The Brave Ukrainians Fight Back – And We Do Absolutely Nothing, As Has Been The Case Since Obama Under Every Democrat President

Feb 26, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Look at this article below: in spite of the pathetic incompetence of Joe Biden and the Europeans — their ongoing, deliberate destruction (in the insane name of “saving the planet!”) of the oil and gas business in America and Europe, creating dependency on Russia, of all things, with our oil and gas business our biggest weapon against Russia, and doing so so stupidly, after President Trump had made us completely energy-independent – the Ukrainians are turning out to be a tough nut to crack.

And yes, unlike under President Trump, we are now buying dirty Russian oil, as we gratuitously reduce our far-cleaner oil and gas supply by 1.6 million barrels a day under the Idiotic policies of Joe Biden, buying 800,000 barrels a day from Putin, financing his war against Ukraine, and doing so more and more every day as prices rise, the automatic result of Biden’s anti-energy policies!

But Putin should’ve known this would happen — that the Ukrainians would not be doormats. There’s no way to know if the story below is true, but you could be sure there will be plenty of Russians going home in body bags. And the Russian people will hate that. Putin will not be able to continue to lose men very long.

And, unfortunately for us, he doesn’t have to: Russia has no real conventional capability against a real fighting force, and these people, these brave Ukrainians, are fighting for their lives and their country, which they deeply love; and they are terrified of being under the thumb of Russia — again.

And they are not conscripts like the Russian troops. They are fighting because they want to do so above all else, and they will fight to the last man. They have already proven that on that island that the Russians took, all 13 Ukrainians refused to give up and all died. And that must have scared the living sh– out of the Russians.

The Ukrainians have been at war with the Russians since 2014, when Obama let the Russians take Crimea without batting an eyelash, refusing to give the Ukrainians weapons throughout his presidency, giving them MREs, literally spitting in their faces — while his vice president, who is now our president, unfortunately, feasted on the corruption of the country with his son as his bagman collecting millions from his no-show job at Burisma in exchange for the corrupt Joe getting Burisma’s prosecutor fired, something he had the audacity to brag about on video — and the Ukrainians know that the Russians are monsters when they capture people, cutting off their testicles, breaking all the rules of Geneva, like all of our enemies always do.

We’re the only ones stupid enough to actually follow those rules, with every bullet fired by an American soldier approved first by a group of lawyers, and constant prosecutions of our military for simply doing their jobs, for breaking the enemy. All of that anti-American pacifism-inspired nonsense prevents us from winning wars.

You win a war by completely destroying the enemy. Obliterating them. Utterly eliminating their desire to live on the same planet as you without surrendering. We had no insurgencies against us after World War II even though we were fighting extremely-committed totalitarian enemies. Because we broke them. That’s how you win a war: Breaking the enemy’s will in every way, so they never make a peep afterwards.

You can’t beautify it, as we in our stupidity have been trying to do since World War II. As we lose every war we fight, under the bureaucratic conditions we impose on ourselves. Victory looks very different.There’s nothing pretty about getting it — other than the enemy’s surrender, and the real peace that follows.

Unfortunately, because of his worthless conventional military capability, Putin may well resort to his tactical nukes, critical weaponry which we have completely given up. You don’t have to explode them to use them. You just have to actually have them and credibly threaten using them. That’s how you use them, in fact. Having them and letting everyone know you will use them if you want to.

You can’t be a pansy like Joe Biden and win wars. That’s why we had the fiasco of his utterly-humiliating (deliberately so, on his part) surrender in Afghanistan. And everyone in the world saw it. Including all our enemies — and yes, that’s what they are, enemies, Russia and China. And that’s why Russia is in the rest of Ukraine that it didn’t take when Obama was president, the rest of it that Putin didn’t dare go into when Trump was president.

And everyone who saw that disaster in Afghanistan knows how pathetic a loser Biden is.

And, God help us, he is in charge now, our king on the chessboard, a notoriously-corrupt idiot his whole life, now clinically-demented, an anti-American leftist who has been ruining the military throughout his career in every way he could and, since he has had presidential power, doing so on steroids.

Yes, he is seeing to it, demanding that we instill CRT in the troops, teaching them to be Marxists, to hate America as a supposedly-horrible, racist hellhole. Yes, instilling those vicious, anti-American, Marxist absolute lies is really going on in our military, besides doing everything they can to hollow it out in every other way, with a general staff so pathetic it’s beyond comprehension, idiots like Milley who think Chicken Little “climate change” nonsense and “understanding white rage” are important, the most important things of all, along with “diversity, equity and inclusion.” They literally want a military of America-hating Marxist pansies.

Thanks to the abominable Lyndon Johnson, we have no nuclear capability we can use in that arena, and Putin, with his thousands of tactical nukes, does. He has noisily moved them in there, announcing his doing so to the world.

It was insane for us to give them all up in 1967, one of the multitude of truly-disastrous things Lyndon Johnson did to this country, deliberately giving up our strategic nuclear first-strike capability for no reason whatsoever, and virtually all of our tactical nukes, giving up tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that we had built to keep the world safe, and doing all that insanity instead of actually using them, by simply threatening to use them in Vietnam and actually winning that war, instead of losing it and treating our soldiers like dirt, throwing their lives away when we could’ve simply won that war by threatening to use tactical nuclear weapons — or even actually deploying them.

Once we deployed one that would’ve given the message, just as deploying one on Nagasaki got the message across for the Japanese Imperial army.

And that would’ve been far better than losing tens of thousands of Americans in those jungles, along with the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese who also suffered along with us. And we could have forced the North to surrender, so there would be one Vietnam now that is free, instead of being forced to be communist, as happened after our humiliating loss there — after Nixon’s “peace with honor.” It would’ve saved millions of lives. Cambodia would not have become the bloodbath it became under the Khmer Rouge, the most monstrous, genocidal communists of all.

Yes, in addition to the disastrous, unconstitutional, Marxist “Great Society” welfare legislation the despicable Johnson enacted — legislation which has poisoned the medical profession and the entire country, especially the black community, providing multiple, financial incentives for the destruction of black families ever since, and virtually bankrupted us, costing over $20 trillion for absolutely nothing of any actual value — he topped it off by almost completely eliminating our tactical nuclear arsenal which was bigger than the Russians’.

And it was all absolutely pointless: They kept theirs, and we gave up ours. Literally insane. And now we see the results right before us in Afghanistan — Lyndon Johnson’s legacy, presided over by the idiot Joe Biden.

In response to: Ukraine claims nearly 3,000 Russians killed in fighting

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