The Damage To The American Citizens From Fauci Et Al. Keeps Being Exposed, And Gets Worse And Worse

Feb 26, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This doctor, the doctor in the video below, is obviously right. He’s the same doctor who successfully treated multiple people, literally thousands, with early use of hydroxychloroquine (and a few other things), as I recall. And he publicized that fact — as did Dr. Stella Immanuel in Houston who had used the same treatments for her entire medical staff at her hospital, and had 100% death-prevention among her staff, even though they were necessarily exposed to perhaps hundreds of Covid cases— publicized those facts so that others could benefit from his and her experience. He and she didn’t lose a single patient they treated!

But Fauci et al. pretended that his and her ACTUAL EXPERIENCE WITH MULTIPLE PATIENTS, experience the “public health experts,” who aren’t even really doctors and treat no one themselves, had none of themselves, that those doctors’ experience treating people in real life didn’t “prove” anything, so no one should follow their examples and use those treatments. Instead, they insisted everyone follow their long-proven-worthless methods, their “mitigation” methods.

Yes, the morally-corrupt, utterly-ignorant, unconstitutional and medically-worthless “public health experts” pooh-poohed everything he and Dr. Immanuel did and said about the treatments, in their desire to keep power over people, their despicable insistence on keeping people from using actual treatments, AND ONLY TO LISTEN TO THEM with their absolutely-worthless “mitigation” methods (their euphemism for ruining everyone’s life, unconstitutionally, with zero due process whatsoever, keeping the population, virtually all of whom were perfectly healthy, under house arrest, prevented from talking to anyone else, walking around with stupid, medically-pointless masks, being forced to take “vaccines” with no legitimate “public health” reasons for that forcing, and having their businesses and/or employment, and even attendance at church, all education in the entire country! all pointlessly destroyed) and their mostly-worthless (except for those with multiple comorbidities) “vaccines.”

The compromise of the immune system affected by the “vaccines” is why, once you have been subjected to them, they keep requiring the”vaccinated” to get more boosters. It’s going to be an endless process for them, because their bodies have been perhaps-irreparably compromised.

And the despicable “public health experts” want to force these things, these fraudulently-called “vaccines,” on absolutely everyone, on perfectly healthy people in the military, literally destroying our military by kicking them out if they refuse, doing so at a time when we are in grave danger of war, with an imbecile in the White House, forcing the “vaccines” on children without any understanding of the effect they will have on them for the rest of their lives, children who have ZERO STATISTICAL RISK from the virus itself!

And they, the despicable “public health experts,” hide the fact that there have been 1.1 million adverse reports to VAERS about the “vaccines,” an unprecedented number for any drug that is even kept on the market, permitted to be sold, LET ALONE FORCED ON PEOPLE.

Forcing the “vaccines” on people was, and remains, a Nazi-like act, yes, a crime against humanity, for anyone to have been forced to take these, for most, medically-pointless treatments (they are not actually vaccines).

And there was never any even possibly-legitimate public health basis to force them on anyone, since the “vaccines” prevent neither the acquisition nor the transmission of the virus, so IT IS IRRELEVANT TO ANYONE WHETHER ANYONE ELSE HAS HAD A “VACCINE.”

People with multiple comorbidities of course can use them to prevent extreme illness because they are the only ones vulnerable to Covid. Everyone else has no morbid-vulnerability to Covid at all.

Yes, it’s a proven fact, and has been true, and known, all along, a fact that the liars in the “public health” industry deliberately obscure, although they couldn’t prevent it from being revealed on the CDC website (if you look hard enough, through the endless obfuscation there): Covid literally doesn’t kill anyone without multiple comorbidities, and is particularly harmless to children, 10 times less dangerous to children than the flu (and massive, criminal child abuse has been committed, and continues to be committed, against children, EVERY STUDENT IN THE COUNTRY AT EVERY LEVEL, including at universities, crimes against humanity against all of them this entire time), but very dangerous to people with at least two comorbidities, particularly obesity.

And that’s a fact we have known from the beginning with the experience of the people on the cruise ship who represented a more-than-sufficient statistical sample since they were about 3500 people who were trapped on a ship where the infection existed, so that they could not prevent exposure to the virus. And not a single one died who didn’t have multiple comorbidities and OVERWHELMINGLY THEY HAD NO, OR EXTREMELY MILD AND BRIEF, SYMPTOMS, roughly 80% as I recall.

Virtually all of the entire population has already had Covid now, perhaps 80% without even knowing it, and they have either died from it or been immunized (to the extent possible) by having had it. And they will no doubt get it again.

There is no cure and, like all viruses, it will never go away, and the lies from the “public health experts” that they “knew how to treat it,” were absolutely despicable and medically-baseless. And they knew that the whole time. They knew they didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. But they insisted that everybody follow their orders.

And the bureaucrats who perpetrated those lies, Fauci at all, deserve to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. On top of all the other crimes they committed, their denigration of actual treatments probably cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

And now people who have taken the “vaccines” have to live with the damage to their immune system’s from those treatments their entire lives, even if they had no risk from Covid whatsoever.

Dr. Zelenko – “The Vaccinated Have Aids”

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