Mar-a-Lago President Trump
The Crimes Behind the FBI/DOJ’s Raid on President Trump’s Personal Residence

Aug 20, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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The article below describes exactly my analysis of what the despicable FBI/DOJ were doing with the raid. The entire thing could not have been more corrupt. 

The very Democrat Party hack magistrate they got the search warrant from had made the decision a few months earlier himself that he was personally too-conflicted with President Trump  so that he had to recuse from President Trump’s RICO case – against Hillary Clinton and, not incidentally, some of the same people who themselves did the raid on Mar-a-Lago! 

And yet somehow, he, Bruce Reinhart uniquely was able to sign the warrant! 

And we know for a fact that the FBI/Merritt Garland (who is literally driven with hatred against the Republican Party because he believes they “cheated” him out of “His” seat on the Supreme Court he has now proven he so richly did not deserve) were actually ready to do this warrant two weeks earlier – and simply waited – until this particular magistrate was the one who was going to be the one on the Southern District of Florida (it’s done by schedule) signing warrants! 

Query: did the FBI/DOJ have dirt on that particular magistrate (it wouldn’t be the first time a dirty federal judge, a reliable Democrat party hack, sat on a federal bench in Florida. Anybody remember Alcee Hastings, who got impeached and thrown off his bench – before he became a Democrat congressman from Florida! – for actions no less corrupt?) they could use to pressure him to sign anything they wanted – or could they just be so, so 100%-certain of his corrupt, political loyalty as a Democrat party hack to do anything they wanted against President Trump?

For the public, they are lying and pretending they had some genuine national security urgency for doing the warrant – as if President Trump was going to sell out the country to Russia! – as they, the same hacks in the FBI/DOJ had been lying and pretending during his entire presidency, throughout the whole, Hillary-manufactured Trump-Russia hoax! 

That’s what they are now pretending created such urgency for them to use a criminal search warrant – instead of using normal, civil procedures. The safety of the nation was at risk! they want us to believe – yet they waited two weeks!

Yes, it was pure, blatant judge-shopping, and that’s what they relied on because they knew the warrant was pure garbage, and the affidavit it was based on was the same (the real reason they don’t want anyone to see it) and it was such garbage that they were certain that no one else would sign it (even though federal magistrates almost never turn the FBI down, no matter how rotten the warrants they seek really are). 

And that’s the kind of s–t the FBI does every day when they have a dirty warrant they want executed. They know exactly who is going to be the magistrate designated to be signing – or asking questions about and/or refusing – all warrants on any particular court at any particular time.

All of this is intricately-related to the corrupt warrant-seeking and “investigations” that were done by the FBI and the DOJ throughout President Trump’s presidency – and is just as corrupt as the FISA Court warrants the despicable Marxist FBI and DOJ obtained throughout the 2016 campaign – and even after Trump became president! 

Yes, that’s what President Trump is suing all these same, corrupt FBI/DOJ people about – in the very RICO case this same magistrate had ruled, only a few months earlier, he couldn’t ethically preside over! 

Because everyone has known that President Trump has/had, at his own personal home Mar-a-Lago, evidence about all of that stuff – and no doubt much more – and that’s what they were, and are, so desperate to prevent him from having in his possession, terrified of his ability to use it against them, terrified of his making it public. 

It was their own, partisan, personal, corrupt interests which had such urgency, not anything remotely concerning the welfare of the country itself.

And that was their real purpose for getting and executing the warrant, for doing that despicable, banana republic raid on his private home, by these vicious, self-serving partisan hacks who also, no doubt, couldn’t wait to put their noses in the crotches of Melania’s clothing – and probably tried on her lingerie! 

No wonder they wanted all the cameras off when they were doing their raid. And of course, there are no cameras in Melania’s closet. 

It was a vicious act of violence against President Trump and the rule of law, against his family and against the entire nation itself – all dedicated to creating the rule of lawyers, the opposite of the actual rule of law, rule by them –unelected bureaucrats – which Merrick Garland and the corrupt DOJ have always been all about, the rule of lawyers instead of the rule of law, all resulting in this despicable act of violence against President Trump, against America itself, all to protect their own a–es if they could, using Lawfare, turning the law into a complete, corrupt, violent farce.

And every one of those FISA court judges knows exactly what they signed off on during the 2016 presidential campaign, and continuing during President Trump’s presidency itself! signing off on fraudulent warrants to spy on the president himself.

And yet, none of them, not a single one of those FISA Court judges has yet – as they all should have done years ago! – demanded the law license and prosecution of every single one of those lying bureaucrats who swore those fraudulent affidavits to obtain those FISA court warrants to spy on private American citizens, to spy on the president himself! all to serve their own personal political ends, making the Watergate scandal that destroyed the Nixon presidency, made it supposedly so terribly-corrupt! made all that Nixon and his men actually did look like a fraternity house panty raid by comparison. 

Most of those same people who engaged in all that fraudulent, corrupt activity with the FISA court (and no doubt much else) are still at the FBI and the DOJ – or they have resigned/retired on huge pensions financed by the taxpayers, by the US citizens, and are regular, highly-compensated guests on CNN and MSNBC. 

Indeed, that same, corrupt FBI unit involved in all that corrupt “legal” activity involving President Trump beginning in 2015, is the very same, corrupt bureaucratic unit who is running this same supposed “criminal investigation” against President Trump, the same garbage who the corrupt Christopher Wray (what in the world was President Trump thinking when he appointed him to succeed Comey? Two little corrupt peas in a pod he and Comey are) selected for this purpose, running this present self-serving, bogus “criminal investigation”/weapon against President Trump 

And as their pretext for the whole thing, they are literally trying to criminalize perfectly-legal, self-protecting actions by President Trump, spouting nonsense about the classification laws, classification about any and all documents which the president can determine whenever he wants, wherever he wants, with respect to anything he wants, attempting to criminalize perfectly-innocent – and patriotic! –behavior by President Trump, and using legal processes to cover their own a–es and hide/spoliate evidence of their own, prior criminal actions against President Trump, true sedition they were engaged in throughout his presidency, sedition which they are continuing with this very raid on Mar-a-Lago. 

Even banana republics would blush at all this, all that the FBI and DOJ are and have become.

In Response to: Spygate Docs and Trump’s RICO Lawsuit: Exploring the Real Reasons Behind the FBI Raid

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