The Despicable Bureaucrats have themselves Proven the Complete Worthlessness of Unconstitutional Government Involvement in Science

Jan 19, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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Everything in the article below is undeniably true — and is exactly what I have been saying all along, from day one, when President Trump made the mistake of okaying shutdowns and the other nonsense “mitigation” measures for “Two weeks to flatten the curve.”

It’s now been two nearly years, with versions of the same, politically-forced shutdowns continuing, coupled with mandates for masks and “vaccines” which aren’t vaccines, etc. And it’s never going to end until it is forcibly ended by us, the citizens.

The more they are proven to be sociopaths, power-obsessed, preening, nasty liars who know nothing, who actively lie about everything about Covid, the actual context it should be viewed in as a risk, their own actual and permissible power, all actual treatments for it, and the fake “vaccines” they are forcing on people, the more they double down on their demands for power for themselves and on the impositions on the citizens.

And they will never admit they have been wrong about anything, much less that they have been wrong about everything — and massively destructive to boot.

The people in power now are the last ones on earth who will do it, renounce that power, except the real facts of the virus and peoples’ inalienable right to deal with it each in his own way.

They love the power, are obsessed with it, and obsessed with getting more and more of it, and never giving it up, power they exercise unconstitutionally, abusing the judicial system and its delays as they do so, ruining peoples’ lives while people wait for judges, desperately hoping those judges will do their jobs and intervene, judges who are mostly cowards or even leftist activists — as they were trained to be in our monstrous law schools which are run by Marxist activists promoting a legal profession which itself has seized power over the people it is not entitled to, power seized by a fraudulent Supreme Court claiming powers for the federal government in the 1930s it knew for a fact the federal government is not entitled to — judges who love the power the government has unconstitutionally grabbed from the people.

And Joe Biden and the other unconstitutional, illegitimate dictators won’t give it up until it is pried from their dead hands, after they have been tarred and feathered and run out of town.

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