless to stop the transmission of respiratory viruses), and anything else the government could come up with.

Bureaucrats Using An Infectious Virus To Terrify People, To Manipulate Them

All viruses constantly mutate. Versions of the flu have been extremely deadly at various times in the past, including the so-called Spanish Flu in 1917, AND A VERSION JUST A FEW YEARS AGO DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION when, remarkably now in retrospect, NO ONE PAID ANY ATTENTION to it (and the CDC deliberately did not announce then — as it has done breathlessly ever since Covid appeared about purported Covid deaths — the number of people who died from that flu). But the numbers were reasonably clear at the CDC website: more than 100,000 died in that flu season while Obama was president.

Since then, the CDC has made changes to its website, deliberately-obfiscatory changes which make learning about the deaths from that Obama-era flu no longer as transparent as they were previously. So now, after those changes, you have to spend endless time going through all the CDC’s endless, impenetrable data and statistics, so that you can determine that that Obama-era flu indeed killed over100,000 people in the US during a single year — deaths not with it, but FROM it, A NUMBER WHICH WOULD BE INFLATED TO 2 MILLION if the CDC bureaucrats had applied the methodology, outlined below, which the CDC has mandated to healthcare providers, and regarding its own data-publication, be used for determining the number of supposed, “Official” Covid deaths.

Thus, by simply changing a bunch of opaque regulations, and thereby manipulating a bunch of numbers, the CDC has been able to exponentially inflate the number of “Official” Covid deaths” constantly touted to the public during 2020 (while President Trump was president) to look like it was four times the number of flu deaths during a year, WHEN THE NUMBER OF FLU DEATHS DURING THAT PREVIOUS, TERRIBLE YEAR, deaths that were not even reported, WERE ACTUALLY FIVE TIMES THE NUMBER OF COVID DEATHS during 2020!

Any determination about those virus death numbers is always a statistical construct, since autopsies are not performed on all of the decedents, decedents who often (with Covid, they invariably have a minimum of two, and the average decedent has had four) have other potentially-deadly conditions (comorbidities) at the time of their deaths. Nevertheless, in the past, prior to the changes in the “regulations”/dictates mandated by the CDC discussed below, the number of deaths from the flu that have been published by the government bureaucrats have probably been fairly reliable statistical constructs.

The CDC’s Covid Regulatory “Fix”

That has not been true at all with the deaths published by the CDC (now over 800,000 over nearly 2 years) regarding Covid, because the “Official” statistics regarding deaths from that disease now, and since the very beginning in February, 2020, has been inflated to include not deaths from, but rather deaths even arguably WITH (or rather, POSSIBLY WITH) Covid.

If the previous methodology always used for the flu were deployed for Covid deaths by the CDC, the actual number of deaths from Covid, as opposed to WITH Covid, is 1/20th of that number, roughly 40,000 over a two year period, LESS THAN THE NUMBER OF FLU DEATHS IN A TYPICAL FLU YEAR.

So it’s apparent that the various regulatory changes by the CDC regarding its statistical calculations which produce that result were deliberate and calculated, and intended to fantastically inflate the number of apparent deaths from Covid in the minds of the public.

To protect its bureaucratic rear end, of course, the real number was always possible to compute to anyone who took the trouble to do so, so that the CDC was not genuinely lying about all that; it was just changing the presentation of data in a manner INTENDED TO FRIGHTEN PEOPLE UNNECESSARILY about Covid, to make it worthy of attention on an ongoing basis, attention which we have never paid to the flu which, according to all the data, IS AT LEAST 10 TIMES AS DEADLY AS COVID TO THE GENERAL POPULATION and kills more in its worst years than Covid has ever come close to doing, even in its first year, when everyone was most vulnerable, least immune, to the novel virus.

And the CDC has been zealous in its orders (orders which, if not obeyed, result in fines and imprisonment like any other actual law) to healthcare providers to make sure they count deaths as due to Covid IF THERE IS ANY CONCEIVABLE POSSIBLE RELATIONSHIP of any decedent to that disease, EVEN IF IT HAS NO ACTUAL RELEVANCE TO THE DEATH (such as in the case of a suicide, murder, heart failure, etc.), deliberately using PCR tests which produce multiple false positives, and even assigning deaths to Covid without those tests being administered in many cases at all, if someone in the hospital thinks for any reason, or none at all, that Covid was the cause.

And every patient admitted to every hospital in the United States since March, 2020, when the WHO and the CDC “officially” announced that a “pandemic” was present, has been given, uniquely (they aren’t automatically given tests for any other potential illness no matter how dangerous), a Covid test, a PCR test, regardless of the reason the patient was admitted. And if the patient tested “positive,” something that often happens incorrectly with the PCR tests, that patient became a Covid “case.” The focus of everyone was to be on this new virus, single-mindedly, to make it literally an obsessive object of universal terror, WITHOUT REGARD TO ITS ACTUAL RISK.

And healthcare providers are paid substantial, monetary premiums by Medicare (a Federal alphabet bureaucracy allied with the CDC, as they all are) if they claim deaths are due to Covid, a bureaucratic bribe guaranteed to produce further-inflated outcomes for that ultimate statistic, the statistic that was manipulated and used, militarily deployed, to frighten everyone.

The bureaucrats used multiple methods for deliberately inflating THE NUMBER, the official death number, which would be presented to the public as worthy of inducing terror simply because of that designation, “OFFICIAL,” and therefore supposedly trustworthy in every way, a number which, during President Trump’s presidency, their allies in cable “news,” and corporate network “news” would echo endlessly, breathlessly counting every additional fatality (a count which has mysteriously evaporated since Biden became “president”).

Inflating that “Official” number of supposed deaths from a virus, Covid, a brand new virus, a virus which by its very nature was transmissible from one person to another invisibly, was the vehicle Communist China and its fifth column allies within our own federal bureaucracy used to induce terror in the American population, all engineered by manipulating otherwise obscure, supposedly-benign, supposedly-scientific and invisible Government regulations, regulations which, in turn, spat out data and “statistics.”

As we now know, as these very malicious bureaucrats (Fauci et al.) have taught us by their actions regarding Covid in every way: anything of that nature which comes out of the federal government, or rather is issued by unelected federal bureaucrats, is the OPPOSITE of trustworthy, since IT’S PURPOSE IS ALWAYS INHERENTLY POLITICAL, not to inform, but rather to manipulate the public, to trick the public into believing things, “NARRATIVES” (the Marxist/Collectivist euphemism for deliberate, big, public lies and disinformation, usually based on elements of truth, spun and manipulated to become the opposite of the truth, the very thing Cable “news” and corporate network “news” is able to produce always, with its producers, cameras and “panels”), which politically-motivated bureaucrats want them/us to believe.

All of that is proof of the eternal truth: “there are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

How They Did It

It is hard to even imagine a subject more sleep-inducing and removed from the public’s attention and interest than the words used in unelected-bureaucrat-created federal regulations describing statistical requirements of any kind. And so that area of uniquely-boring public non-interest became the perfect vehicle for the unelected bureaucrats to stealthily manipulate the public’s supposed “Knowledge” of reality about this new, particular, infectious respiratory virus, literally creating Trojan Horses of lies, all masquerading as “Helpful Advice” from supposedly honest, public-servant “experts,” “information” we as citizens were supposed to feel blessed to acquire.

And so the CDC, a bureaucracy which has no place under our Constitution, unconstitutionally (the only actual, legal procedures for writing laws are in Article I of the Constitution, which require actual, elected members of Congress, both houses, to do the writing, writing and procedures which no bureaucrat is remotely capable of complying with) writes laws it euphemistically calls “regulations” and “directives,” legally-enforceable (again, healthcare providers get fined or go to jail if they disobey them) mandates/orders to healthcare providers and multiple other persons in the country dictating how they are to gather data which they are required to report to the CDC, data which ends up being digested by CDC bureaucrats into statistics which they publish, if they choose to — or buried and hidden, as they have now done about the flu in the Obama presidency which killed over 100,000 in a single season.

2020 – The Moment They Picked To Strike

And in 2020, when the American economy was booming, and President Trump was making our military feared around the world among our enemies and ending the constant wars in the Middle East, defeating the ISIS Caliphate the size of New Jersey in Iraq and Syria in mere months, after Obama had said it would take years, making peace between the Arabs and the Jews for the first time in millennia, President Trump who, unlike any of his predecessors, had kept virtually every promise he had made during the election campaign, THE ENTIRE LEFT (including the Chinese Communist left which is always in communication with the organized American left and the left throughout the world, as was the case with the USSR) was terrified of, and desperate to do anything to stop, his highly-likely reelection.

Because President Trump was a true, existential threat to all of them and all of Marxism, because he was actually serious about doing what he promised and was the first explicitly anti-anti-American, and therefore anti-Marxist, president, the first president in history to take the danger from Communist China seriously and treat it like the adversary it plainly is and has been all along.

And so it, the Chinese Communist party, the party which itself had created the virus in its own military bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, with the assistance of its loyal affiliates in the American federal supposedly-scientific bureaucracy, most prominently Anthony Fauci, its allies in the federal bureaucracy who had provided it financing for the creation of that virus, yes, that Chinese Communist party called on its forces within the federal government itself, federal government bureaucrats who detested both President Trump and free markets and everything about America as founded, and considered it (as was the case with other bureaucrats like James Comey) THEIR PATRIOTIC (loyal to Collectivism) DUTY to destroy him, as other federal bureaucrats had been doing throughout his presidency (as is now being itemized by John Durham in his indictments) decided to use their (Illegal) power to write regulations to literally create a revolution, to transform the nation and destroy the economy, literally an act of war, against both President Trump and the country itself.

How And Why The Bureaucrats Used Covid, The New Virus

Those bureaucrats had known all along that any respiratory virus is, by its nature, transmissible from person to person, and they were desperate to have Communism imposed on America, the goal worldwide, always-transnational Communists had been seeking since 1848 when Karl Marx published “The Communist Manifesto,” Communism which would impose 100% control by the central government over every detail of every one’s life, one-party rule, with absolute power over everything, forever.

And so they determined that if they could use a virus to trick people into both believing (absurdly) in the power of government TO ACTUALLY STOP A VIRUS THROUGH ITS DICTATES (all it can do is issue orders and threaten violence for their disobedience) and being terrified of their neighbors, terrified to the point that they would welcome that kind of control by the central government, the presence of the virus could be their greatest boon, and the only question was: how to terrify the population and use that to their advantage?

And thus they decided that they would use their platforms available to them as supposed “public health experts” and use lies and misinformation, with the misuse of statistics, and even their falsification, about the virus, including lies about any ACTUAL (when administered early after infection) TREATMENTS for it, like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and Monoclonal Antibodies (information about which they would suppress, or simply slander those LONG-KNOWN-SAFE remedies, so that people wouldn’t, or couldn’t, deploy them and so neutralize the virus, a virus they, the Marxists, were INTENT ON USING TO TERRIFY THE POPULATION forever), and any purported “vaccine” that would emerge to deal with it, all amplified in every way they and their supporters in the “Official” corporate media, including the social media, could manage.

That last point is the most important: they would use their own inflated, supposedly-“Official” platforms, exponentially amplified by the platforms available to all of those “news” and social media sources, all of whom were their activist, Marxist allies, to create A VIRTUAL REALITY for everyone, a complete surround-experience, and trick people into believing whatever they wanted them to believe about both the virus and any treatment or vaccine for it, leaving the belief in the minds of the public that, without regard to the truth, a devastatingly-deadly respiratory virus WAS ACTUALLY PRESENT IN THE COUNTRY, with that artificially-created belief their means to make people literally suffocate with fear, afraid of everything, afraid of their neighbors, desperately seeking a way to protect themselves from everything, from their neighbors, even from their own family members, any other human being, all of whom could be dreaded invisible “carriers” of that supposedly-universally-deadly, invisible, dread disease —always with the claim, explicit or otherwise, that bureaucrats in the government had answers, SOLUTIONS, to solve the terrible problem of the virus.

It was the sheer novelty of the virus, the fact that it was unknown, so that supposedly-“Official” numbers could be manipulated by the bureaucrats, and they could pretend, at least for a time, that it was many times more deadly than the flu — even though in reality it turned out not to be, and is, actually 10 TIMES LESS DEADLY THAN THE FLU TO THE GENERAL POPULATION, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, not deadly at all to anyone who does not have a minimum of two comorbidities, facts they and anyone who observed what was going on have had available at all times since February, 2020, facts which they, the despicable, lying, politically-motivated federal bureaucrats and their allies, have done everything they can to bury, and even to pretend don’t exist.

And so they, like the bureaucrats they are, used a cut-out to introduce the virus to the world, introducing it to the world by using the WHO and its supposedly-“scientific,” but completely-false, claims about the virus, the WHO with its claims that the virus was 43 TIMES MORE DEADLY THAN THE FLU, and pretended that, in the words of one of their favorites, Andrew Cuomo, “Covid is death.”

In reality, if that statement were true, then the ordinary flu has been, all along, “DEATH” MULTIPLIED BY 10 for the general population and children!

And to this day, the overwhelming majority of the people of America, at least in blue states, have no idea that that is indeed the case and are shocked if you tell it to them, shocked behind their worthless masks, as they carefully stay 6 feet away at least from you.

The “Mitigation” Measures The Bureaucrats Came Up With

And so they, the federal bureaucrats, Fauci et al, went to President Trump and told him this virus would kill millions if he did not act, THAT HE HAD THE ABILITY TO PREVENT THAT BY HIS ACTIONS, and that they had wonderful mitigation measures which would fix everything in a matter of weeks, measures which were necessary to save literally millions of American lives, measures requiring shut-downs of all churches and synagogues and businesses, particularly small businesses they didn’t approve of (all the eternal objects of hatred of Marxists),”social distancing” so that people could be terrified of being near anyone else and, eventually, mask-wearing, so that people could see who — everyone, the bureaucrats hoped – was CONCERNED/TERRIFIED about the virus simply by looking at their face, and would be unable to communicate with anyone because of the masks — masks which all actual medical studies, including ones conducted by those very bureaucrats themselves (studies which have now been suppressed or are ignored or ridiculed by the Marxists, or disappeared by them from the Internet), have over many years invariably proven to be UTTERLY USELESS to prevent transmission of respiratory viruses.

The Marxists have used the supposed “mitigation” measures they devised themselves to emphasize the supposed universal danger, with the masks and testing, and the closed schools, and the mandatory social distancing and all the other stupidity they came up with as CONSTANT REMINDERS OF THE CONSTANT PRESENCE, the supposed universal fear by everyone, of the virus, all to emphasize the purported danger of the virus, and TO CREATE THE ILLUSION THAT EVERYONE ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT, and you would be a fool not to, A VIRUS WHICH WE NOW KNOW IS RELATIVELY (COMPARED TO THE FLU) HARMLESS TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, particularly to children.

And so in their determination to destroy Donald Trump and the whole idea of individual liberty and everything about the country itself as founded, they set out to terrify everyone and, in particular, parents of children, by lying to them, pretending that their children were at great risk of dying if they were not “protected,” fears that had no basis in actual science or experience (children under 18 have a 1 IN 2 MILLION CHANCE OF DYING FROM IT, and not a single child who lacked multiple comorbidities has died from it anywhere), fears which to anyone who gave the slightest attention to the actual data about the virus, were completely insane (shutting the schools, preventing children from playing with their friends, wearing masks 24 hours a day, EVEN WHILE EATING, absurdly removing the masks between bites, etc.) and were nothing short of grotesque child abuse to every child affected by them.

Why It Worked

But it was they, the federal bureaucrats, and their allies everywhere throughout the professions that have been captured by Marxism, the corporate “news” media and social media who controlled what people were told about the data, and huge portions of the population were kept terrified, and remain so to this very day.

Because their allies in the social media, and on professional-licensing boards, and at universities, and bureaucrats throughout the government and foundations, all of whom control funding for research and salaries and tenure for professionals who were able to analyze the same data I’m talking about etc., all of them were able to cancel and silence voices, especially scientists and doctors and other professionals exposing the real data and its actual meaning, data which necessarily had to come from other countries, countries like the UK and Israel and Iceland which also had been terrified and were forcing all these measures, especially the ”vaccines,” on their people, but at least were actually reporting the results, since the American bureaucrats were manipulating or simply lying about, and actively suppressing, the American data.

And those monstrous, genuinely-evil federal bureaucrats presented and continue to present to this very day, this complete pack of lies about the virus, including lies about their “mitigation” methods, lies about actual treatments like ivermectin, constant lies and deliberate misinformation to the public, all presented in a seemingly-benign manner, a massive disinformation presentation, all manipulated by supposedly-reliable public servants, “Public Health Experts,” as they (absurdly, since they don’t know more than anyone else about anything other than bureaucracy, and everyone’s health is a uniquely personal and private matter, so that there LITERALLY IS NO SUCH THING AS “PUBLIC HEALTH,” other than the health of the economy, which those particular bureaucrats know even less about than anyone’s health) call themselves.

They have been the classic wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be “public servants, supposed virtual saints/savants, supposedly-selfless, having always nothing but the interests of the American public at heart, while all along promoting nothing but MASSIVE DISINFORMATION AND LIES about the new virus, and about actual treatments (Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etc.) for it, lies and suppression about those treatments which continue to this day, and eventually about the purported “vaccines” (which neither prevent the acquisition nor the transmission of the virus, and so, of course, are not vaccines at all), disinformation and lies all presented by them as a legitimately-panic-inducing phenomenon, with all their disinformation and lies amplified endlessly by all the supposedly-reliable “news” sources, the New York Times, the Washington Post, corporate network and cable “news” etc., and with all who had real information showing the lies that they were announcing, people like Alex Berenson, an honest former-New York Times reporter who tirelessly went through all of the actual studies and data, data mostly from other countries (since the actual American data has been suppressed by the bureaucrats all along) and was silenced and eliminated from all social media platforms because of all the lies he was exposing BY SIMPLY REPORTING THE TRUTH, suppression which continues to this very day, as each of the facts which he disclosed long ago, disclosures which led to his complete exile and suppression by social media, are proven to have been absolutely true, in the face of the lies from the bureaucrats, lies which none of the bureaucrats have ever retracted.

Because ABOVE ALL ELSE, they, the despicable bureaucrats, will never admit that they were wrong about anything, let alone everything — and especially the fact that the people who said they were wrong all along were correct. Now that things are worse than they have ever been with the virus, deaths, hospitalizations, “cases,” after 18 months of everyone following the “experts ‘” directives, the last thing on earth they will do is admit they have been wrong all along, and instead they double down on their demands, demanding more and more vicious punishments for those who disobey them and know what frauds they are.

And all that, that pack of pure lies and disinformation which continues to be, in turn, amplified endlessly by call the corporate “news” sources, all the social media platforms, all based on at its bottom, the foundation of the entire House Of Cards Of Lies, ON THE SUPPOSEDLY-RELIABLE “TRUTH” OF STATISTICS, statistics whose outcome the Federal bureaucrats had deliberately manipulated, and continue to manipulate, from the start, BY CHANGING THE REGULATIONS DICTATING THE METHODOLOGY TO PRODUCE THOSE STATISTICS as soon as the virus appeared, so they became “statistics” manufactured (by the bureaucrats themselves), “statistics” falsely presented about a new, previously-unanalyzed respiratory virus like Covid, all designed, as they knew and hoped they could, to induce panic among the general population, and thereby become A VEHICLE FOR MANIPULATION of the public, a vehicle FOR REVOLUTION in the country, and thereby to use the whole thing, the virus and all the lies they generated about it and its actual treatments, to produce genuinely radical changes, including destroying the economy and President Trump’s popularity (they could and would all blame the virus on him in unison, as if he could possibly have had anything to do with it, PROPAGANDA STRAIGHT OUT OF COMMUNIST CHINA in fact, the Chinese Communist military who were looking everywhere for someone to blame the virus on, the virus which they had created), the economy which was booming and, indeed, the entire mentality and mental health of the American people, all through ‘”just” rewriting regulations, Directions/Orders to healthcare providers for gathering Covid-death statistics, and thereby changing the statistical methodology for respiratory death statistics dictated by (those completely illegal and unconstitutional) regulations and produce the outcome they desired.

They made those regulatory changes immediately after the WHO, an agency completely under the control of the Chinese Communist party, began the process, effectively giving them, our American federal bureaucrats, their marching orders to begin the process of revolution they were to initiate, the process to destroy America, and the Trump presidency in particular, by announcing, without a shred of actual scientific evidence, based on a few numbers that they deliberately manipulated and they knew did not in fact produce the results they announced, announced, with the blessing of Dr. Fauci and all the federal bureaucrats, to the world that a new virus, Covid, WAS 43 TIMES MORE DEADLY THAN THE TYPICAL FLU!

And it was then, immediately after that WHO’s announcement, when the CDC bureaucrats changed their own regulations, literally rewriting their own “laws,” laws euphemized as “regulations,” laws which should never have been law at all, “regulations,” which had no Constitutional basis for existing whatsoever, all with the end in mind of having statistics about “Covid deaths” produced which would proclaim to the public that it, the entire public, especially parents concerned about the health of their children, SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED, tricking everyone, particularly parents, into ACTUALLY BELIEVING the total lie that their children, who were never at any risk whatsoever from the virus (again, the ordinary flu is at least 10 times more dangerous to children), all so that everyone should and would be in a state of panic from the new virus, all based on statistics manipulated by the CDC’s directions and its DECISIONS REGARDING HOW IT WOULD PUBLISH THEM, providing the means for those bureaucrats to pretend that the new virus really is SIGNIFICANTLY more, 43 times more, as the WHO had “officially” proclaimed (although that number kept, quietly, coming down very slowly after the damage they wanted was done), more deadly than the flu, and therefore THE PERFECT PRETEXT for them, the bureaucrats, in service of the Chinese Communists, to seize power for themselves over the public, by tricking President Trump into giving them that power by himself believing what they said, President Trump who at all times wanted the best for the country, President Trump who did not realize that in listening to anything from the CDC bureaucrats, especially Fauci, he was believing the lies of enemies of both himself and the American Constitution itself, planted agents of the Chinese Communists, enemies of liberty itself, lies which were their weapons of war against him, the pawns taking the king by tricking him into listening to anything they had to say at all about the virus.

President Trump’s Catastrophic Error

And in the greatest mistake ever, a mistake which President Trump made which destroyed his presidency, he permitted them, through his blessing in letting them stand on the stage daily with him, giving them his imprimatur and presenting them to the public as the “experts” they pretended to be, and even worse, he actually accepted their advice and, against all his instincts, in what he believed was the interest of the country, believed it would, as they had assured him, save millions of lives, and agreed to “two weeks to slow the curve,” meaning he approved shut downs of the amazing economy which had flourished as it never had throughout the 20th century after 1906 (or rather shut downs of those portions of the economy, the churches and small businesses, that the bureaucrats had always loathed like the Marxists that they were, and did not certify as being “essential”), all at the direction of government bureaucrats, based on their completely fraudulent “data,” thereby permitting those bureaucrats to get involved in giving their version of unsolicited health advice TO THE NATION AS A WHOLE, COLLECTIVELY, rather than, like real doctors, to individuals who actually chose to hire them.

Those bureaucrats have and had been at war with the Constitution, professional Marxists embedded, like hundreds of thousands of others, throughout the federal bureaucracy, for decades, using the unconstitutional powers of their unelected offices, offices and power they should never have had, dispensing taxpayer money based on their political choices for “research” they choose to favor, favoring those scientific academics they chose, always favoring subservient (to them and their hideous, collectivist ideology) bureaucratic academics who produced “research results” consistent with the demands, whatever they were at the moment, for the “narratives” promoting the Marxist/Collectivist party line, consistent with what those federal bureaucrats wanted the public to believe was Science and which was, in fact, nothing but “science.”

In reality, none of those bureaucrats is anyone’s actual doctor. They are nothing but what they have always been — unelected bureaucrats obsessed with obtaining power for themselves, and with promoting collectivism itself, always promoting CENTRAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL over everything and everyone, the very enemy (magnified on steroids since then) our founders fought in our American Revolution and in the Constitution, centralized power over others, THE VERY OPPOSITE OF individual liberty, individual liberty whose establishment is, uniquely in world history, the very soul of the American Constitution, power which they have illegally been given by Congress and presidents for decades unconstitutionally, power to decide who gets money — and who doesn’t – for “research,” and now, since the virus appeared which they tricked President Trump into making a big deal about, a molehill turned into a mountain, power they had previously only dreamed of their entire power-obsessed lives — power to dictate how people should live every detail of their lives, including what businesses and organizations of any kind could live, who can talk to who, and about what and when and where, whether people can even leave their homes, and above all, what the “Truth” is, demanding to have for themselves, with their fraudulent pretense of credentialed, “Official Expertise,” a monopoly over the Truth, the very trademark of the brutal, tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship in every totalitarian society.

Biden, The Bureaucrats, and Covid

And now, after President Trump is gone, they have a Democrat/Marxist president sock puppet delighted to do their bidding and impose whatever demands on the public they can contemplate, however idiotically and however irrelevant those demands/orders/mandates are to anyone’s actual health (now, after all of their “mitigation” methods have been scientifically-proven to be worthless AND PURELY DESTRUCTIVE, by peoples’ actual, undeniable experience of their worthlessness, something they will never admit), and however obvious that fact is to everyone with eyes that are open. With all that, the despicable Marxists, people who literally should be tarred and feathered and run out of town, remain, together with their “president,” desperately seeking to find any conceivable, colorable “legal” way to force their totalitarian power on everyone, on as many people as possible, everyone who now knows what frauds they and their stupid, medically-pointless masks and their shut downs and their mandatory “vaccines” (helpful treatments for those with multiple comorbidities, but pointless to everyone else compared to the natural immunity which everyone who gets the virus acquires) are, to do their bidding, their demands, as many as can be forced under their thumb.

And with the idiocy of their demands undeniably exposed by the very fact that THERE ARE MORE DEATHS FROM THE VIRUS NOW after over a year of experiencing it and WITH THE PUBLIC DOING EVERYTHING THEY DEMANDED, and with all the multiple “vaccines,” and treatments, and with those NUMBERS WORST IN THE STATES WHICH HAVE BEEN MOST OBEDIENT TO THEIR DEMANDS for mandates and shut downs of all kinds, with their “mandates” exposed to anyone who has eyes to see as medically-pointless, THEY DOUBLE DOWN ON THOSE DEMANDS, rather than acknowledging their error all along, and they demand peoples’ lives be ruined if they don’t obey their demands and agree with them, demand that professionals’ licenses be revoked, police and firefighters and doctors and nurses and thousands of military heroes all be fired if they dare to speak out and refuse to follow their demands and expose their lies and fraud; and they have a “president” only to happy to “legalize” and use every brutal power of the central government to enforce their demands.

The power they have demanded and which has been granted them is power which even actual, elected officials are not permitted under our Constitution, power which elected politicians can only give themselves by taking it illegally, in violation of the Constitution and the oaths they swear to support it, power they, those vile federal bureaucrats, and the politicians who rely on their dictates, exercise WITHOUT ANY ACCOUNTABILITY WHATSOEVER.

Because the bureaucrats can always say: it’s the politician who is making the orders; and the politician can simply point to them as the “experts” who is/are “SCIENCE” ITSELF, as Anthony Fauci actually had the audacity publicly and shamelessly to proclaim himself (!), whose advice the politician is simply humbly and diligently following.

That fact alone —THE FACT OF THEIR TOTAL UNACCOUNTABILITY — tells you how hideously-unconstitutional their presence, the presence of supposed “experts” dictating policy for the citizenry in the republic is, and how even more hideous is their exercise of power over the formerly-free citizenry.

Our Constitution Forbids The Very Existence Of The CDC, All The Federal “Health” Bureaucracies, And All Their Officials/Bureaucrats

Our nation, as explicitly stated in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, was founded with the expectation, the GUARANTEE, of the CONTINUATION OF THE BENEFITS, the protections for life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals, under the unique, British-created Common Law (administered by the courts, primarily those of the states, alone). Those are the rights of genuinely-free men in a Republic, Republics (each of the states) whose continuation AS REPUBLICS preserving all those rights is explicitly GUARANTEED in our Constitution.

Accordingly, with that fact in mind, our Constitution requires, as its most fundamental feature, as the duty necessary to reap the benefits of American citizenship under the Common Law, COMPLETE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR EVERYONE (all citizens) in America, under the requirements of the Common Law (again, administered by the courts, not executives, primarily those of the states alone) and — especially AND ADDITIONALLY for any public officials, real accountability to the people ultimately.

And anyone providing services (as these “Public Health Experts” pretend to do) is Constitutionally-required, LIKE ALL CITIZENS, to be accountable to THE ACCOUNTABILITY OF THE MARKET, the demands of those who choose them to provide the services those customers themselves want AND ACTUALLY CHOOSE, the invisible hands (supply and demand of the market, and the Common Law alone) — not simply to themselves as unelected, unaccountable dictators.

And, under the Common Law and our Constitution which GUARANTEES it, along with all its other provisions, NOTHING permits anyone, like these “Public Health ” Bureaucrats, to perform “services” for anyone who does not explicitly choose to hire them (the president can employ them as advisors if he chooses, but THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF HAS NO POWER TO ORDER citizens, formerly free citizens, to do any of the things the bureaucrats have demanded — compulsory, medically-pointless masking, vaccinations (even if it were for real vaccines), and shut downs of businesses and churches and other gatherings without due process, even if based on a real, not bureaucratically-fabricated, emergency – NOR DO ANY OF THE GOVERNORS have the arbitrary and despicable powers they have purported to exercise without Due Process over the citizens: There is no “emergency” exception to the Constitution and all its guarantees).

Whenever the government, through its bureaucrats, pretends to perform a service, it necessarily does so as a monopoly-provider, with none of the accountability to its customers demanded of all service-providers by the invisible rules of the market and the Common Law, a monopoly which inherently, and unconstitutionally, DESTROYS the real market for the very services it purports to provide.

In the case of these so-called “Public Health Experts” they pretend, fraudulently, to have a monopoly of truth about their supposed “Health Expertise,” a monopoly and a “service” which are both forbidden under our Constitution – a “service” for which NO CITIZEN HAS HIRED THEM.

Accordingly, quite simply, permitting these completely proven–fraudulent and worthless “Official Experts” to dictate anything to the people about anything is not only massively-destructive and genuinely evil, as practical and moral matters, it is forbidden under our Constitution.

Nothing in our Constitution permits any public official, elected or otherwise, to dictate how anyone, any American citizen, should take care of any of his health matters, what speech he is allowed to give, or anything else about his private life, with the establishment and preservation of individual liberty above all else being what this country is and has always been, UNIQUELY FOR ANY COUNTRY THROUGHOUT ALL HISTORY, about since its founding.

That, our unique dedication to individual liberty, is the very reason why hatred of America and all its founding documents (always, from the very start, based on its supposedly-UNIQUELY-prevalent and evil “racism,” “racism” which, the accusers pretend, has never existed anywhere else, and yet somehow doesn’t prevent non-white immigrants from moving heaven and earth to come here and prosper beyond their wildest dreams!) has always, SINCE KARL MARX — whose ideology turns everyone other than government bureaucrats into slaves — MADE THAT VERY ACCUSATION HIMSELF, that accusation and the hatred it incites being always the singular, driving force propelling all its American support for totalitarian Marxist Collectivism, Marxism itself being literally THE ANTITHESIS OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.

BURNING HATRED, together with ENVY (the only emotion forbidden in the 10 Commandments) are and always have been both the fuel and the engine driving Marxist Collectivism everywhere its malignancy spreads, hatred the particular, hideous emotion which both feeds on itself and grows endlessly, hatred, WHICH ALWAYS NEEDS AN OBJECT TO FOCUS ON, that HATRED OF AMERICA being the one thing driving its American useful idiots’ belief in that hideous, Marxist Collectivist nonsense ever since the beginning, hatred necessary for it to capture anyone, since IT HAS NO INTELLECTUAL CONTENT whatsoever.

And our Constitution is very clear (read the 9th and 10th Amendments if you don’t believe me): it delegates EXPLICIT POWERS, and ONLY those explicitly-given powers, to the federal government, and anything it does not delegate to it are retained by the people and/or the states: the federal government simply doesn’t have any power whatsoever that is not specified in black-and-white in the Constitution.

And there is NOT A WORD in the Constitution about the federal government having the power to employ or fund scientists and researchers researching about health matters at all, nothing permitting bureaucrats to choose who should get endless money for research and who shouldn’t, nothing about any of that, let alone power to dictate any details of citizens’ lives, PARTICULARLY ABOUT THEIR HEALTH, and no power whatsoever for them or the government itself to dictate what “The Truth” is about ANYTHING.

These public health “experts” simply have no place, under our Constitution, in the federal government whatsoever, and are entitled to none of the offices, none of the power they have had for years, power to dispense public money that even elected politicians should not have, and the additional powers which President Trump, by his mistake in delegating power to them and elevating them in importance for the public (even though it’s apparent that they all utterly detested him and were opposed to him in every way), granted them.

And the Constitution does not permit them to even exist in our government because it makes no provision for them or anything like them. Aside from the fact that the “services” they purport to perform, their “advice”/mandates are utterly worthless, they are not performing a single duty required, or even permitted, for the federal government, under the Constitution. The federal government literally has no business whatsoever getting involved in any of the things they do, and particularly in citizens’ health decisions.

Each of us may or may not have one or more doctors who we choose to hire for medical advice, and they, and whoever any of us choose to hire besides them, are the only persons who have the right to give any of us any medical advice. And they have that right because we choose them for ourselves, not because any government imposes them on us.

And now, as they have been all along (WE KNEW FROM THE VERY START, with the results of the people on the cruise ship in February-March, 2020, that Covid was relatively harmless — non-deadly, that is – to anyone who did not have a minimum of two comorbidities), the hideous, medically-worthless, anti-American results of these actions by the bureaucrats are now so clear and in the open, there for all with open eyes to see: as the obviousness of the worthlessness of their mandates of all kinds increases, they double down on their demands for the mandates, and punishments for any who disobey them, rather than admitting they were wrong all along; and the number of Covid “cases” and hospitalizations and DEATHS INCREASE EVERYWHERE WHERE THEIR MANDATES ARE FOLLOWED MOST STRINGENTLY, with the opposite result in Florida, and Tennessee and Texas, where their mandates are explicitly repudiated by the governors.

Illegitimi Non Carborundum Est

All of these facts about the bureaucrats, the fake “experts,” and their medically-worthless advice/demands, and the horror they have created illegally are now out in the open completely, and those facts, those undeniable facts, prove beyond any reasonable doubt the truth that is plain for all of us to see: the truth that ALL OF THESE FEDERAL BUREAUCRACIES HAVE NO VALUE WHATSOEVER, ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND MUST BE ELIMINATED unless they are explicitly permitted in the Constitution.

And the only one, the only federal alphabet agency, which is explicitly permitted happens to be the IRS, because of the 16th Amendment which authorizes it (although it does not authorize any of numerous abuses the income tax laws have contained since 1913, as the result of its proponents’ simply copying and making us all swallow the totalitarian income tax laws of Bismarck’s Germany hook, line, and sinker, and imposing them on us, immediately after the 16th Amendment was adopted, methods which the IRS, at the direction of Congress, applies against the people in violation of the Constitution, methods precluded by the Constitution, such as tax crimes, penalties and mandatory, pre-judgment employee salary-withholding — all the collection methods unavailable to ordinary creditors, etc., all of which will be the subject of another piece by me).

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  1. I dont actually purchase the local newspaper but I have been looking at the front page above the fold covid terror story, every morning for all most 2 yrs. Also colloidal silver which I make in my kitchen kills all viruses including covid. I’m really sick of the lies and fear porn.

  2. You know when I first heard about colliadal silver, it was during the Ebola outbreak in Africa, what I heard was it cured Ebola and a US company was in process of sending a large shipment of it to the affected area. Obama administration banned that shipment. Huge heads up to the awake people. If the government doesnt want you to have something it probably works.