The CDC and its Frauds

Nov 3, 2021

Clifford Ribner
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This is just one of a multitude of ways the CDC lies to us constantly, both about the virus and about treatments for it. They lied when they said the virus was a “pandemic,” implying it was of far-graver danger to everyone than the flu, the flu which has been with us forever and does indeed kill someone randomly, both children and otherwise-healthy adults, something this virus has never done. Those were all lies which they further emphasized by, at the insistence of the Chinese communist party which controls them, lying and broadcasting and insisting, without a shred of evidence, that the death rate from the virus was 43 times that of the flu.

Like a real pandemic, its infectiousness does indeed cross the boundaries of nations (not that they care a whit about protecting our own borders), but so do all diseases which are infectious. There certainly was never anything uniquely American about the virus since it was all over the world.

Query: Have we, without even realizing it, been in a pandemic all these years from the flu since it also infects people without regard to borders at a death rate far greater, for the general population, than Covid which the CDC itself admits at its own website only kills people with multiple co-morbidities? Have we all been murdering our fellow citizens all these years by failing to take the same measures the CDC demanded supposedly to”mitigate” Covid for the flu which has been with us all this time?

But the CDC used the lie about it being a “pandemic,” coupled with the lying about its death rate, to demand attention and power, the quest of all real bureaucrats, for themselves and to demand the support of the public and President Trump himself for the absurd measures, measures they had been dreaming about and even studied for effectiveness for decades, knowing themselves their actual INeffectiveness from those very studies, measures they demanded which involved destroying millions of lives and hundreds of thousands of businesses and the strength and solvency of our government itself and of the entire American economy, all for no, actual medical reason whatsoever.

And if they were ever any good at their jobs, they would have known that the whole time, knowing that everything they were demanding, all those stupid “mitigation” measures, is of absolutely no value medically for anyone and does extreme harm to millions of people as well as the country itself. Shredding our constitution, as the demands for criminally-enforceable demands/mandates on the citizens for those “mitigation” measures was those “mitigation” measures’ worst effect of all.

So now the CDC is pretending/Insisting that a “vaccine” which is obviously not a vaccine, since it does not prevent the virus from infecting anyone, including the recipient of the “vaccine” and anyone he comes in contact with, and does not even reduce the severity of the illness after a mere five or six months at most, should be forced on everyone without regard to anything, their religion, their medical condition, the potential danger from the “vaccine, anything. These chemical compounds they are calling “vaccines” by changing the definition of the word are barely even modest treatments, even though they involve a radical and unknown transformation of the immune systems of the people who are subjected to them.

When Joe Biden took office after his “election,” he swore that if we simply wore masks for 100 days, masks which had been known to be utterly useless medically to stop transmission of respiratory viruses for decades in every actual study of their utility, that would be the end of the virus for us. That was a lie. And the lie that if everyone gets the “vaccines” that would end the virus is also another, now the latest, one.

The truth is that nothing is going to end the virus because it is here forever, like all viruses. Individuals will either adapt to it by getting it and acquire natural immunity from his potential deadliness, or it will kill them because everyone will get it sooner or later and there is simply nothing the government can do to prevent that, any more than it could change the earth’s orbit or the climate.

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