The Federal Bureaucrats Have Been Lying to Us All Along – So What’s Their Hidden Agenda Now?

Jan 12, 2022

Clifford Ribner
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This statistic, which this worthless CDC bureaucrat NOW ADMITS, THIS FACT which, along with all other actual facts about the virus, about Covid, its treatments, etc. would, if anyone had said it out loud, PRECISELY BECAUSE IT WAS A FACT, result in that person being banned from Facebook, Twitter, etc. by their completely-fraudulent “fact checkers” — this the fact that 75% of all the Covid decedents have had AT LEAST FOUR COMORBIDITIES is actually just a clarification of what has been on the CDC website all along.

Yes, similar, closely-related statistics have been available all along, although they, the useless federal bureaucrats, the CDC, hid them under mountains of disinformation on their website. You had to figure them out from the endless data and “data” which they bombard you with there, data and “data” which they deliberately present in a manner clearly-intended to obfuscate, not to elucidate.

Even this particular statistic was presented by Dr. Walensky in an opaque manner. She was talking specifically about Covid decedents WHO WERE VACCINATED, as if to suggest that the “vaccines” can only do so much. But she did not show how that statistic differs, if at all, among unvaccinated Covid decedents, who have invariably had a MINIMUM OF TWO, and an average of four, comorbidities all along — according to the data at their own website.

I learned those facts from their own website over a year ago when I went to the trouble of digging into their numbers, and concluded from them that, yes, THE AVERAGE DECEDENT, vaccinated or otherwise, has all along, even before the vaccine, had at least four comorbidities. This bureaucrat now admits (why now?) that 75% of all VACCINATED Covid decedents were within the overall average of all Covid decedents. So how does that statistic differ, if it all, among the unvaccinated? She didn’t say.

Because that’s data they obviously don’t want people to know.

Instead of informing us thoroughly, they only tell us what they want us to know, most of which includes misinformation and lies, about the virus, treatments (Yes, there have been treatments for it all along, and President Trump was correct in describing hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as legitimate treatments) for it and, of course, the “vaccines” (which are not vaccines at all since they don’t stop anyone from getting or transmitting the virus so that their VERY NAME AS A VACCINE is a fraud).

That’s how much they have been hiding the real data about Covid, on their own website, their website which purports to present health data critical for everyone to know, particularly about this particular virus — data presentation being its only conceivable, worthwhile use, actually.

They have been deliberately lying about everything about this virus — and everything related to it (treatments, their worthless, as they knew all along, “mitigation” measures,”vaccines,” everything), lying about everything to us all from the very beginning.

The only reason people lie like that about matters of this importance, MATTERS WHICH HAVE LITERALLY TURNED THE COUNTRY UPSIDE DOWN and intruded on the life of every American citizen in multiple ways, is because THEY, or THE PEOPLE THEY ARE ACTUALLY WORKING FOR (the Chinese Communists, the people who they assisted in inventing Covid in their military-run lab?) HAVE A VERY SINISTER, HIDDEN AGENDA, whatever it may be, something which has been and remains a military attack, a weapon of mass destruction unleashed on the country so deadly and ruinous it makes the bomb on Hiroshima look like a BB.

Because that is exactly what they did:

They mass-destruction weaponized, first the virus itself, and then the bureaucracies’ and governments’ responses to it, responses of lies and massive demands on the citizens, massive impositions, inflicting chaos and physical, financial and mental damage and violence on everyone, on the entire nation to its very foundation, pointlessly bankrupting the nation, destroying hundreds of thousands of businesses and tens, at the very least, of millions of peoples’ lives, THE LIFE OF EVERY CHILD IN THE COUNTRY, with their disinformation and lies themselves weapons of death and mass destruction, assaulted and battered the country and did MORE DAMAGE THAN ANY WAR could’ve done.

AND THEY ARE STILL DOING IT, ASSISTED INITIALLY, unintentionally suicidally, BY PRESIDENT TRUMP — in his naive cluelessness about their genuine evil and on their use of it all as weapons against him personally and politically, as well as the country as a whole — and on an ongoing basis by Marxist/Democrat politicians, including the genuinely-nasty idiot now in the White House. AND THEY WON’T STOP UNTIL THEY ARE PHYSICALLY STOPPED.

And they did it with Covid, the bio-weapon invented in the Chinese Military’s bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, the bio-weapon research for which (euphemized as “Gain Of Function” research, which the liar Anthony Fauci now pretends he didn’t promote and finance with our money, committing perjury before Congress on multiple occasions, PROBABLY DOING SO TODAY again, as he is confronted by Senator Dr. Rand Paul, with Fauci continuing to pretend, in the face of overwhelming, and undeniable evidence, that he didn’t do what he obviously did) Anthony Fauci made certain American taxpayer dollars were used to fund, funding which was itself a mutiny, a genuine insurrection, a direct violation of orders from both Presidents Obama and Trump.

That man, Anthony Fauci, that walking abomination lifetime-bureaucrat, and all of his associates in the bureaucracy who assisted him, bureaucrats like Frances Collins, is and are all traitors by any definition of the word.

It has also been apparent all along that anyone lacking AT LEAST TWO COMORBIDITIES HAS ZERO STATISTICAL CHANCE OF DYING from Covid.

That’s been true from the start, no later than in March, 2020, a statistic that has never changed (specifically, according to the CDC, the statistic is, and has been, that 94% of people who die WITH it, not FROM it, have at least two comorbidities, so statistically, according to the methodology they are legally required to use, at most 1 in 20 of the remaining 6%, or .03 % of all decedents, may die from Covid without at least two comorbidities, a statistical *).

All, ALL of this information was apparent as soon as the numbers and the interviews came out about those people on that cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, in February-March 2020. They were a large enough group, over 3700 passengers and crew, for a statistical sampling, including people of all ages, all of whom were exposed to the virus because of the confined space. Their experiences, which were well reported, elaborately documented by Japanese health authorities, and numbers showed that NO ONE DIED WHO DID NOT HAVE AT LEAST TWO COMORBIDITIES, and most people, almost all of them, reported that they had ZERO OR MILD SYMPTOMS.

So it was apparent from their experience that almost all people who get the virus would have minimal or no symptoms, and so they WOULD NEVER EVEN GET A TEST FOR IT (why in the world bother?), and so could and would never be included in the “Cases” number in any statistic.

So any statistic which depended on the number of “Cases” for its Denominator — as the statistic required to determine the LETHALITY, the actual deadliness, of the virus does — WOULD ALWAYS INFLATE THE NUMBER RESULTING from that Denominator, and thereby GROSSLY INFLATE THE DEATH RATE.

And for those worthless bureaucrats, and the politicians who they served and continue to serve, obviously intent all along on weaponizing Covid to terrify the population, that fact was a feature, not a bug.

The experience of those people on that cruise ship proved at that very time, in February, 2020, that the death rate from the virus was nowhere near the 43 TIMES THE FLU that was being publicly reported at that same time, a deliberately-terrifying number publicly deployed for that express purpose, shouted from the rooftops by the worthless, Communist Chinese-owned WHO, or 10 times that of the flu, the number that Fauci, pretending to be more precise, further pretended — with all those numbers based on complete garbage “data,” garbage-in-garbage-out, numbers which had nothing to do with reality, PHONY NUMBERS DELIBERATELY SKEWED by them to lie to the public with them, to use them to manipulate and terrify the public for their own political advantage.

All along, it was clear that the real death rate was actually AT LEAST 10 TIMES LESS than the flu for anyone who lacked multiple comorbidities – Including virtually all children of course, actually almost everyone under 40. For people with multiple comorbidities, especially morbid obesity, it was more deadly than the flu, maybe as much as a 3% death rate FOR THEM AND THEM ALONE, but nowhere near 43 times the death rate for the flu.

And people with multiple comorbidities are, of course, not representative of the general population, by any stretch of the imagination. They are not the people who go to work every day and run businesses, or go to school.

And yet it was the people who do all that, the real people who do things in our country, who were, and continue to be, the ones imposed on, forced to stay in their homes without any due process, prevented from mingling with other people, forced to lose their jobs or have their businesses shuttered, and now are being, by “mandates,” forced out of their schools, forced out of their jobs, INCLUDING SPECIAL FORCES IN OUR MILITARY, literally disarming our own military, forced to receive experimental chemicals called “vaccines” into their bodies for no medical reason (most of them have probably had the virus, and so have natural immunity, and if they haven’t had it yet, they are certain eventually to get it and survive, and thereby obtain natural immunity, immunity which is far better, at least 27 times better as the Israeli study showed months ago, than any, very-limited, immunity from any of the “vaccines”.

And there was never a single basis in science for any of that, any of that mass destruction that these bureaucrats initiated with their lies about the virus and what to do about it, AND IT WAS OBVIOUS TO ME FROM THE START.

It didn’t take me, or anyone else who simply used his brain and looked at the real numbers, didn’t take us two years to figure it out. And the same people who were insisting on those garbage numbers then are still demanding mandates for the general population now (those idiotic, worthless cloth masks, including WEARING THEM IN BETWEEN BITES WHILE EATING, and the “vaccines” and all the rest of their stupid ideas).

I said it out loud and was horrified as President Trump permitted any of that abomination to happen, permitted Fauci and his completely-unconstitutional, nazi (what else do you call people committing crimes against humanity like them?) bureaucrats to run the country effectively, which they have been doing ever since then, and will continue to do until they are tarred and feathered and run out of town.

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