The Biden Administration Sells Us Out To Our Enemies

Feb 20, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Of course the Biden regime is selling out our allies Israel and the Saudis — and doing everything it can to empower the Iranians.

The only consistent strategy in the Biden regime is to do everything it can, legally or not, to harm America and its interests in every way — forcing all of our border agents to stand down and be turned into travel agents for illegal aliens, and simultaneously turning over our southern border to the cartels, doing everything it can to destroy our economy and to benefit everyone who is an enemy of this country — and the bigger an enemy the country is, the greater the benefits they seek to provide them.

Their literally-obsessive and strategically-pointless dedication to destroying the American oil and gas business in every way possible has benefited Russia dollar-for-dollar — and has permitted it to finance all of its operations in Eastern Europe, including its assaults, real or threatened, on Ukraine.

Yes, the stuff that’s going on right now. All those things the Biden regime is supposedly so concerned about between the Russians and the Ukrainians, none of which would have gone on if President Trump were still in the White House (and we know that because NONE OF IT DID HAPPEN, NOTHING LIKE WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE WORLD NOW, when he was in the White House — and his being gone and replaced with the despicable, pathologically-corrupt/incompetent/Anti-American Biden, is the only thing that has changed).

All of those terrible things that are happening to America and our allies has been facilitated by the Biden regime’s destruction of our energy economy (actively assaulting our status under President Trump of being energy-independent for the first time in our history!) and its consequent empowerment of Russia’s economy.

Because Russia’s economy literally DOESN’T EXIST apart from its selling of oil and gas (and, to a lesser extent, weapons) to the world: The lower the price of oil, the weaker the Russian economy, the higher it goes, the stronger.

The Biden regime’s single-minded and obsessive efforts to facilitate an increase in the price of oil (all in the name of “saving the planet,” a Chicken Little stupidity that is beyond comprehension) is a direct attack on America — and a direct benefit to Russia and, of course, Iran.

And Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to make the price of oil skyrocket — and making sure that no American company benefits from that, making sure that the American people are harmed by that in every way conceivable.

None of what Iran is doing, and what Russia has been doing in Eastern Europe, would’ve been financially possible had the Biden regime not empowered Russia and Iran financially by destroying our own energy economy — and facilitating Russia and Iran in every way possible, Iran which remains a sworn, existential enemy of America and Israel.

The Biden regime’s actions and its apparent (though, amazingly, UNSTATED, AS IF IT CAN PRETEND IT IS OTHERWISE, as if it could pretend it can hide the truth of its incredibly anti-American policies from the American people!) policy with respect to Russia, Iran and the world, and our own energy economy, would be unbelievable if it wasn’t such a consistent policy left over from the Obama administration performed by the same incompetents who were in that utterly-worthless (though much more politically-adept) Obama administration — the anti-American Obama policies on steroids.

In response to: An ever worse Iran nuclear deal?

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