The Evil, Which Is the Fraud, Named “Public Health”

Mar 6, 2023

Clifford Ribner
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In response to a friend who asked me about the video attached below:

I was unfamiliar with some of the details in that video (below), but otherwise everything in it is true, to my knowledge. 

The entire concept of “Public Health,” the entire idea that there even is such a thing, has always been a fraudulent mask, a Marxist/Collectivist – bearing in mind that Marxists/Collectivists, in their eternal, sociopathic quest for the power of violence over everyone else (and in their followers‘ eternal quest to be subjugated to them), never permit themselves to be honestly named, identified for who they really are, always are horrified at the thought of that happening, claiming they are insulted or shocked at the very thought, always demanding everyone refer to them as “Liberals,” or “Progressives,” or “Democrats”, or “The Good People” – front, a complete fraud, like everything which is Marxist/Collectivist, a monstrous Marxist intrusion, a complete Marxist fabrication, the completely-nonsensical and unconstitutional (in the United States) claim that the government has the right to dictate what individual people do about their own health as some collectivist enterprise – the claim that that collectivist abomination is actually good for anybody’s – and everybody’s! – health, the massive lie that the government actually has the power to, and will, “protect” people from infectious diseases, from viruses, unseen menaces, viruses whose very, inherently-hidden nature in the population, can be, and is thereby, weaponized by the Marxists/Collectivists, deployed against the people to subjugate them to the demands of the Marxists/Collectivists, endlessly-fertile vehicles of terror to control the population – with the Common Law, and its enforcement, administered by the states, not the federal government, the only law which actually protects us safely from one another – yes, the Common Law, the only good citizen-policing law for free men, together with our unique Founding Documents, The Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution, and our own insistence on self-determination as Americans protecting us, Americans, from the state, the central state whose dangers the Founders were only too-well aware of, dangers which they risked war against Britain, then the greatest super-power of the day, to fight against, Britain itself the then-freest nation on the planet, with the Founders fighting the incredibly bloody and dangerous Revolution precisely to limit that very danger – danger from the Central government itself, danger which far too many of us now have somehow forgotten, or have simply become blinded to. 

Each person’s health is always the single most-private, NON-PUBLIC thing, and the government has no legal right to be involved in it at all; and under America’s unique (in world history!) Founding Documents, the Declaration Of Independence and the federal Constitution (a social contract between the people and the states specifying all the details of the very specifically-limited and itemized powers and procedures of the central government created by them for us therein, creating that central government therein for the explicit purpose of it being our servant, not our master, specifying in detail everything that central government is allowed to do – and precluding it from doing anything else! – and also making certain that the states agree and are required to continue to provide all the individual freedoms they provided the citizens at the time of the founding, with the federal government authorized to force that on the states if they violate it, under the “Guarantee” clause, just as the federal government is also required to ensure freedom of contract in policing the states under the Interstate Commerce clause, precluding states from corruptly-favoring their own in-state businesses or otherwise intruding in a corrupt – corruption always being what happens when the government gets involved in policing/influencing market transactions, except exclusively as it is required and permitted to do under the Common Law, the British-created law of free men – manner into the market – THE VERY OPPOSITE of the meaning the Supreme Court has been fraudulently pretending is the meaning of that Interstate Commerce clause ever since the mid-1930s, with that Court literally-fraudulently claiming that that Interstate Commerce clause – and that clause alone – authorizes the entire administrative state, that unelected and uncontrollable and unconstitutional fourth branch! of the federal government which politicians in all three, actual branches of the federal government have usurped power and built, branch by monstrous branch, since 1887; yes, the Supreme Court has been fraudulently claiming that that Interstate Commerce clause – and, yes, that clause alone! – authorizes (with the Supreme Court never even having the decency to notice and state out loud that that is precisely what it is authorizing in its nonsense-“reading” of the Constitution since the mid-1930s) the federal government to be a totalitarian, fascist/Marxist/Collectivist state able to dictate all contract terms in the country and to dictate the control of all businesses in the country, even to destroy any businesses the politicians and bureaucrats desire to destroy, requiring all businesses to get permission from federal bureaucrats to engage in any action whatsoever, unconstitutionally criminalizing all non-compliance with the dictates of bureaucrats!, power which is enforced by all of those Frankenstein-monster, unconstitutional federal alphabet agencies writing their own massively-unconstitutional laws/”regulations” and policing the citizenry and American businesses in every way (yes, that’s what they actually do), policing us in all their/our contracts of all kinds and actions, dictating all the details of every product they, and they alone, permit to be sold in the country! – with the politicians and unelected bureaucrats and their cheerleaders in the pure-propaganda legacy corporate media always fraudulently-claiming those hideous agencies and their unelected bureaucrats are “protecting” us from one another, “protecting” us from all harms in society, from all harms in the universe, from all dangers everywhere, nonsense, inherently-unfulfillable promises typical of all Marxist/Collectivist claims – all in hideous violation of the Constitution), the federal government and the state governments also are, under our Constitution, ABSOLUTELY PRECLUDED from being involved in any of that under multiple provisions therein and, when the politicians usurp that power (illegally stealing it from the citizens), that power is always guaranteed to be abused – and we are, thereby, ruined, our lives and country poisoned by their metastasizing cancer, as they are ruining us now every day by all their actions – devoting all their massive attention to all that unconstitutional evil, instead of doing what they are actually supposed to be doing. 

Sociopaths intent – as they always are, as the singular attribute of their pathology – intent on accumulating power, the power of violence over others, not the power of the market which benefits everyone, power for themselves over their fellow citizens – always at the expense of everyone else – gravitate towards things like that, always rise to the top and become the leaders in a Marxist/Collectivist society, because they ruthlessly destroy every other competitor in a way non-sociopaths cannot even conceive of doing, as has been apparent, as detailed in the video below, from the Rockefeller family (who consider themselves superior to everyone else) and, at the present time, people like Bill Gates – and the Tony Faucis of the world, of course. 

However their sociopathology would have no ability to harm other people, no ability to force compliance on others simply based on their market power, with them needing the power of violence available to them uniquely from alliance with the government, no ability to do any of that if the government does not become allied with them using its power of violence (the government’s only power; it has no market power whatsoever, is unable to produce any commercial good or service people actually want except as a compulsory monopoly-provider) that it is able to command to force citizens to comply with the dictates the elitists who come up with this s–t desire.

Donald Trump was simply too-innocent, too-naïve to understand who he was dealing with when he interacted with the “public health” bureaucrats and, indeed, the entire unconstitutional fourth branch federal bureaucracy, that bureaucracy which was actively engaged in monstrous sedition against him throughout his presidency, undermining him in every way they were able to usurp the power to do, with him actually believing the big lie that those monstrous sociopaths, the Faucis of the universe, actually care about improving citizens’ health when, in fact, the whole purpose of “public health” is to have mass, collectivist violence-threatening power over the people, not for them – power completely different from actual market power – power over citizens’ bodies and, accordingly, every detail of their lives. 

It’s hideous. It’s a form of socialized medicine. It’s also the reason that Marxists are so intent on establishing socialized medicine as the first camel’s nose under the tent in otherwise-free societies – to force Marxism/Collectivism/Socialism on everything. 

And of course, nothing is more guaranteed to destroy the entire healthcare process than having the government involved in it: that socialization of healthcare, that complete removal from the citizens of any freedom to choose anything about their own purchases of the goods and services involved in the socialized former market, that removal/elimination of all liberty of contract from the (former)-citizens (reduced to serfdom thereby), the actual market participants, the buyers and sellers, with the unelected Marxists/Collectivists/”Public health” bureaucrats interposing third-party payers and dictators, dictating the specifics of all healthcare under their monstrous thumbs, the government and its bureaucrats (third parties other than actual insurance companies – actual insurance rendered illegal under Obamacare because of its dictation of the terms, including all the pricing! of all health insurance contracts in America – with Obama brazenly, sociopathically lying to and defrauding the entire American public by claiming it wouldn’t affect insurance contracts at all, or doctor-selection at all! when doing so was its entire purpose and effect – selected by the payors, the customers), and the healthcare providers’ actions dictated in every way by those unelected third-parties, the state, the Leviathon, in all its hideousness. 

The whole point of Socialism is to destroy the entire free market, to eradicate all individual liberty, to eradicate the possibility of all actual market transactions between sellers and purchasers of goods and services, to dictate every detail of those transactions, every term of every contract, to remove all those transactions (which will inevitably occur, in some form, anyway) from private Choice and turn them into a public, inherently-political matter, transactions and contracts whose terms are dictated by politicians and bureaucrats; though it is always the market itself, or what’s left of it, the market however perverted and corrupted it becomes in a monstrous and evil Marxist/Collectivist/Socialist society, the market which, in real life, when people are free to choose, alone produces all the actual benefits and value for both of them, the purchasers and the sellers. 

In the absence of a market – the term we use for all individual choice, all individual liberty involved in the purchasing and selling and the providing (through the practice by each person of his own profession, or engaging in his own business, including the business of being employed by someone else) of goods and services – that choice, that free market whose complete eradication is indeed, as Marxism/Collectivism/Socialism’s proponents – themselves completely blind to the 180°-difference between market power and the power of violence, hallucinating that “profit” is the greatest evil in the world, when it is in fact the greatest good, the invisible hand motivating all market transactions and always enjoyed by each party to any voluntary transaction (or else the transaction would not take place!), not just the seller, as Marxists, in their blindness, lie and pretend – proudly announce, the very explicit purpose of Marxism//Socialism/Collectivism is indeed the complete eradication of the free market, the complete eradication of all individual liberty (which they slanderously-name Capitalism), eradication which necessarily (since there is always a demand, a necessity, for goods and services) corrupts and destroys everything, leaving nothing but a completely-corrupt abomination that is good for no one involved – except for those sociopaths who want all this, the sociopaths who always, in a Marxist/Collectivist system, have all the power, the power of violence over everyone else, malignant parasites who feed off of everyone else doing the real work, with those parasites’ power of violence over everyone else, over the former citizens (reduced to serfs), ultimately removing all choice at all levels, all individual decision-making of any kind, in a hideous one-size-fits-all monstrosity, destroying the entire healthcare profession – and everything else they corrupt in society – in all its aspects.


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