The “Conspiracy Theory” Is Exposed to Be The Real Thing, A Conspiracy Indeed

Dec 29, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Once again, the brilliant Jeffrey Tucker lays it all out beautifully. And of course, all of this is only the very beginning of the beginning of the revelations – and their import.

The unconstitutional (they are, among other hideous defects, a fourth branch of the federal government precluded by the Constitution which permits only three) federal administrative agencies’ complete, tyrannical control, and/or their complete possession of the willing complicity, of all of the nations’ previously-believed-to-be “credible” sources of information – all “newspapers,” always at the direction of the New York Times, Cable “News,” Corporate Network “News,” all of the social media platforms of all kinds, including (previously, but no longer, Twitter), Google, Youtube, Amazon, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, all of them, Americas primary and secondary schools (including even pre-kindergarten!) and universities, Hollywood – have made it possible for a monstrously-evil cartel, based in Washington primarily, to dictate not only citizens’ actions, but also the contents of people’s minds and, thereby, to dictate the one thing they don’t unconstitutionally (after a century and a half of the federal government’s politicians of all three branches unconstitutionally creating one after another of them, they now have absolute control to dictate the terms of most human interactions in the country, all inter-personal contracts, every business enterprise in the nation, every detail of all its actions and contracts and interactions with others), directly control – the outcome of elections, elections whose outcomes’ alteration needs only a few thousand people, at most, to have their minds changed, with millions and millions of votes having been changed by the endless, completely-fraudulent misinformation they shove down the throats of the electorate – about everything, about Covid, “Global Warming”/“Climate Change,” about the outcome of elections themselves, everything.

And every bit of those federal alphabet agencies’ interaction with American citizens and businesses of all kinds, including sources of information and “information” by those massively-unconstitutional federal administrative agencies (nothing in the Constitution permits any of them to exist, and everything in the Constitution precludes their existence) is unconstitutional in multiple ways and renders completely void all of the elections they have interfered with as a matter of fundamental contract law (the Constitution is itself a social contract, in addition to being, as it specifically provides, the supreme law of the land) – and the fundamental Rule Of Law itself which requires that fraud can never legally be permitted to prevail.

And because it all sounds like a conspiracy they were able to at least plausibly accuse all of us who have recognized what they have been doing (simply by observing and by connecting the dots, even before we had the undeniable documentary proof, the receipts which Twitter has given us now) of being conspiracy theories – until it is all proven to be absolutely true, and yes, it has indeed been a conspiracy and now we know for certain that the conspiracy was in fact a reality, a real conspiracy, and we have the receipts now, thanks to Elon Musk and the revelations from his company, Twitter, revelations which are undenied (all they can do is try to smear Musk and Twitter and the now-proven facts themselves and, most viciously, and most effectively – so far – ignore them) and which are undeniable.

And of course they are going to continue to lie to the public and pretend all of this is no big deal, trying to trick people into actually believing that nonsense, trying to sweep it off and out of people view, trying to get people not to look, gaslighting endlessly, writing stories about people’s – especially victims of their actions like Donald Trump’s – reactions to the disclosures, instead of the disclosures themselves (to the extent that they even pay any attention to it at all).

Because they themselves have been both the perpetrators and the beneficiaries of the fraud and are co-conspirators.

And they will never admit their guilt, just as they never admit they are wrong about anything, let alone everything, even when they have been proven to be so.

And they have gotten away with it, with it all, with complete impunity for so long that they think they can get away with it forever, even when the proof is before everyone’s eyes –before the eyes of everyone who chooses simply to look and refuses to be a fool for them anymore. 

And of course, they now have an illegally-installed, completely-illegitimate federal government, complete with its completely-corrupt and complicit “justice” department which alone engages in prosecutions on behalf of the federal government, using lawfare to promote the policies/Power interests of the controlling criminal Cabal, that Cabal itself an arm of the Democrat Party, the Cabal which has been in charge for so long, even when President Trump was president, its hideous “justice” department which will corruptly go after everyone who threatens its power, anyone who publicly recognizes the monstrous evil the anticonstitutional bureaucrat seditionists –the very people now in charge of the executive branch! – have been committing, and refuse to prosecute any of the usurpers and the actual, seditious government-functionary bureaucrat evildoers who have truly been destroying the rights of the people, destroying all liberties including the right to vote of the people, destroying the nation at its very core – all while claiming its opponents are “threats to democracy!”

In response to: How an Occupied Twitter Ruined Countless Lives

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