The communist Chinese Debt Debacle proves: It’s time to Free Our Land and Once Again Free Us the People

Jan 21, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The description in the article below of what is going on in Communist China, its insane levels of debt and impending bankruptcy (the communists running China, forcing all its people into servitude to them, may first go to war to distract people from the corrupt disaster they have created) now, is simply what communists/Marxists do — when they can get real people with money to lend it to them, borrowing which occurs while they are extracting all the taxes they can get away with, all the taxes they can steal to spend on their stupid ideas before the people say and demand, “Enough!”

Quite simply, communists/Marxists (they are the same) produce nothing of value and are all simply politicians who demand and extract, to the extent that they can get away with it, power, control, ownership, virtual or real, over real peoples’ lives, property and businesses.

That is what they have been doing in the United States through their hideous federal administrative agencies, all those worthless alphabet agencies, and even entire departments of the federal government, none of which do anything of any actual value for the people, unconstitutional agencies Marxist politicians of both Republican and Democrat parties have been creating, particularly since 1906, although it first began in 1887 with the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission, giving those abominable agencies the functional equivalent of ownership of, and power over, entire markets, over everyone and everything, stealing all American lands and businesses from their rightful owners, stealing control, all the important attributes of ownership, power to dictate the terms of people’s contracts, every single employment contract in the country in fact, all without any due process, without paying for any of it, as is required and demanded under our Constitution, lying and pretending that they are just “regulating” all that, not really taking it.

And they have gotten courts, particularly the totally-political Supreme Court, to rubberstamp that nonsense, beginning in the 1930s when the Supreme Court first committed the massive fraud it has been engaged in ever since, lying to the public and pretending that the Constitution, in its Interstate Commerce Clause, permitted all that, when that clause itself does nothing of the kind.

That clause was, as I prove in chapter 11 of my book, written not to give the federal government any power whatsoever over citizens or their businesses, but rather TO PREVENT STATES FROM DOING ANY OF THAT and, in particular, TO PREVENT STATES FROM FAVORING BUSINESSES WITHIN THEIR OWN STATE, at the expense of businesses from other states (as had been occurring under the Articles of Confederation, the sole purpose for the Interstate Commerce clause in the Constitution).

But it did not, as the Supreme Court has been lying, committing fraud on the public, and insisting, give the federal government any, let alone endless, power over private businesses and private people or private land.

Under the politicians’, those Marxists’ (that is what they are, whether they even know it or not) control, everything is politicized. That’s what marxism/Socialism is: it is THE COMPLETE POLITICIZATION OF EVERYTHING, THE STEALING OF EVERYTHING from everyone and putting it in the hands of those power-obsessed Marxist politicians, removing all choices and decisions over everything from the hands of private people, taking control over all property from the people who rightfully and lawfully own it, literally stealing it, and putting it in the hands of politicians and unelected bureaucrats who run and control everything.

Anthony Fauci is the embodiment, the living face of who they are, an unelected bureaucrat who has never actually practiced medicine, who claims omniscience about things he knows absolutely nothing about, the right to dictate how people should take care of their own private health matters. And he has been wrong about everything, will never admit he’s been wrong about anything, and demands complete control over everyone else’s life, control he has done nothing to merit.

And everything he lords over us is nothing but power our Constitution forbids him from having, in an unelected office the Constitution forbids him from having, in an agency the Constitution forbids existing.

And they, the Marxist politicians, could and can never get enough control, enough power to satisfy them, always demanding more, the more they make mistakes, the more power they demand, pretending that the only reason they got it wrong (as they always do) the most recent time, and all previous times, was they just didn’t have enough power, that they couldn’t control others enough, that the others were the ones who ruined it, not them.

But it is always them. They ruin and poison everything they touch. They are sociopaths, obsessed with power for themselves, and can’t stand it when they are told, “No.”

And they don’t only steal/socialize businesses and other property: They even socialize/politicize charity.

That’s what welfare is, all state “assistance” to anyone, none of which is permitted in the Constitution for the federal government to do: welfare, under all its names the bureaucrats have devised for it, and all that “assistance,” are all the complete politicization/socialization of charity, taking property away from its owners and TAKING THE ACT OF GIVING ITSELF, on the part of the benefactor, and of receiving, on the part of the recipient, themselves away from the private people, the real individuals each with an immortal soul, removing the entire human, moral element of the giving, and PRETENDING THAT POLITICIANS ARE THE BENEFACTORS to those they bestow the money on, recipients who get the money without having earned it, “benefactors” who have simply stolen the money itself from its rightful owners.

And politicization of everything poisons everything, corrupts everything, removes all choices when it comes to demand and supply of goods and services, all morality from all decisions by all people.

That is in fact its purpose, and what it insists on, completely denying the value of any individual, denying the immortality of anyone’s soul, pretending that government is God, and detesting, vilifying as a thought criminal, anyone who thinks otherwise. And yes, for them, thought crime is always the only unforgivable sin, as George Orwell taught us in “1984.”

As the communist Chinese, and our own Marxist politicians are showing for anyone who has eyes to see, the Marxist politicians spend other peoples’ money forever— until they run out of it, until they simply can’t, UNTIL THEY ARE PHYSICALLY STOPPED FROM DOING SO. Eventually they can’t tax enough or borrow to roll over the debts, and the whole thing collapses. That is what the article below shows will happen in China sooner or later.

This is what the Marxists who have been running the United States for decades have been doing, taxing and spending and borrowing other peoples money, our money, the money of real people, the real American citizens — ever since Teddy Roosevelt actually (and yes, he admitted he was a Marxist, differing from Lenin only in his opposition to the forced, military imposition of Marxism, imagining in his insane delusions, that the people would voluntarily accept it, voluntarily accept the complete elimination of all their God-given contract and property rights, the rights which differentiate freeman from serfs, and all individual choice over anything), with most of the financial damage, the debt that we see, that we, the United States, now have incurred subsequent to the 1950s, the last decade when we were actually reducing the amount of our debt — that is what those Marxist politicians here have been doing to us. And that is only a fraction of the damage they have caused.

But we are still behind Communist China in our National debt, thank goodness — although not as far behind as our lying politicians want us to think with their bogus National balance sheets and budgets, and their completely imaginary “official National Debt” figures.

Because yes, those National Debt figures for us are completely bogus, just like the Chinese figures, derived by pretending that all of the promises made by the federal government, promises which technically aren’t denominated as debt, ARE SIMPLY NOT DEBT AT ALL, promises like paying for Social Security, Medicare, welfare (in all its forms, all of which are simply the socialization of charity, the destruction of charity), all that crap.

All those things are things that people could pay for themselves, if the money wasn’t stolen by the federal government to pay for it for everyone. Those things are the complete destruction, through its nationalization/socialization, by the federal government of the market for each of those supposed “goods” it provides.

When those unfunded liabilities are added to our Official National Debt, it is many multiples of the current number which the government admits to, a number which itself is almost $30 trillion at this moment, an insane number that has been built up without any major war requiring it, more than we owed after World War II, the price we paid to defeat totalitarians elsewhere — while our own totalitarian Marxists were assaulting us from within.

Because on top of that, we presently have unfunded liabilities for numerous things the politicians have promised with other peoples money, money which didn’t even exist when they made the promises, promises indistinguishable from Ponzi schemes which would have required prison for anyone who made them but wasn’t a politician, including $96 TRILLION JUST FOR MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY, with trillions more of other unfunded liabilities, for student debt and for God knows what else Congress has promised and presidents have signed on for.

And we spend vast fortunes pretending to maintain federal government-owned lands, paying for all those thousands of worthless bureaucrats in the worthless Interior Department, lands which comprise 28% OF THE REAL ESTATE OF THE COUNTRY, all of which could be a true asset for everyone, instead of the burden that it presently is, once it is in private hands where it belongs, and where the Constitution requires it to be.

The only difference between us and the communist Chinese, after American Marxists (masquerading as they always do, as something other than Marxists, calling themselves Progressives, or liberals, or Republicans and Democrats, anything to hide who they really are) have been running up our liabilities like they have been, is that underneath it all, we still have a real economy, with real people in it, who do real things and don’t simply live off of stealing intellectual property, as the Communist Chinese do.

But this Marxist madness on our part has to stop. The federal government has to get out of the business of doing things it is not permitted to do under the Constitution. Each and everyone of those violations of the Constitution, violations which have accelerated since 1906, destroy the rule of law — and they are numerous.

Our Constitution specifies the only things the federal government is allowed to do, and forbids it from doing anything else; and when it is doing things it is not allowed to do, IT ACTUALLY DESTROYS THOSE THINGS, ELIMINATING THE MARKET FOR THOSE THINGS, with politicians in charge (everyone, elected or not, who works for the government is a politician) incapable of doing them competently or legally and it IS ITSELF BREAKING THE LAW in doing so, violating the Constitution, the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, in all of those actions, in the very existence of every single one of those alphabet agencies and government departments that the Constitution does not permit, the Fed, maybe the worst and the most-unconstitutional of them all, COMMITTING COUNTERFEITING (one of the very-few crimes the Constitution actually permits the federal government to prosecute) IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION every time it issues a paper dollar bill (yes, the Constitution does not permit the federal government to do that, permitting it only “to coin” money), all of those actions by the federal government cheapening, and even destroying, the whole idea of law and order in America, as each of those agencies create their own unconstitutional laws which they pretend are something else, calling them “regulations,” none of which are created as required under Article I of our Constitution, which SPECIFIES THE ONLY WAY A REAL LAW CAN BE CREATED IN AMERICA — and in doing so destroying our liberty and the real rule of law, the rule of law our founders fought the world’s then-super-power for us to obtain, the rule of law on which all our liberties and rights as citizens depend.

And no, the fact that they have been doing it over and over does not make any of it Constitutional. The Constitution’s Article V provides very specifically all of the legal means for its amendment, AND IT DOES NOT PROVIDE FOR ANY CONCEPT OF “PRECEDENT” permitting its violation, which is what the attempted amendment through “precedent” is: otherwise The Constitution would be a dead letter, which it is not. The multiple violations of the Constitution are simply that — multiple violations, not self-authorizing and legitimizing actions.

Because every power the politicians and bureaucrats lawlessly and unconstitutionally claim for the government is POWER THEY SIMPLY STEAL FROM THE PEOPLE IN A ZERO-SUM GAME. Yes, it’s that simple.

And the government, through its politicians and bureaucrats, is not permitted under the Constitution to do any of the things it is doing which have run up the debt in that manner. It is indeed the Constitutionally-forbidden, Marxist activities of the federal government alone which have bankrupted us, not any of its legitimate actions.

And those activities have done nothing of value for anyone in this country, other than corrupt politicians and the parasites who feed off of them in the legal and lobbying industries, parasites who populate particularly the counties surrounding Washington DC, MAKING THEM THE WEALTHIEST COUNTIES IN THE COUNTRY, counties filled with people who do nothing of value to the real economy and feed off of it and poison the lives of real people and the real economy with their corruption, weakening and bankrupting the entire nation, even weakening our military, poisoning it with massively-wasteful and purposeless bureaucracy.

The federal government is also not permitted to own 28% of the real estate of the United States, as it does, and claiming rights over all the rest of the land based on the pretext of the necessity of preserving “the environment.” Nothing in the Constitution permits the federal government to intrude on the owners of private property based on that pretext, THE LIMITLESS PRETEXT of “the environment.” It is THE STATES ALONE who have the power to police ACTUAL ENVIRONMENTAL NUISANCES, not the federal government.

And that ownership of all that land, and the demand for using “the environment” as a pretext for federal agencies intruding on individuals’ fee simple absolute ownership of their own land, all are nothing but destructive of the rights of the American people to purchase and enjoy and own that land, and of the land itself.

But all that illegal, unconstitutional ownership the Federal government has stolen for itself of 28% of the land mass of America gives us an asset which can and, for our liberty and solvency must, be sold off, all of the National Parks and National Forests and National Monuments, everything the federal government has appropriated illegally and unconstitutionally, everything it owns now — other than real estate in Washington DC, the only real estate it was ever supposed to own, other than military installations.

It can and must be sold off, and sold off wisely, not in a fire sale, sold off for its real value, value which is beyond calculation now (query: what would it be worth to be able to put a mansion in any of those National Monuments, something that would preserve the beauty and give a spectacular view to this owners, a view that would still be available to everyone?), in a manner to maximize the amount of money that is received, money which could and would be used only to pay off all of the federal government’s indebtedness to everyone, the entire real national debt, privatizing welfare itself, returning it to being a charity, and privatizing Medicare and Social Security, getting the government out of the business of Insurance of any kind, and getting it completely out of any other business, like the student loan business, and the granting of subsidies to businesses to promote stupid ideas of politicians that have no market value (otherwise the subsidy would be pointless).

With respect to the National Parks and National Forests and National Monuments, the federal government has nationalized them supposedly to “protect” them, based on the insane notion that when nobody owns property, when federal bureaucrats are put in charge of it with their badges, it will be kept better than if a real human being, it’s real owner, does. That is nonsense and, as anyone with a basic Economics understanding knows, results in the “Tragedy Of The Commons,” the ruination of the property and its uselessness.

Because no one ever washes a rental car, NO ONE TAKES BETTER CARE OF ANY PROPERTY THAN ITS OWNER, the one entitled to real fee simple absolute ownership over that property, without all the insane federal intrusions permitted under environmental laws, etc. The elimination of those laws will increase the value of all lands in America incalculably and make Americans vastly richer than we are now. And no, it will not harm the air or the water, and if its owners are stupid enough to do so, the states have more than enough authority to deal with it, not the federal government.

Preservation of the lands will never be better than it is when the land is in private hands. It is precisely the public ownership of forests which is why THE ONLY FORESTS WHICH BURN in America, forests which burn constantly, killing people and destroying massive amounts of property, particularly in California, all those fires begin on publicly-owned land – although they spread and damage privately-owned land and homes as well.

Because there are huge amounts of privately-owned forests in America we never hear about, because THERE NEVER ARE FIRES THERE, on those private lands. Because they are owned by real people who take care of them, the finest stewards of property.

And if, as Marxist apologists for government ownership and control over other peoples’ property claim (without a shred of proof in fact), “global warming” is causing the forest fires in California and Arizona and elsewhere on the public lands, WHY DOESN’T IT CAUSE IT ON THE PRIVATE LAND? The question answers itself: people who own things take care of their own property. And they do everything they can to enhance its value, health and beauty BECAUSE IT IS IN THEIR OWN INTEREST TO DO SO. And everyone benefits.

Now-public lands can be sold subject to scenic easements so that everyone can enjoy the views and visit those now-public lands, even though they become privately owned, just like everyone can enjoy beaches now, and just like people can enjoy the beauty of other peoples’ private homes simply by walking through the neighborhood, even though the property is owned by its real owners.

The nationalization/socialization of land ruins it, and ruins it for everyone, the very opposite of what its proponents, beginning with the lunatic Teddy Roosevelt, pretend will happen.

If someone builds homes on parts of the Grand Canyon, why would anybody think that would prevent other people from also visiting the Grand Canyon, and why would anybody think those people would (as if they supposedly could) destroy the Grand Canyon? Thinking they would do so is literally an insane idea, the kind of insane idea only a Marxist like Teddy Roosevelt, and politicians who agree with that nonsense, could even think of: If the property’s owner in anyway harmed it, HE WOULD BE RUINING HIS OWN PROPERTY, something only an idiot would do, something the government does with all the land under its care all the time, in fact.

And the truth is, most of the federal government-owned land is land that citizens ARE NOT PERMITTED ON AT ALL, and are treated as trespassers if they ever go there. And none of it could be managed more poorly than it is now.

And we could fire everyone who works in all those unconstitutional agencies of the federal government, eliminating every single one of those agencies, agencies too numerous to even count, doing so with the Interior Department when all those lands are sold. In chapter 19 of my book I show how to do it legally. And all those heavily-armed police forces the federal government maintains throughout the country, small armies which do nothing but keep American citizens off of the land, would have to find jobs elsewhere.

Imagine the value as real estate of each of those National Monuments, the Grand Canyon, etc. It would be fantastic, people would pay a fortune for it. People who now own our national debt could exchange it for parcels of those lands. Our national debts of all kinds could, along with all real currencies, be the currency used for the purchases of those lands. And the endless number of unconstitutional and worthless federal agencies “regulating” all financial transactions, especially the Federal Reserve Bank should and must be abolished, returning our currency to private, gold- and silver- and other specie-backed hands, as it was before the monstrous, and completely-unconstitutional Fed intruded and nationalized it in 1913.

That is the only way we are going to pay our national debt and free ourselves from the oppressive, bankrupting Marxist government we have permitted to arise unconstitutionally in our midst. Again, in chapter 19 of my book, I show how to do it, the procedures to be used by the president, acting alone, or either house of Congress acting alone, or all or any of them together: we must eliminate every single one of those unconstitutional, and worthless to the people, alphabet agencies and departments of the federal government, and have the federal government sell off all of the lands it owns now, lands the size of entire countries within some of our largest states, major portions of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, California even, all the western states in particular, but not limited to them, lands it has no right or power to own under the Constitution, and lands which it has no competence to manage, incompetent management which is demonstrated to us dramatically every time there is one of those horrible fires beginning on publicly-owned lands in California — and not in private forests.

And that would free America, free us from that federal ownership of land and of all those evil, abominable, and worthless bureaucrats in their unconstitutional, purely-oppressive administrative agencies which now control everything in the country, mostly invisibly to most people — unless you have to actually deal with them and personally experience each of their bureaucrats with unlimited, discretionary power, power they have no right to over fellow citizens, their tyranny, their genuine evil, the evil of bureaucrats armed with the power to ask for anything they want, the power to destroy anyone they encounter, power they have no Constitutional right to, POWER OUR CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN TO PREVENT ANYONE FROM EVER HAVING.

Every one of those agencies and departments unconstitutionally combine the powers of all three aspects of government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial, writing their own abominations which they call “regulations,” abominations which are simply unconstitutional laws, and imposing fines and prison on those who violate them, criminalizing all normal business actions in the country, institutionalizing a Marxist administrative state, something our Constitution was specifically written to preclude, “the very definition of tyranny” as James Madison, who, as its principal author, knew very well, that’s how he described it in The Federalist # 47, quoting Montesquieu.

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